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  • A Naked Fupasloth Took A Tuesday Morning Slum Sociable In Front Of City Hall In Downtown Worcester

    A Naked Fupasloth Took A Tuesday Morning Slum Sociable In Front Of City Hall In Downtown Worcester

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    So a turtle rider sent us this picture today from Worcester, right in front of City Hall this morning:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.34.42 AM

    Nothing to see here. Just a local fupasloth walking around barefoot in her birthday suit, having some light conversation with the fuzz. It’s your average Tuesday morning in Worcester. Also love how the people across the street are standing far away, gawking like it’s Three Mile Island.

    All I can think about when I saw this pictures was this video that City Manager Ed Augustus paid to have made, about what Worcester will look like in 2020 after he’s done turning it into the Emerald City:

    Our leaders expect us to believe that after they build a bunch of luxury hotels downtown will be a beautiful, gentrified place where young professionals mingle, eat lunch, and buy tickets from an imaginary company called “Woo Tix.”

    Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.42.39 AM

    But they forgot to show where they’re gonna put this chick:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.34.42 AM

    Funny, didn’t see her in that video. So, what’s the plan? Are they just kind of hoping she dies or gets her life together between now and then? Or are we giving these people a one way ticket on the Webster Express? Because you can build all the hotels you want, but no one’s coming to Worcester so long as this is the crowd that’s chillin downtown during work hours.

    We have to get rid of our leaders man. We just need people who don’t pretend like they don’t see what we all see. It’s insulting. Instead of holding meaningless rallies against “hate,” or for sanctuary cities, how bout Joe Petty holds some rallies against fupasloths? Because that’s something we could actually get on board with. Until then the Turtleboy family will be staying far away from downtown Worcester.



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    1. brian albrecht(the real one)

      HAHAH CLASSIC WORCESTER TRASH. Little Kevin Lynch would probably marry that black bitch and add her to his gross trash bag family, she’d fit right in. AWFUL QUIET around weymouth today. Might take stroll and find a sucka to rob just to get things going. I’m not in the fucking mood today. YOU BETTA BELIEVE IT
      #SQuirtleGirl used squirt attack
      #Please someone fight me

      1. I hate stupid people.

        Yeah we know damn well that is your girlfriend. You probably play the switch game with her also.


        1. Brian Albrecht The

          You damn right I hit that big booty. Cuz I’m


          1. brian albrecht (the real one)

            Who makin fun of me FAGGOT!!! I ain’t hittin that shit. She too much like my mom. Looks my my mom fell inna vat of dark chocolate. I might eat that shit tho. WEYMOUTH FATTIEFUCKERS RULE!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

            1. brian albrecht (the one with the tiny dick)

              My dick is too small to penetrate that shit. I could work one of those fatfolds though. OHHH YEEAAHH!!!!!


      2. Bret

        Says the chomo who sells drugs to kids….
        Fuckin scumbag bitch

        1. I hate stupid people.

          Who are you talking to? If that refrence was to me I think you are mistaken as to who you are talking to. If it was to Brian Albrecht ahhhh yup.

      3. Mojo JoJo

        Shut the fuck up you buthurt piece of rotten beaver cheese. Grow the fuck up and stop sucking your dads 1 inch cock while he is smacking the back of your head. You wanna dance? Ill dance you fuckin herpypuss.

        1. Yalie

          Change your name homo?

        2. Brian's Dad

          1 inch cock. Why you’re so generous.

      4. MAGA

        I thought that was one of the WPDs new horses.

    2. brian albrecht(the real one)


      1. Mojo JoJo


    3. brian albrecht(the real one)


    4. brian albrecht(the real one)


    5. brian albrecht(the real one)


    6. brian albrecht(the real one)


    7. brian albrecht(the real one)


    8. brian albrecht(the real one)


    9. brian albrecht(the real one)


    10. brian albrecht(the real one)


    11. BobnMic

      Not a whole lot of dollar bills around her feet. Actually none. Doesn’t anybody downtown carry one dollar bills anymore?

      1. BobnMic

        I’m not gonna lie. I’d hit it. I’d even pay money to break me off a piece inside that sweet ass.

        1. Branch Mgr from Boylston

          Does she remind you of me? You’re so romantic, Bobby!

