Tuesdays With Turtleboy – Janice Harvey, Brandon Spikes, Hippie Blockades Of Empty Garages

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Cruisin Bruce and Radio Turtleboy had an interesting talk today on 100.1 FM The Pike’s Tuesdays with Turtleboy. On top for today were Brandon Spikes hit and run, Janice Harvey vs. Lisa Dyer, and of course the hippie blockade of a garage that no one was trying to park in. Here’s the podcastWe’ve adjusted the format for the show so there’s more hot takes and less Pink Floyd.

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  • Steve Gambone
    June 9, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    I listened to this podcast and my improvement advice is the same. This time I’ll give you the reasons why you and Cruisin Bruce should read comments from your blog.

    The Telegram used to feature online comments in the print version Opinion section. It was the only real world Telegram place where the anonymous folks got a ‘voice’. Nuts like me and Baldino got LTE’s published, we were privileged because we used real names. Now all sorts of anonymous Worcester voices have been silenced at the Telegram.

    So please consider giving your anonymous folks a chance to get their voices heard. You and Bruce could read a few comments. It would help his show, your blog and reward your anonymous commenters for a writing job well done.

    If you do read some comments on air be sure to list the online names of the commenters here when promoting Tuesdays with Turtleboy. Using this promotion title as an example the title would be like… “Janice Harvey, Brendon Spikes, Hippie protestors and comments from Finnish Goalie, Realist and RSoxGuy.”

    It’s a simple gesture of respect for your people Turlteboy… using your voice speak as their voice.

    Give it a try.

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