Who Did A Better Job Of Cheating: Jason Kidd or Mike Tomlin?

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Every once in a while you see a sheisty power move by a coach that you just have to respect. Most of the time it’s from Bill Belichick. Usually this results in the rest of the league whining and calling the Patriots cheaters because they’re jealous of New England’s  13 straight years of domination. It appears this week though as if the rest of the sporting world is catching on. In the past few days we’ve seen two young coaches emerge as future contenders for biggest sheist-bags in their respective leagues: Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jason Kidd of the Brooklyn Nets. Which was the stronger power move though? Here’s the case for both:

Mike Tomlin

With the Steelers already losing 13-7 in the 3rd quarter, it appeared as if the Baltimore Ravens would increase their lead when Jacoby Jones returned the kickoff and had a clear path to the end zone along the Steelers sideline. That’s when Tomlin reached into the old bag of tricks:

Funny part of this is that Tomlin actually denied doing this on purpose afterwards. Because after all, head coaches in the NFL turn their backs on live action all the time. Dummdeeedummmdummm…


If Tomlin were smart he would’ve said that he had that song stuck in his head:

“Slide to the left….one hop this time.” 

That’s Tomlin’s best play right there when explaining this crafty move. Nothing else is believable. I mean, it’s just so obvious what he did. Bill Belichick frowns upon your shenanigans Mike Tomlin. Take a lap. Oh yea, and the Steelers lost. If you’re gonna cheat, you better win, or else you just look like an idiot. Now let’s watch Mike Tomlin dodge out of the way of other objects…

tomdis tomsoul mike-tomlin-return-interference mike-tomlin-thriller mike-tomlin-running-of-the-bulls images-214


Jason Kidd

As you may know there’s literally no point watching an entire NBA game. Ever. One team goes up by 25. The other team comes back. Then a bunch of grown ass men start crying to the officials about fouls and the refs decide the game in the final minute. Happens every time. The Nets-Lakers game earlier this week is a perfect example. Nets coach Jason Kidd is looking like potentially the worst coach in NBA history. The Nets were supposed to be nasty this year after the Celtics just gave them all their best players. Somehow they’re one of the worst teams in the NBA, and during games Kidd hardly does any actual coaching and leaves it up to his assistants. At least he realizes how useless he is as a coach and attempted to make himself useful to the franchise. Down by over 20 points to the Lakers, the Nets came back and got within two points, but there was just one problem: they had no more timeouts left. This is where Kidd pulled one of the sheistiest power moves of all time:

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Somewhere Belichick just tipped his cap to Jason Kidd for that move. This type of nudnikery is likely something Kidd was planning for a while. He got fined $25K for this, and like Tomlin should’ve said that he was just singing along to a song stuck in his head when he clearly said to Taylor, “

Hit me.”


The problem is that he did it at the dumbest time. You don’t pull that move during some weekday game early in the season against the Lakers. You pull it off during the playoffs. Although the Nets somehow are worse than the Celtics, so they probably won’t even make it there and Kidd will probably not make it to the end of the season as the head coach. Oh yea, and they lost this game. You cheat to win the game. Anything less is unacceptable. Get your shit together Brooklyn.



Jason Kidd, no doubt about it. Tomlin’s move was just so juvenile and required no though. Step on the field and block the guy who’s about to score a touchdown? Jason Kidd frowns upon your shenanigans. Kidd was the sheistiest player in the NBA when he was on the Nets. Anyone who remembers the 2002 Eastern Conference Finals, when he he literally just stood in the paint EVERY SINGLE PLAY and waited for Antoine Walker or Paul Pierce to run into him, knows full well that this guy is a chiseler to the upteenth degree. Unlike Tomlin his cheating involved props, collusion with players, and obviously had been discussed before because Taylor knew exactly what to do as soon as Kidd said “Hit me.” You win Jason Kidd. You win.

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If you like what you read then please SHARE this with other people who want an alternative to the mindless drivel from blogging outlets.

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