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Accused Rapist Out On Bail And Turtlegram’s Dianne Williamson Go To Bat For Dante Comparetto And Embarrass Themselves Even More

Accused Rapist Out On Bail And Turtlegram’s Dianne Williamson Go To Bat For Dante Comparetto And Embarrass Themselves Even More

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Last week School Committee candidate “Dead Last” Dante Comparetto desperately tried to bring some sort of attention to his failed campaign by writing a racist note to himself and blaming it on Turtleboy Sports:

Is there any proof that Dante did this? No. But he doesn’t have any proof that he didn’t do it either, and yet he’s still blaming us. It’s all very convenient.

However, we do have a bunch of evidence that would lead you to believe he is behind it. For starters, he’s got the motive. He’s running a losing campaign against 6 incumbents, and he needs to make a name for himself. No better way to do that than to make yourself into a victim.

Then there’s the fact that there was no envelope or stamp, which means the perpetrator came to his house and put the letter in his mailbox. So why didn’t he have it fingerprinted then? The perps prints are probably all over the mailbox and the letter.

Oh, and he lists his address as Hampden Street:

But he actually lives on Alden Street. So if someone looked him up, they’d find the Hampden Street address and go to the wrong house. We tried searching on white pages and could not find a listing for him either. How would anyone know know where he lives? Oh, that’s right, they wouldn’t. This story makes no sense.

Then there’s the language used in the letter:

“You are about to lose ‘big time’.”

Sound familiar?

“Lose big time.”

Does this prove anything? Certainly not. But it’s a shitload of evidence that would convince any reasonable person that he was the one behind the letter. Dante Comparetto should be investigated and arrested for wasting the police’s time with this fake hate crime, which he’s clearly doing to help his own campaign.

Anyway, when he made the post accusing us of inspiring this hate crime, he tagged the Turtlegram and Gazette’s Clive McFarlane and Dianne Williamson:

Because he knew that they were both gullible enough to fall for it. Especially since Dianne fell for the hoax that Mayor Jumpin Joe Petty never called protesters morons on a hot mic, even though he apologized for calling protesters morons on a hot mic. Plus, they work for the Turtlegram, and they’re not really allowed to have their own opinions. It’s their job to go along with the company line and blame this one on Turtleboy as well. And that’s exactly what Dianne Williamson did in her column today. Let’s check it out:

Comparetto called police, who filed a report. He said he’s also received harassing phone calls and social media posts after the blog Turtleboy Sports wrote a take-down piece last week about his past history of drug abuse.” Comparetto, the only challenger in a seven-way race for six School Committee seats, said he found the note in the mailbox affixed next to the door on the porch of his home on Alden Street. It was just a single sheet of folded paper without an envelope. He said he’s also received 10 to 15 calls from people breathing into the phone and three disparaging Facebook message

Oh good, he’s adding more drama to the story. Now turtle riders are calling him up. Except we never listed his phone number and it’s not publicly available either. Of course if Dianne were a real reporter she’d ask questions like, “Can I see the call logs?”, or “What was the phone number they called from?” But that would require being good at your job, and there’s a reason Dianne Williamson has worked at the same failing newspaper for the last 25 years without a raise.

In reality, Comparetto has been drug-free for five years and runs a juice bar, Pure Juz, on Highland Street. He’s due to be married in August and does indeed possess both a car and a valid driver’s license. 

Wait…..he has a license? Then why does he keep getting arrested for driving with a suspended license?

If Dianne Williamson were a real reporter she’d ask that question. But she works at the runner up for Worcester’s best news outlet, so this is what you get instead.

Dianne also claims that he runs a juice bar, Pure Juz, on Highland Street. So we went down to Pure Juz today to check out the successful business that Dead Last Dante built….

We tried getting in

But the doors were locked. So we went around back

And we peeped inside the “business”

And it doesn’t look like much is going on.

Of course id Dianne was even remotely competent she could’ve just Googled Pure Juz and found out that it completely failed in Worcester, and is “permanently closed”:

Actually, she didn’t even have to Google it. She could’ve just gone right to their Facebook page to see that he does NOT run a business on Highland Street:

Being the racist that he is, Dante moved his business to Shrewsbury, where he wouldn’t have to interact with scary black and brown people:

Then Dianne brought up the address situation:

After Comparetto posted the racist note on his Facebook page, Turtleboy responded with another blog post accusing Comparetto of sending the note to himself. The blog claimed it would be difficult to target Comparetto’s home because his address isn’t publicly listed anywhere, but it’s actually clearly posted on two different places on the city of Worcester’s website.

