Any Patriots Fan Who Thinks We Shouldn’t Have Signed Revis Is A Liar

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All over the Facebook machine I’m seeing Internet geniuses talk about how the Patriots not signing Darrelle Revis was a good thing. Here are some examples of stupid things people have said on our Facebook page:

Pay Revis so you have to cut Mayo, restructure Solder and half the rest of the team? No thanks. There’s a CAP for a reason and they would have had to cut a few key players just to fit, with no other additions. I’m good with Revis at a reasonable amount, all set at the Jets rate though.

1. We won the Super Bowl without Jerrod Mayo.

2. Jerrod Mayo missed most of last year and the year before that with injuries.

3. Jerrod Mayo is a run stopping linebacker in a passing league.

4. Nate Solder sucks.

5. Nate Solder + Jerrod Mayo combined don’t add up nearly to the value that Revis provides the Patriots.

6. It’s not your money.


In Bill we trust. Plenty of undiscovered talent out there. No worries

Bill Belichick has never won a Super Bowl without a shutdown cornerback. He won three with Ty Law and one with Revis. When he doesn’t have a shutdown corner his teams are usually amongst the worst pass defenses in football.

You do know that they just won the superbowl and have been the most successful franchise in sports over the past 15 years, right?

1. Great NFL franchises win 4 Super Bowls. Uncontested legends of the game win 5 Super Bowls.

2. They just won the Super Bowl. With Darrelle Revis completely shutting down Seattle in the Super Bowl.

3. If you enjoy AFC Championship games then I suggest you become a Peyton Manning fan.

How many championships has Revis won? One – with the patriots. We can do this all day. . . I’ll take 4 championships in 15 years, and having a team that is knocking at the door every year.

The Patriots won because of Revis, not vice versa.

 I love ya, Turtleboy – but lets wait until the numbers come out. If the guaranteed money is less than 50 mill, then I too will be pissed – but if its over 50 – the Pats might have made the right overall choice with a tough decision.

It was $39 million guaranteed. I certainly hope you’re pissed now.

It sucks that theyn couldn’t find ground with Revis, but 5 years at 70 million and $39 million guaranteed. Dropping that kind of money on a 30 yr old CB seems a little risky. Even if he is a true shutdown corner.

So now all of a sudden, Patriots fans were “worried” about 30 year old Revis breaking down. Funny, no one was worried about this two days ago. Now that he’s on the Jets we were all concerned about his age and ailing body though. Right.

Yeah, the Pats only have a chance to get to the big game every year. Dropping a boatload of cash on a few players is no guarantee that you get back to the SuperBowl.

Shutdown corners are the hardest position outside of quarterback to replace on an NFL roster. Don’t forget the never ending list of failures that came between Revis and Assante Samuel.

Kyle Arrington. Remember him in the Super Bowl? Only letting some schmuck no one has ever heard of nearly win the Super Bowl MVP.


Leigh Bodden


Darius Butler. Remember this catch in 2010?


Sterling Moore. Who remembers this catch?Sterling+Moore+Super+Bowl+XLVI+NgMo5Of1m3ol

Terrence Wheatley


Jonathan Wilhite


Ellis Hobbs. Where were you when this happened?


Randall Gay. Or this?


That’s what I’ve been used to ever since Samuel left. The Patriots go 11-5, beat the shit out of Buffalo a few times, and then get exposed in the playoffs when Brady can’t bail his crap happy pass defense out time and time again. Like clockwork.

Look, I’m not saying that Malcolm Butler isn’t going to be a good cornerback, but right now he can’t hold Revis’ jockstrap. You had the best shutdown corner in the NFL. You won the Super Bowl because of him. You were the favorite to win it again so long as you paid him what he was worth. And they didn’t do that because Bob Kraft needs a new yacht. And please, don’t tell me that this was Belichick’s decision. It’s Kraft’s money. No way the owner of the team is letting Belichick get rid of one of his most valuable assets.

Go Patriots. Yay.

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6 Comment(s)
  • TMNT Daniel Kendall
    March 12, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    You chopped off the end of my comment stating “I’m good with Revis at a reasonable amount, not at the Jets money”. I should not be lumped in with the #wearebetteroff crowd.

    Thanks for using my comment though. 🙂

    I’m not happy, but I wouldn’t sacrifice being able to add depth (Mayo is not only a run stopping LB he can cover and what if Hightower gets hurt) or other pieces just so we can have the best player at his position. He got crazy money & there is a salary cap!

    You sound like Felger with this “sign everyone, you have the money” bullcrap. I hate the in Bill we trust people just as much. I’m on the: we’re not better off but we can’t fit under the Salary Cap side.

    Here’s an idea, you tell me how they sign him and still end up under that cap!!! That’s all I’m saying.

    I still love you guys, you’re just not that bright when it comes to financials, or you’re not sharing your “how we sign him” plan, cause just cutting Mayo and Solder won’t do it. I was merely giving small examples.

    Maybe you should have hired an accountant with your secretary!

  • Larry Mondello
    March 11, 2015 at 8:15 am

    Can they win without him? Yes with a little luck. Remember if Welker catches that pass a few years back they likely win with a so so Pat’s team. And if the Butler doesn’t make that pick they go down with Revis this year. To repeat with a weaker secondary they need 1 luck with major injuries, especially to the main man. 2 a better pass rush from the front to take pressure off the secondary. 3 the emergence of Jaime Collins as a big time star. 4 hopefully Butler can turn into something special because the kid is a ball- hawk and even without The Play he played a very solid game. Score all the points you want, it all comes down to the D.

  • RSoxGuy
    March 11, 2015 at 7:32 am

    Like I said in you last pats blog, Its killin me that he left. Our D is much worse off now that Revis is gone. The jets just offered too damn much. I cant blame him for taking the cash and going to a place who si gonna make him their face of the franchise. Probly retire his number (hes a Jet so who cares really?).

    That being said, Mayo, Solder, hightower, wendell, Blount, Jones are all due to make a decent chunk of change at the end of next yr. You want Mayo and Solder cut? Fine, who are you going to replace them with? Think you will find a quality LT for less than Solder’s yearly avg of $2.1M? Good luck.

    Im with you on Mayo. i love the guy, hes a riot in the club house, fun to talk to, but im sick of seeing him get smoked in pass coverage. Im tired of seeing his $10M a yr cap hit ass sitting on the bench the past 2 years. We have him at $10M per yr thru 2017. he needs to restructure or get cut. He hasngt earned shit on that contract. But if we cut him…. Who takes his place? Revis cant play CB and ILB at the same time. Sorry, cutting these 2 guys doesnt help us get revis here.

  • Larry Mondello
    March 11, 2015 at 6:34 am

    Did we want him back? Hell yeah! Next to QB a shutdown corner is the most important position. Should we have matched the Jet’s offer? Of course. But knowing how the Pats operate did we expect them to? Of course not.

  • BobnMic
    March 10, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    Interesting when watching the XLIX Championship Blue Ray when hearing the Patriots whole team exiting the tunnel onto the field someone yelled, “This is the last time this group is going to be together”! I didn’t think anything of it. How can a team poised to win (and did win) a Super Bowl not stay together the next year. Stupid me. Revis gone is bad. But can they still do it again? Interested to hear comments:

    • Finnish Goalie
      March 11, 2015 at 5:38 am

      Well, figuring that it was a decade between wins, and the two (almost three) Superbowl losses came because of secondary breakdowns, I’m concerned.

      Division title isn’t in question, they’ll be in the playoffs, but I believe that’s not what the fanbase is interested in.

      Really wanted him back.

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