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Wilbraham Dog Groomer Who Killed Dog In 2012 And Lied About A Seizure Has Another Dead Dog And Once Again Is Blaming It On A Seizure, Ratchet Fam Defends Her Honor

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So this woman’s Facebook post has been shared over 1,000 times and came to our attention from a turtle rider….


What a nice pup. You know how we feel about dogs at Turtleboy Sports, so stories like this are the worst. As you know, we are very hesitant to share posts like this that shame local businesses. Especially when we’ve only heard from one party, and the only evidence of wrong doing is an unconfirmed anecdotal Facebook post.

But these particular dog groomers do indeed have a past….

Sharon Kozik, the Wilbraham dog groomer charged with animal cruelty after the death of a toy poodle in her care, had her case continued without a finding for two years after admitting to sufficient facts in Palmer District Court on Friday morning. Kozik, 51, of 2489 Boston Road, has to pay $700 in restitution, and nearly $600 in additional costs, including a monthly $65 fee to probation. She also must attend anger management classes and further counseling as directed by probation.

Anger management? You don’t get that unless you specifically did something in a fit of rage that led to the dog’s death. This was in 2012.

Kozik, who owns Lotte’s Professional Dog Grooming on Boston Road, appeared in court alongside her lawyer, Robert Murphy, before Judge William Hadley. Murphy, who told the court his client is remorseful, declined comment after the proceeding. The toy poodle’s owner, Ruz Martir-Lopez, of Springfield, said she wanted Kozik to get jail time.

“I just hope this doesn’t happen to any other pet,” Martirt-Lopez said. “If we have an animal cruelty law we should enforce it. I just want justice for Rusty,” she said. He will always be in our hearts.”

Dogs are a part of your family. They’re not your kids, but they’re above your Aunt Mable in the hierarchy. And the fact that the dog’s owner after the trial said, “I just hope this doesn’t happen to another pet,” and then we read this story today, is ominous.

So what did she do to this dog in 2012?

Christine Allenberg, an officer with the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, brought the charge forward against Kozik. According to the investigation report by Allenberg, the dog died after Kozik allegedly struck it in the head with a pair of electric clippers. Kozik told police officers that the dog suffered a seizure, and that the staff tried unsuccessfully to revive him. She later admitted to Allenberg that she hit the dog, but just with her hand.

The dog had been muzzled for grooming. An x-ray showed that the dog had a skull fracture consistent with impact trauma. Authorities were notified of the incident by one of Kozik’s employees.

Oh look, she gave the EXACT SAME EXCUSE she gave Hannah Marie Belisle. The dog had a “seizure.” Yea, sorry, I really don’t need to see much more evidence. This is just what she does at this point – she kills dogs and blames it on seizures. She hit the Goddamn dog over the head with a electric freaking clippers, fracturing the poor thing’s skull.  And she lied about it repeatedly before the x-rays revealed the truth….“When I advised her that the x-rays showed a skull fracture she became visibly upset and sank to the ground. She was crying . . . She said that she hit ‘Rusty’ in the head with her hand. She denied having anything in her hand. I asked her what made her hit the dog and she did not know,” Allenberg wrote.

That’s it. That’s all you need to see. This woman should never, ever be allowed to take care of people’s dogs ever again after that incident. Yet she was….

Lotte’s is still operating; Allenberg said a license is not required to open a dog grooming business in Massachusetts.

Perhaps our state legislature should enact a very common sense law to protect dogs – if you’ve ever killed a dog before, you don’t get to be a dog groomer. You should probably need a license to do this too, just like you’d need in any other industry.

This is the only picture on Lotte’s Facebook page, which has since gotten flooded with on star reviews….

It looks like Steve Levine’s basement.

And of course she got away with her crime because she plead down and got a CWOF….

Because the case was continued without a finding, the charge will be dismissed after Jan. 17, 2014 if Kozik has no further problems that will land her in court.

And every ratchet in America knows how a CWOF works. It’s probation without a piss test. All you have to do is not do the same thing you got the CWOF for in the first place and it magically disappears.

Some hags are blaming Hannah for not doing her research first….

Oh get over yourself.

