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  • Two Chuds Leave Us “Death Threat” Voicemails, Andover Hockey Coaches Exonerated, Boston Police Are Racist For Celebrating White Coach Who Integrated The NBA

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    When we expose bad people doing bad stuff one of the first things the people we’re exposing try to do is victimize themselves. How? By claiming to receive “death threats” from turtle riders. Usually these are just messages mocking them for being losers. Either way, there’s no such thing as a death threat on the Internet. It’s just words on a computer screen. We get them all the time. We also get “death threats” for voicemails, and we’d like to share a couple with you in our most recent podcast. If you know who these winners are, please feel free to listen and let us know. We’d love to make them Turtleboy famous.

    We also discuss a major win for the good guys in the Andover Hockey scandal, the Boston Police giving in to a politically correct mob of race baiters, and Trump fucking over Turtleboy’s food stamp Friday series.

    The podcast is available on our iTunes channel (don’t forget to give us 5 stars if we’ve earned it) and our SoundCloud channel as well. Hot takes only.



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    1. Hmmm?

      I don’t know about anyone else but I couldn’t understand the death threats. I lowered my phone and listened to it a few times

      1. Mad Millennial - I didn’t major in gender studies!

        Same here. Dying to know what they said…any way Uncle Turtleboy can do a posting with the transcripts?

    2. A Cheesehogq

      I wish someone would simply carry out the threat instead of talking about it.

    3. Finn

      Doh! Shitty audio on the death threats. I love me a good death threat. [kicks rock]

    4. Twat Tickler

      I’m willing to bet money Trump rides the turtle

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