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  • Turtleboy Live Is Back Featuring Bret Killoran And We Had A Lot To Say About Andover, The Attleboro Scissorsaurus, Methwaffles And Lots Of Other Stuff

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    Turtleboy Live is back bitches!! We might not have our original Facebook page, but we still have the best and most loyal fans a turtle can ask for, and they all showed up for our glorious return. And as a special treat we had Brett Killoran on as a special guest to discuss the Attleboro Scissorsaurus, Andover hockey witch hunts, the State of the Union, imaginary racism in Milton, and the Florida methwaffle. Oh, and Uncle Turtleboy brought his freestyle back. We’ll also be Live at halftime tomorrow during the Super Bowl on the Turtleboy Sports Forever Facebook page. Here’s the show if you missed it…..

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    1. vicxh

      Yay! I would … listen to the podcast …

    2. Hugh Jass

      DeDe will just crush you again, poseur… Snicker.

      1. didi’s disgustingly huge ass

        thanks for the constant page views!

      2. Dumpy Didi

        Yes finally
        Got it right. Didi will CRUSH anyone with that fat, full of rolls, ass 

    3. Brian albrecht

      Brett is an absolute trash human. Just a total scumbag, I’m shocked and appalled he can even afford internet on his ssi check. You’re welcome Brett. One thing he’s good at is representing the average reader of turtle boy. A barely literate degenerate alcoholic. Greasy hair and just plain disgusting looking.

      1. Bret

        Poor baby wants B’s D…lol
        Eat my ass shitdick, and don’t be so jell

        1. Brian Albrecht

          Go suck a dick you pussy. What do you have another 3 years on this earth? Don’t make it less you internet tough guy.

          1. Bret

            Whatcha gunna do BitchboyBrian, blow me to death? Shut ya fuckin cockwasher boy, you’re on our balls so bad your breath smells like my fuckin farts…
            Keep eating

        2. Brian Albrecht

          Bret. You know me, bro. I want to kneel in front of you while you call me a faggot and skeet on my face like they do in prison. You are scrumptious, Bret. I love you. The hills are alive with the sound of Bret Killoran. I want put on a teddy and dance sexy and sing into a hairbrush about you, Brettie Poo. What what? Bret in my butt.

        3. Bevin Smynch

          Sorry Bret, you can’t have Brian, the only ass he’s eating is mine.

    4. Bostonstoolie4life

      I think Brett is the perfect embassador for TBS. He personifies everything that is great about Turtleboy. Intelligence, integrity, honesty and let’s face it he’s one handsome man.

    5. Bevin Smynch

      Sorry Bret, you can’t have Brian, the only ass he’s eating is mine.

    6. Dumpy Didi

      Didi Tried but you can’t stop TB. 

    7. Brian albrecht

      Well if you ever do want to have your shaft tongue cleaned good and long, 1/2 head of teeth for a sub quasi-rake, but the other half for that comfortable gum-stroke edging right into Gravy eruption, go down to 15 Longmeadow Ave, Worcester, MA 01606, good old Brett will pleasure you to no end. He may even pay you for it, since word is he’s been paying for it for years. There’s a couple gay Hispanic 1/2 and 1/2s that have the disease that have made so much money from Brett,m he claims them on his taxes each of the last 3 years. But please call ahead, for the head, at (508) 397-5902. I kid you not, this 47 yr old trannie wannabe will rock your ever loving world!

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