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Worcester Telegram and Gazette’s Clive McFarlane Says NYPD Thinks Black Lives Don’t Actually Matter

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I think that we can all agree that no matter how you feel about the grand jury decisions involving Eric Garner and Michael Brown, that the combination of, a) the assassination of two NYPD cops, and b) CHRISTMAS, should get the selfish, narcissistic protesters to chill out for a little bit. Apparently the Telegram and Gazette’s  source of cold, bitter takes, Clive McFarlane, disagrees with having  a peaceful Christmas. According to his column in the Telegram today, “such a pause, only reinforces the belief of those like Mr. Lynch (NYPD union leader) and (NYPD) Commissioner Bratton that black lives do not matter.”


Ya got that everyone? According the Telegram and Gazette, your local “newspaper” actually allowed this garbage to be published today. My buddy Clive here doesn’t even try to skate around the issue. He just flat out says it – the NYPD hates black people and thinks their lives are disposable because they want protesters to chill out for three or four days. And people wonder why Worcester County is fleeing the Telegram and Gazette in droves to come to Turtleboy Sports. Because no one wants to read hateful garbage like that on Christmas Eve.

So when I see comments like this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 1.14.44 PM

I don’t get the least bit surprised. Why would ANYONE pay to read this garbage? At least 90% of what’s in the Telegram every day is from the AP. They do a good job on local sports, and my girl Dianne Williamson has hot takes from time to time, but besides that it’s garbage. How is that worth paying anything for though? 

Hell even New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has asked the protesters to calm the fuck down. This is a guy who basically poured gasoline on a lit fire by saying the he has warned his biracial son Dante to be wary of police officers because there was a “greater chance a sudden movement could be misinterpreted if it was a young man of color” and that “it’s just different for a white child. That’s just the reality in this country.” 

But according to Clive, “it was painful and gut-wrenching, in the wake of the cold-blooded murders of two New York City police officers, to hear Mayor de Blasio asking for a temporary halt to the “Black Lives Matter” protest.”

Yea Clive, it sure was “painful” to listen to the Mayor of a city on the brink of anarchy plead with the agitators to respect the wishes of the NYPD because two of their own were murdered by a guy that they inspired.


According to Clive though,

“Such a pause creates a false connection between the “Black Lives Matter” campaign and the murder of the police officers.”

Newsflash – the “black lives matter” campaign is DIRECTLY CONNECTED to the murder of the police officers in New York. To suggest otherwise is being intellectually dishonest. Just ask Worcester legendary GANGSTA, “Skinny Mike,” who used the protesters favorite chant #handsupdontshoot, in his cop killing manifesto on Facebook.


By the way Turtle Riders, great job sharing that article. Because of what YOU DID on social media, this rocket scientist is now being investigated by the WPD. Of course 24 hours after we reported it the Telegram copied us and jumped on board too. Because that’s what they do best. Copy us without any sort of citation.

Clive goes on to say that the NYPD “are using the murders of Officers Ramos and Liu to indict those who seek meaningfully reforms of policing practices and policies.”

Newsflash – the protesters don’t want meaningful reforms. They just wanna protest. That’s it. They are losers who have struggled to find an identity, and are using the deaths of two people (Garner and Brown) that they could give a shit less about, as a means to get attention for the first time in their sorry, pathetic lives. They were waiting for a reason to take to the streets and make other people as miserable as they are. This will have to do.


A lot of these yahoos I’ve noticed are pointing to the fact that Cliven Bundy and his ragtag posse of right wing extremist followers were basically allowed to point guns at the government at his ranch back in April. They were also all white. I am 100% with the hippies on this one. It’s absolute bullshit and a double standard that those a-holes were able to get away with what they did because they hid behind a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and whined about the second amendment.


Get the hell out of my face with that jive. Cliven Bundy is a terrorist and he’s able to get away with what he does largely because he’s white. If he was a black man he’d be dead by now. Well, actually HE  wouldn’t be dead. He’s the white Al Sharpton. Several of his idiotic followers would be dead though. I think the government should’ve Waco-ed the shit out of Cliven Bundy and his band of rednecks. This is a group of savages who attacked law enforcement officers, aimed guns at police officers, and threatened to put women and children on the front lines if they were sieged by the military in order to discredit the government.

As insane as those on the left who hate all police officers continue to be, the right has just as many nut jobs. Except the dumbasses on the right think that their humpty-dumpty posse of Fox News yahoos can take on the the greastest fighting force in the history of the world with some guns they bought at Walmart. I would actually look forward to watching the the army storm their make believe separatist society and see how bad ass these patriots actually think they are. That’s my favorite argument when it comes to the anti-gun control crowd – “we need to protect ourselves from the government.” Newslfash dingleberries – the government has nuclear fucking bombs. We’re back to back World War Champions for a reason. I don’t think your dumbass little wannabe Alamo is gonna stand much of a fight.


There. Further proof that Turtleboy Sports is a biased source of hot takes that isn’t afraid to expose the idiocy of both the right and the left.

It boggles my mind that local businesses continue to literally burn their precious advertising revenue on the garbage that is the Telegram and Gazette. You want your business associated with Clive McFarlane or Turtleboy? We raise money for charities, expose nudniks who are threatening to kill cops, defend family apple orchards from dooshnozzles like Apple Daddy, and bring families together. They regurgitate the AP and spread hate. Worcester’s smartest businesses like Smokestack Urban Barbecue have already jumped on board and decided to ride the turtle. Don’t be that guy who joins us too late. Send us an email or FB message us if you wanna spend your ad budget wisely.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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  • Non Sequitor
    December 26, 2014 at 8:42 am

    The only one preaching hate seems to be Clive McFarlane.

    We need to stop worshipping the Cult of Lawlessness.

  • Dave Lind
    David Lindberg
    December 25, 2014 at 8:42 am

    Stephan A Smith from ESPN and Clive are 2 of the biggest racists there are. A total waste of ink and oxygen.

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