Turtleboy Live: Twatzilla, Chicopee Chud Kills His Unborn Baby, Beverly Restaurant, Hooked On No Funics


This episode of Uncle Turtleboy’s late night garage podcast is brought to you by our newest advertiser Beard Justice LLC. The company’s founder Cedric Garner came on the live show with us briefly last night to explain why his product is awesome. Support the Turtleboy advertisers by clicking here to check out his website. Coupon code turtleboy for 15% off orders over $25. 






A New Bedford Mom leads a crusade to get her kid’s teachers fired for giving him a satirical end of the year award and cites autism as the reason why. A Beverly woman leads another crusade to get a crossing guard fired because she thought he had a MAGA hat on. A Chicopee woman is upset at a hospital for allegedly getting her baby killed, instead of the baby daddy who crashed his car while running from the cops on the highway with her sitting shotgun and pregnant. A Beverly restaurant profits off of an allegedly homophobic letter they got in the mail, but was it a fake hate crime? And finally, Uncle Turtleboy rants about Trump’s latest dumb idea to outlaw burning the American flag.



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  • Wwy
    June 17, 2019 at 12:51 am

    Kill the Israelis Iran and any American terrorist like chesna,it’s way overdue for another Israeli holocaust, God loves Iran more than pedophile kikes and Catholics including atheist America.

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