Look, I’ve never used a dog groomer. My dogs are ugly as shit and proud of it. I’m just not that kind of gal, so I can’t relate to this. But if I were to get my dog groomed, I’d probably just Google the closest place and take them there. Because I would assume that people who kill dogs are not allowed to continue to conduct business. And that’s exactly what Hannah did – she assumed we lived in a society where common sense prevails, when clearly it does not.

But let this be a lesson to people who bring their dog’s to groomers in the future – you don’t need a license to groom dogs. So it’s very important to read reviews like this:

And find another dog groomer. The Internet is your friend. Use it.

The only thing I have a problem with is the fact that Hannah has started a GoFundMe. I really just hate GoFundMe’s unless it’s for something like kids with cancer or funerals or a house burning down. And the first rule of GoFundMe’s is, never start one in your own name. If your charity is worthy then someone else will start it for you. And quite frankly this GFM looked shady as shit….

She says the money was going toward a necropsy. Then the groomer’s kids started showing up with their slugpump sidekicks, claiming the dog was cremated already…

But this doesn’t prove that she wasn’t responsible. And quite frankly, getting the dog cremated before the owner can get a necropsy is akin to destroying evidence. It also doesn’t prove the cremation has happened yet. Just that the it’s been paid for. Plus, I don’t trust anyone who treats their face like NATO air strike.

So when I first saw the GFM and the receipt my turtle shell got hard as shit because I thought we might have ratchet on ratchet crime here. But Hannah honestly just seems like a naive victim here who deeply regrets the mistake she made. And she shut the GFM down and is willing to pay donors back if the dog has already been cremated, which somehow she doesn’t know the answer to.

But here’s how you can really tell that you’re dealing with complete trashbags – the daughter and her friends started talking shit about the other dog her mother killed in 2012….

Oh yea, these skags can go pound salami. Making up lies about the dead dog that their mother ADMITTED she killed. She didn’t bother bringing it to trial because the evidence was overwhelming. Now that we know the daughter is willing to lie about this we have to assume she’s willing to lie about the cremation too.

She’s also calling her mother’s admittance of facts “fake news”:

Yup, we’re dealing with a live ratchet here folks. This is right out of the ratchet playbook – call court records fake news. Newsflash moron – Masslive isn’t saying your Mom admitted to it, court documents are.

She also says her Mom should’ve gotten a mulligan for the 2012 death to Rusty….

Oh yea, totally not your mom’s fault. Just a huge coincidence that she once again reached for the seizure card when she had a dead dog on her hands.

So yea, we’ll see what comes of this, and if Hannah wants to come on the Turtleboy podcast she’s more than welcome to message Turtleboy Sports Returns on Facebook or email us at turtleboysports@gmail.com.

5 Comment(s)
  • cb1980
    May 22, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    I just want to make everyone aware on the cremation process at that specific vet because it happened to me and I go there. The truck for cremation only comes at specific times and days during the week. If you bring a dog in on a Friday and choose to cremate the remains, the body will stay on ice until the truck comes Monday or Tuesday. You also always pay up front. So she paid the services Friday and changed her mind over the weekend wanted an autopsy… All she had to do was contact the Vet in the morning before the body was sent away and even if it was picked up by then it can be stopped.

  • Finn
    May 22, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    I would still bring my dog there the prices are very reasonable. She does it out of her house and she does a great job. There are 2 sides to every story. My aunt also takes her dog there. Sharon is a lovely woman. The stories make me a little nervous but maybe she is accident prone. That’s all I know is Sharon saves me 50 bucks. Maybe there is risk but it seems well worth it.

    • Wabbitt
      May 22, 2018 at 7:48 pm

      Congratulations on being a fucking retard.

  • McGruff
    May 22, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    Who gives a fuck? It’s spring time, the glorious time of year when every Rican street rat and wanna be wangsta tough guy get’s a new Pitt bull puppy to parade around proving how bad ass they are!

    After these useless dogs maul a few school children, smaller dogs and old ladies summer will be over and they will be abandoned to fill up the already overpopulated dog pounds Yayyyyy!!

    Nothing says you’re cool like a Facebook pic with your Pitt wearing a spiked collar!!!!

    • chico
      May 24, 2018 at 8:21 am

      who u calling a puertorican street rat u irish cum dump?

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