          1. Turd Burglestein


    12. Local Yokel

      Gotta miss the days when you had to convince the folks to subscribe to National Geogaphic to see that sort of example of the female form.

    13. Duke Westwood

      At least the porn theaters kept the sexy inside…

    14. ADdm

      I wonder if TurtleBoy seen the recent video WBDC made about Worcester that’s even more delusional than the Worcester 2020 one?

      1. WHAT?

        How wonderful! WBDC will be bringing rainbows and unicorns and puppy dogs to Worcester. We’ll be able to fly anywhere in downtown Worcester on magic flying dragons.
        All the drug dealers and laid out drunks will be gone from the common.
        You won’t be mugged and robbed going through Allen Court.
        Everything will be just sooooo wonderful!

    15. Foggy

      I bet if Gaffney were Mayor, None of these low-life’s would ever be seen again in our fair City!

    16. KayD

      What worries me most about that is that she doesn’t appear to be wearing even flipflops. Granted it’s downtown, but I wouldn’t even go down the hill to the packy without throwing something on for protection, even if it’d just be ratty crocs. This chick’s just asking to pick up something nasty that probably doesn’t even have a name yet.

      1. Lt Dan

        She’s out on the corner bare ass and you’re wondering why she’s not wearing shoes

        1. KayD

          Well, nudity is one thing; unless you’re really doing something wrong (or very right!) you aren’t going to catch something communicable from just not covering skin. Otherwise we’d all be walking around practicing Islam (or at least the dress code). But the FSP only knows where that concrete walkway has been–at the absolute least I’d be concerned about tiny shards of glass that street sweepers hadn’t picked up. And that’s not even taking “because Worcester” into account.

          Although I am curious. I thought for sure the Commonwealth has state-level public nudity statutes. Are they town by town instead?

    17. Dan

      Agree 100%

      I just dentist appointment and afterwords sat on a bench near City Hall and it was horrifying. The place is chock-full of both male and female fupasloths. Same lady asked me for change three times.

      All I can say is thank God for those pharmacy students and their bright white coats and their bright young enthusiastic smiles. It’s the only light in the dark kingdom of Fupasloths.

    18. ZephyrCat

      You know why everyone’s losing their minds….do you know how many people are on combinations of psychotropic drugs? Not just the illegal stuff. I’m talking about the heavyduty pharmaceutical shit perscribed by doctors for the simplest things. And they start ’em younger & younger. So of course people are nuts. We are watching the downfall of Rome modern day.

    19. wabbitt

      I’m SO glad I wasn’t going into Worcester today…

    20. Lt Dan

      Someone needs to Photoshop that naked bitch in front of wootix asap

    21. Hugh Beaumont

      LOL! The cop in the pic is my buddy. He said see was “fn crackers”.

      1. Hugh Beaumont


    22. RevVic

      There are some things you can never un-see!

    23. Publius

      This sketchy downtown crowd is going to be forced out by the new. Thought downtown development was a far out idea years ago but it makes sense. The neighborhoods are essentially unlivable, Grafton, Vernon Hill, Burncoat, Webster Square and soon Tatnuck. Downtown is a clean slate. New housing, new workspace, new restaurants etc. It just might work and you can already see parts of it falling into place.

    24. Aunt Jemima

      She was the queen of pancakes at one time, sad what happened.

    25. Del Griffith

      Nothing screams Welcome to Woostaahh like a fat naked fupasloth in front of city hall. Classic

    26. Deb McArdle

      I fucking hate you Turtleboy!! You are an exploitative piece of shit!! The difference between you and this obviously mentally challenged woman and yourself is that she can be cured not like the cancer that you are to this great city.

      1. I hate stupid people.

        Wonder what drug she was on? That’s right addiction is a deseas to all you SJWS. Turtleboy reports THE TRUTH. STOP being so butt hurt by it.

      2. Ed was here

        Make that ONCE great city. Now it’s a shitty.

    27. Rabbit

      Seriously…do you think this woman is sane? She is obviously mentally ill and I personally think the mentally ill should be off limits to shaming. Sorry.

      1. BobnMic

        I agree all dumb shit aside.

        1. BobnMic

          And STOP with this whole wanting people to die thing. It is getting old and is very fucking immature. Come-on now.

          1. BobnMic

            But anyway sort of back on topic:


    28. WHATEVUH

      This is what happened when they closed the mental hospitals, now they are everywhere

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