Except his home on Alden Street is NOT listed on the paper’s he took out:


Dante claims that this is a distraction from his “campaign”:

“I don’t want this kind of attention,” he said. “This totally distracts from my campaign. I certainly don’t want to be talking about my past or my background … I see nothing good from making this story up.”

Yea, what good can come of this besides free publicity from the Turtlegram?

And of course he doesn’t wanna talk about his past. Would you want to if you had been arrested so many times, and actually been shot too?

But yea, let’s talk more about the issues Dante. Like how you encouraged kids to walk out of school on the day Donald Trump was elected President, and as a SC member would enact policies that allow truancy for politically motivated causes:

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.37.00 AM

Oh, and here’s another thing – why would any turtle rider call him an “n word lover?” Doesn’t make any sense. Everyone campaigning for him is white? Here’s what he told Dianne:

He said the N-word accusation may be in reference to his fiancee, who is part Ethiopian, although she appears to look Caucasian on his Facebook page.

No Dianne, she doesn’t appear to look white. She’s white as white gets:

That is the whitest chick I’ve ever seen. But Dante expects us all to not only know that she’s “Ethiopian,” but then someone out there was inspired by this and called her the n word, which makes tons of sense since she’s clearly a basic white chick.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, Dante has pretty much never had a job:

The candidate has been open about his troubled past and said it’s inspired him to become a community organizer. He helped create Stand Up for Kids to aid homeless and at-risk youth and was co-chair of the citywide Parent Planning Advisory Council.

“Community organizer.” In other words, he’s unemployed and he latched on to a bunch of non-profits so he can collect state grants for doing nothing.

Anyway, Dante is also blaming us because his note was taken down by Facebook:

Yup, we did that too. We did literally everything according to this guy. How dumb do you have to be to believe anything he says? Oh wait, it got taken down because you shared a picture that contained the n word in it. Yea, Facebook isn’t a fan of the n word.

He also thinks Turtleboy is a “special kind of scum” for pointing out that he was the one who probably wrote the letter to himself:

He’s hiring a lawyer to sue us for……….something:

His supporters are all buying into it, including disgraced Southbridge race baiter Amelia Peloquin:

Oh, and Sean Halper is another big supporter. Check out what he said at the bottom:

Sean Halper is one of Dante’s biggest supporters. Where have I heard that name before?

Oh right – he’s a carny who is out on $25,000 bail on rape charges:

Assistant District Attorney Roberta A. O’Brien said a woman told investigators that Mr. Halper, whom she considered a friend, asked her to give him a ride Jan. 16. The woman said she and Mr. Halper ended up in an alley in the Main South section of the city, where Mr. Halper allegedly brandished a knife, removed the keys from the vehicle, ordered her out and raped her, according to Ms. O’Brien. The woman said Mr. Halper threatened to kill her if she told anyone what had happened, the prosecutor said.

This is who rolls with Dante Comparetto. The Turtlegram and Gazette, social justice warriors, and violent rapists. Turtleboy rolls with doctors, lawyers, nurses, firefighters, engineers, teachers, cops, hot moms, and other law abiding, productive citizens who actually contribute something to society.

The bottom line is, Dianne Williamson continues to embarrass herself. She was once OK, but now she’s just reduced to this. I almost feel bad for her. I’d offer her a job at Turtleboy Sports, but I don’t know how she’d do in an environment where you have to think for yourself.


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5 Comment(s)
  • Mom's Basement
    May 23, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    If that chick is Ethiopian than it’s probably safe to say that the famine is over.

  • Stu Pidazzo
    May 23, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    The guy spells juice with a Z and expects to be involved in the education of children?

    • Madcow not Rachel
      May 23, 2017 at 9:29 pm

      His first sign read “Pure Jews”

  • sheriff's office
    May 23, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    We’ll be at the Dante Comparetto campaign event to bring him in on the capias he’s been blowing off for three years.

  • Rosalie
    May 23, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    Dante’s address was correctly shown on the court case where Commerce Bank was looking to recover that nasty overdraft balance last year….

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