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  • Thousands Of Idiots Retweet Story From Fake Ian Rapoport Account Alleging Patriots Fans Called Kneeling Players Racial Slurs And Terrorists 

    Thousands Of Idiots Retweet Story From Fake Ian Rapoport Account Alleging Patriots Fans Called Kneeling Players Racial Slurs And Terrorists

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    A bunch of people messaged us about this tweet that they believed came from NFL insider Ian Rapoport:

    Did you guys miss that on TV? The part where 60,000 people started randomly chanting the same racial limericks at the same time? It was remarkable how they all did it without any coordination of planning. But you know those Bostonians, racism just runs in their blood.

    How stupid do you have to be to believe this? Just look at the handle – @sp0rtstalkjoey. Yea, that’s Ian Rapoport’s handle. Definitely. Oh, and you know those blue checkmarks? Twitter and Facebook do that so you can avoid embarrassing yourself like all these idiots did:

    This is why Adam Jones’ lie, and the media’s perpetuation of that lie is dangerous – because when you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth. This was retweeted hundreds of times until Twitter eventually took down the account. But it just goes to show you how quickly people will jump on the “Boston is a racist city” narrative. Fact don’t matter. You’re all a bunch of bigots. End of story.

    But it’s nothing new really. After all, the entire premise of black lives matter is rooted in a lie about a gentle 300 pound giant who was shot and killed while his hands were up. People believe this shit because they want to believe it. It fits their narrative and their agenda so they role with it, facts be damned. After all, the racism-industrial complex is big money. All these media outlets get record ratings because of it, and the people who have the cure for racism get paid to “fix” it.


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    1. Alex

      I saw this on ABC news:

      Woman: “If they don’t stand for the national anthem, that means they don’t like the country and they should return to wherever they came from”.

      Well… those black guys are also American, you know.
      I thought it was a case of mixing the race and migration speeches. But doesn’t speak well of our beloved state of Massachusetts.

      1. You're Not Too Bright, Are You?

        What do you expect from a liberal cesspool like Mass? I mean they elected Fauxcahontas for Christ’s sakes!

    2. BlackandWhite

      Any video’s of people saying racial slurs????

    3. Tim Torigian

      Roll* with it.

    4. Publius

      Another fake racism story.

    5. Woodiculous

      I was AT the game. All I heard was a mix of cheers, boos and “Stand up!” when video of the players taking a knee came up on the screens (my seats are on the Patriots side of the stadium so I couldn’t see the kneeling players until they were shown on the screen).

      No racial slurs ever.

    6. Adam jones

      Its true!!! I was there, this really happened!!!! If you guys question me or ask for evidence it just proves how racist you are!!!

    7. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

      If libs went to sporting events, then the racism thing would make sense.

      1. Webster Turtle Rider

        They can’t afford it

    8. Steven Stover

      Considering the fact that the fan base at Gillette is 98% Democrat voting makes it a believable statement about that chant. Looking at the Democrats track record at racism maybe it is true.

    9. Bomani Jones

      Hey Yo bang on this

    10. Chip Striker

      Fake account, great message though.

    11. wabbitt

      But, there’s a check mark there guys! Sure, it’s not the right color… and it’s not really a check mark… But it validates my assertion that everyone in Boston is racist, so I’m running with it!

      Typical regressive logic.

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