We Are The Bad Boys Of The Internet: Facebook Took Down The Turtleboy Live Show Halfway Through For Bullying, Harassment, And Hate Speech After Talking About Leigha Genduso But We Kept Going And Will Never Be Silenced


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So last night’s episode of Turtleboy Live on the Turtleboy Sports Forever page was going pretty well. We discussed the Leigha Genduso resignation and further corruption in the State Police because that’s what we do at Turtleboy – talk about real news that we break.

However, it was interrupted about halfway through it while Uncle Turtleboy, Bret, and Squirtle Girl were discussing the New Bedford Nazi walking around with a Swastika armband at the Providence Place Mall…

The reason given? “Bullying and harassment.”

We were literally talking about a girl walking around a public mall with Nazi gear on at the time.

Facebook would not have had the time to monitor our live show in real time. It wasn’t bullying or harassment, and they would not have had the time to assess it as such. Further proving that Facebook Artificial Intelligence (which they deny using) does not work. Someone reported the show for bullying a bunch of times and Facebook’s bots flagged it and took it down.

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Facebook told us that Turtleboy Sports Forever was unpublished (for the 6th time, since we just got the page back after a month of it being unpublished) as a result of our bullying and harassment:

But yet Turtleboy Sports Forever is still up and running, and we posted on it today. It’s almost as if Facebook is a never ending joke and a horribly run company that has no idea what its doing.

Let’s be clear – Turtleboy is being taken down by Facebook because Facebook is a politically driven company that hides behind the “we are a private organization” shield in order to censor speech they don’t agree with. Two days ago Leigha Genduso resigned because we exposed her for being a drug dealing state trooper who admitted to committing several felonies, and yet still was hired. Without us the State Police Colonel and his next three in line would still be employed. There’s no looking into overtime scandals. Leigha Genduso would still be posing as a real cop.

This is why we will never, ever, ever stop. Because without us there would be no one to report real news. So these setbacks only fuel us more. Yes, it will affect our business and our ability to grow. It sucks that Twitter has permanently banned us from their platform. It sucks that the Facebook issues seem to have no end in sight. Losers at this point would bow their heads in shame and quit.

Not Turtleboy though. We can’t stop. Too many people are counting on us to report real news. Mark my words – we will outlast Facebook and Twitter. Their business models will eventually collapse if they keep doing this, as something better will replace them. But Turtleboy will thrive and grow because people will always want the truth.

The fact of the matter is that we are the bad boys of the Internet. Copyright that shit. That’s our new slogan. The Internet cannot handle us. Youtube, Facebook, Instasmash, Twitter – none of them want us near them. But we will take your daughter out for hot fudge Sundaes and keep her out past curfew because she likes us more than you.

Anyway, we ended up continuing the show with Bret Killoran and Squirtle Girl on Philip V. Prentiss, and the audience was just as large. So make sure you’re following Philip here.

Get this though – one of our admins shared the Phil Prentiss show on the Turtleboy Sports Return Facebook page when this happened:

Yup. She got suspended for 30 days and a link to the video was removed. Yet the video she linked is STILL UP!!! Ya got that? The video is OK according to Facebook’s “human” content reviewers. But linking to the video is NOT OK. Makes sense.

And it was taken down for “hate speech.” The two worst words in the English language. Just a reminder that there is no such thing as hate speech. When Zuckerberg was asked to define it in front of Congress he stuttered and could not do it. Because it does not exist. The Supreme Court agrees as such. They are the two most dangerous words because they allow Nazis to censor anything they don’t like for being “hate speech.”

Anyway, here’s the show from the Philip V. Prentiss page if you missed it. It’s only the second half of the show, but it’s still good……

See ya next Saturday. Western Mass Turtlegirl will be joining us. Oh, and Uncle Turtleboy is going on Howie Carr tomorrow at 6:30 to talk Genduso and Twitter banning us.

4 Comment(s)
  • Wwy
    August 28, 2018 at 12:42 am

    The kikes at Facebook will tell TB what to do how do you think they end up in ovens. Duh!

  • Hughbo Mont
    August 27, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    Just be thankful we’re not in Sweden. People have been jailed for saying “bad things” on the internet. If some people had their way, it would be happening here, too.

  • Rockets Redglare
    August 27, 2018 at 7:59 am

    Ask the ACLU if they’ll take up your cause. Oh wait they’re busy attacking people eercising their religious freedom and illegal aliens…

  • Stunt Penis
    August 27, 2018 at 4:47 am

    This constant bitching about Facebook every other post is getting boring as shit.

    Everyone knows what Facebook is and what it does. Rather than bitching about it, if you think you have a case, sue them in federal court and be done with it. Last time I looked the filing fee was $350. Then you can force them into discovery where it will be publicly revealed they use bots to censor speech.

    Bitcin about it on the blog accomplishes nothing.

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