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  • Mayor Morse’s Cousin, Who Got Busted For OUI In Alex’s City Owned Car, And A Butthurt Reporter Talk Defamation Suit Against Turtleboy For Blasphemy In Blog

    Mayor Morse’s Cousin, Who Got Busted For OUI In Alex’s City Owned Car, And A Butthurt Reporter Talk Defamation Suit Against Turtleboy For Blasphemy In Blog

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    Here’s your daily dose of “Turtleboy isn’t a real journalist because he didn’t waste his time going to journalism school like I did, therefore I’m butthurt.” It comes from some buttnut named Dennis Hohenberger:



    As you can see he lists himself as a “Freelance Reporter and Photographer.” In the journalism world this is also known as “unemployed,” which is why he’s begging for work on Facebook:

    screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-12-22-08-pm screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-11-23-02-am

    $27.78 an hour to watch this guy whine on Facebook. Seems like money well spent.

    Apparently he was not happy that we pointed about this blog:

    Because when one of his Facebook friends shared it, he was suffering from some serious post traumatic turtle induced butthurt:


    Ahh yes, the “Turtleboy is not a trusted source” cry. A classic refrain from the mainstream media when we tell the truth about stories that they’re too gutless to. Keep in mind, this ding-dong fancies himself a “reporter” who can be “trusted” to give readers a fair and balanced take. Yet he’s basically 1,000% in the bag for Mayor Morse:
















    Yup, nothing biased about that!!


    Here’s an indisputable fact – Alex Morse could’ve made sure an extra fire engine was operational near the deadly fire that killed three people. But he didn’t. If you don’t think an extra fire engine could’ve been used to put out a fire, then you’re an idiot. Especially since firefighters from Holyoke are insisting that it would have made a difference:



    Instead he chose to hold rallies against imaginary hate speech, which he then turned into an immediate cash grab by writing an email to supporters asking for donations. Because he’s a useless idiot who gets elected by playing identity politics.

    Since people stopped paying attention to the unemployed “freelancer,” he started kicking it up a notch by talking about upcoming defamation suits Turtleboy will be facing:


    It’s true. Bloggers aren’t protected by the First Amendment. We learned that in blogger school. WordPress doesn’t even allow you to open up an account unless you provide proof of your $1 million liability policy. Definitely.

    Then there’s this winner:


    We’ve been called a lot of things before – racist, sexist, transphobic, fat, ugly – but “blasphemous” is a first. I think the word he was looking for was “slanderous,” although we have written a lot of sacrilegious and ungodly blogs, so maybe he’s right.

    Speaking of blasphemous, what the hell is this thing he’s got going on his chin:



    No. Just no. Stop it. Under no circumstances should a man ever shave a landing strip onto his face. It looks like he’s created a funnel for his drool, which in turn has created something that he thinks resembles a beard.


    That in and of itself should be a hate crime. Because I hate looking at it.

    What we do know about Nicholas Leduc is this – he’s Alex Morse’s idiot cousin. And he became a huge embarrassment to Alex in 2014 when was arrested for drunk driving in a CITY OWNED vehicle that Mayor Morse lent to him. Ya got that? The Mayor gave the keys to a taxpayer funded vehicle to his drunk cousin. It’s surprising to see Nicholas Duclos defend his cousin like this. Especially since big cuz sold him down the river the second he got in trouble:

    Although Duclos said his cousin gave him permission to take the car, Morse told police otherwise. When he realized his keys were missing, Morse called the police. In a statement to the press, Morse said he felt “betrayed and disappointed” by his cousin’s behavior. “Nick made a stupid decision and he should have known there was absolutely no reason for him to have taken the car,” said Morse, who added that he still loves his cousin.

    So let me get this straight drunk Nicky insists that Alex gave him the keys while they were at a bar together. Then when the press wants to know why he’d do such a thing, Alex immediately calls him a liar and says the keys went “missing.” Also known as “stolen,” which would make such a crime the same thing as stealing a car. Good thing you’ve got his back Nicky!!

    But please, tell me more about how Turtleboy is the media outlet that can’t be trusted. Because I don’t see any corruption coming out of Holyoke. None. Things are going great there. LOL.

