Turtleboy Live Featuring Merrimack Valley Turtlebae And A Never Ending Source Of Material

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If you missed the latest episode of Saturday Night Turtleboy Live featuring Merrimack Valley Turtlebae go check it out on Clarence Woods Emerson’s Facebook page. If you’re boycotting Facebook because they’re run by Nazis, feel free to listen to it on our iTunes and/or SoundCloud channel. Remember to hook it up with a five star review on iTunes if you like what you’re hearing, because it helps us rise in the New and Noteworthy world.

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  • Unlce Fuckwad
    March 26, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    I was banging Merrimack Valley Turtle Bae for a while. She is awesome, as long as she squeezes them legs together. If she’s wide open butterfly, it’s like hitting a bowl of squishy green apples, pits and all. Loose as fuck. But she knocks them knees together and locks them, it’s good enough to rip one out, like hitting Nicole Decosta, except different. I love the fact she will cradle the balls while locking. One night I shot the Chivalry a few seconds to early while hammering her in Moynagh’s john and I kid you not, she politely had me step aside and she bogged down on that filthy motherfucking floor and licked the shit right up. She won my heart right then and there. MVTB also likes a nice anal felch. I blasted one up that pooper so hard, I swear she was gagging up some of my seedage. She wanted to swing around and french kiss, but I was like, “fuck that bitch,” so she bobbed down on Senior and blew me a little and got that residual spunk out of the trunk. While we didn’t last, because that fucking voice of hers will end up going through a man’s brain like nails on a chalk board, I will forever cherish how she called me her “young lion with the fat girthy cock blowing up in her ass.” Thank you bae, you’re the nuts.
    By the by dick head “decedent” dead person, fucking moron. dah-seed-ent

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