    Anyway, Alex Morse is running for re-election in November. He won a pretty close race in 2015. We don’t know the first thing about Holyoke politics. But what Turtleboy does care about is revenge, winning, and helping good people. And the good people of Holyoke obviously want him out, so we’re going to support whoever runs against him. Put up a decent candidate and we will get behind them 1,000%. We’ve overthrown too many people to count in peaceful, democratic revolutions. It’s time to add Alex Morse to the Turtleboy Sports graveyard.




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    1. Paul Larson

      “As in everything, nature is the best instructor.”
      ― Adolf Hitler

      I have studied martial arts and healing practices from the monks in Shandong province China since my rebirth in 1473. My American mother (of the 16th incarnation of my spirt) was an itinerant laborer in the electronics industry in 1947, and my father was an abusive alcoholic with a predilection towards midget carny folk. I was routinely thrashed with reeds around my perineum and testicular sack by my German governess in a nightly ritual to cleanse impure sexual urges towards tiny hairless Mexican cats. I learned to emulate the snake and ram from Huang Zongxi during the Ming Dynasty and that allowed my to provide security support to the Worcester Hospital nurses during a knife attack by my high school nemesis, Johnny “Flash” Bigsby, upon my return as a black ops sniper from Vietnam, earning me the WPD Commissioners citation.

      Paul Larson

      1. Mayor Joe Petty

        Wow Paul, you really buried the lead on your resume. I had no idea that you were an expert in anchient Chinese martial and healing arts as well as a philosopher and American history expert. If only you were a Democrat. You would climb the ranks of Jim McGovern’s crime family in no time flat. If you’re willing to say some stuff without meaning it I’m sure we could have you elected. PM me if interested

        Joe Petty

    2. Kevin Lynch


      1. David G

        Choo choo baby

    3. Talisman

      Turtleboy, I believe he is speaking of your blaspheming and infideling against the religion of Presslam. You see, Presstitutes and libturds get really upset when someone else reports facts that shine a revealing light on one of their preferred butt-suckers. Therefore, an internet lawsuit is in order and, when you are found guilty, they’ll chop off your little turtle feet (or is it flippers?) whilst yelling Alohahooo Snackbar.

    4. The Poof

      I guess the “cousin rule” doesn’t apply when you’re both male.

    5. karen dont like sharing

      he look like a pickle smoker

    6. KJDS

      The First Amendment doesn’t apply to bloggers? Wait . . . What?

      I’m pretty sure the First Amendment applies to all Americans, but, I didn’t go to UMass-Amherst, so what do I know.


      1. JoeMomma

        I went to UMass Amherst and knew that but then again, I had a real major

    7. BlackandWhite

      Defamation is really hard to prove. And expensive.

    8. Pitiful spin time

      It’s obvious, it’s fear based and they’re scared. Trying to regain control of the situation. Way too late for that.

    9. FatFingr Lou

      Cousin Nick looks more like the free-lancer

    10. WHATEVUH

      Are they kissing cousins? They both look as queer as a 3-dollar bill

    11. Tha poop hole loophole

      I just want to know who’s the smoke show wit the big ta-ta’s in the “turtleboy graveyard” pic?

    12. Liz Warren

      What can you get with a Umass Amherst Journalism degree and $1.00?

      Try the dollar menu at McDonalds.

    13. Plaissance pissed himself

      Great job Turtleboy. The idiot freelancer really belongs working for Masslive with the other idiot, Plaisance.

      1. wabbitt

        Nah. Send them to Worcester Magazine with all the other monkeys with typewriters.

    14. wabbitt

      I wasn’t aware this was a theocracy and you could be charged with blasphemy.

      Well… I suppose if Mitch McConnell got his way…

    15. Kid Candle

      Hohenberger! Is this kid candle? One blow and he’s out! Either he or his twin (can’t recall which) decided they could box one year. Did Golden Gloves. Was knocked out in 30 seconds. Lol. Bet it’s him.

    16. Mike Donlon

      Dick pick attach advertisements. Business must be good.

    17. Sterling Turtle Rider

      I think we found Joe Petty’s fat brother standing next to him holding that shovel… yikes!

    18. Barney Miller

      This douch unemployed “freelance” reporter Dennis couldn’t even get a full time job with the Chicopee Register – a free weekly rag that nobody reads! I beat him out for the post back in 2015, quickly realized just how much the gig sucked and moved on after a month and even then they STILL didn’t hire him! Now I see why!

    19. Lenny from LA

      Alex loves to get plowed by underage black cock. Ask Rory. It’s true.

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