Apparently The Knockout Game Has Finally Come To Worcester


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With three recent and random attacks on unsuspecting people in Worcester, the city appears to have joined a dangerous and potentially deadly game being played from coast to coast. It’s called the “Knockout Game” and the contestants are ruthless individuals who sucker punch people they do not know, and who did nothing to provoke them. The assaults have caught the attention of authorities and government officials nationwide, including in Connecticut, where lawmakers are considering a bill that would target random, criminal attacks.


There is no such move in Massachusetts, right now, but the cowardly game appears to have been launched in Worcester, where police so far this month have dealt with three separate incidents in which victims were walking alone when they were approached by someone they had never met. According to police, the suspects, without provocation or warning, punched the victims in the face or the head. The force was enough to send two 56-year-old men to the hospital. A third victim, a 23-year-old man, was not seriously injured.


The assaults took place in the 700 block of Main Street, near 87 Millbury Street and on Chatham Street, near Main Street. Police do not know whether the same suspect has carried out the attacks and say no other similar assaults have been reported in the city this year.


The incidents are serious enough that police are warning residents to use caution and be aware of their surroundings when walking alone or if approached by someone they do not know. Police acknowledge the assaults “may be part of the so-called ‘knockout game,'” one they say has gained popularity. Police describe it as “a blitz-style attack” on random strangers with the goal of knocking the person out with one punch.


The assaults in Worcester come on the heels of similar attacks around the country. In early March, 23-year-old Kyle Rogers was allegedly attacked early on a Sunday morning after leaving a bar in Manhattan. A surveillance video shows a man attack Rogers from behind while another man recorded it, according to a report on Rogers reportedly suffered a broken jaw that had to be wired shut. It was believed to be the latest in a string of knockout attacks in New York City, according to the ABC news outlet


In Denver, Colo. on New Year’s Eve, four victims were allegedly assaulted in three separate attacks. Those incidents also appear to be part of the “Knockout Game,” according In each case, the victims were sucker punched.


In Connecticut, the state Judiciary Committee on Monday, April 14 passed legislation concerning the “Knockout Game” on a 29-10 vote, according to the New Haven Register. Under the bill, in criminal cases where an attacker strikes someone in the head without provocation and with the intent of knocking them unconscious, it would be a Class D felony with a mandatory two-year sentence. It also would require juvenile courts to transfer 16- and 17-year-olds accused of the crime to the adult criminal justice system.


Critics reportedly say the bill is unnecessary because the attacks rarely happen.


This is why Main South can’t have nice things. This is why it’s dumb that the City of Worcester tries for even a second to make the downtown area some sort of Yuppie paradise. Everything from Webster Square down to City Hall is damned by God. This is where everyone’s favorite carpetbagger Margee Pesikov apparently resides, which would explain why she hates Worcester so much. That area will never, ever be a place where you wanna bring your family out for lunch. It’s a cesspool of grime, and the quicker we all just accept that, the happier we’ll all be.

Look, the crackheads and gangbangers have to go somewhere. After all, we live in Massachusetts, so God knows judges won’t do their job and send these idiots to jail. The ACLU won’t let us throw them all off a bridge either, so we have to come up with a more practical solution. So we’re all better off if we just keep the animals in an isolated area. Let them walk back and forth between the Midtown Mall, where they can buy a pair of bootleg Timbalands, and then go back to Crystal Park where they can buy some more bootleg crack. Everything in between is no-man’s-land. Proceed with caution.

Let’s be honest….this was bound to happen. Young kids these days run buck wild. There is no logical way to explain why they’re doing what they are doing. Even criminals have to frown upon this right? I mean, if you’re going to violently assault someone, at least rob them. If I got knocked out and my wallet was gone it would be a lot easier to come to terms with why I was knocked out – some idiot needed to buy some more of that Blue Magic.

But these nudniks don’t have a code. You gotta have a code – Omar Little taught me that. These wild beasts do it because their “code” is being the biggest asshole possible without benefitting from it.

So what can we do about it? For one thing, stay the hell out of Main South. I’m seeing some geniuses talk about packing a gun. Yea, that’ll work. Because you’ll totally have time to pull out your gat and shoot someone who punches you in the head from behind. Right.

Who do you think you are? George Zimmerman? You think you live in a place where you can just whip out a gun on someone who looks suspicious and urban. Newsflash morons: you live in Massachusetts. The Second Amendment was rolled up and used to smoke a dooby a long time ago. I mean, where do you people think you live? Florida? We can’t just go around shooting kids in hooded sweatshirts around here.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.41.25 PM

I was on Team Trayvon during that whole drama. George Zimmerman was a dangerous, dangerous individual. He didn’t mean to kill Trayvon, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a threat to civilized society. Quite frankly I don’t wanna live in a country where everyone packs a gun and indiscriminately shoots it whenever they feel threatened. Murica.

Nope, the best solution to this is to make this into a more serious crime, like they did in Connecticut. And yes, I am admitting for the world to see that Connecticut did something right. But making this a minimum-mandatory crime at least will make kids think twice about doing this. As it is now, they know they can just knock out some innocent civilian, get arrested, stand in front of Judge Louis “Easy Louie” Perez, and watch as he gives them a writ of “boys will be boys.” Then the courts will blame the schools for failing the kids. Circle of life.

I say at least ten years minimum, plus you will be told that at some point in the next ten years an employee of the state will punch you in the back of the head while you’re not looking. The psychological effects of having to think about that around the clock for the next ten years should be sufficient punishment.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.42.34 PM

What I want to know is, who are the ten idiots who voted AGAINST this common sense law in CT? Well, apparently one was the Assistant Majority Whip Patricia Dillon (D) of New Haven. Here’s her logic:

“I’m looking at a bill with a minimum mandatory and language with a mandatory transfer to adult — I don’t know what language will fix that. I’m concerned about that. It goes against everything we’ve been doing for six years in this building,” she said.

Newsflash Patty – everything you’ve been doing in that building for six years has led to wild teenage savages punching innocent civilians in the face for no reason. Everything you did in the past should be crumpled up and thrown in the trash. Just do the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing, and it might actually work. These idiots don’t vote, so more than likely this will benefit you politically as well. Just because you’re a democrat doesn’t mean you have to side with criminals EVERY time.

Ya know what’s really messed up about this lady? She’s not afraid to increase the penalties for SOME crimes:

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.14.59 PM

Because those dirt bike scofflaws are just plain out of control. Throw away the key. How dare they ride around in the woods without the proper paperwork!!! These criminals obviously can’t be rehabilitated. But, 16 year olds who punch 56 year old men? Can’t punish them too hard.

All you have to know about this lady’s jive, is that she’s one of those urban, upper middle-class, caucasian folk who obviously feels a tremendous amount of guilt about being born with fair colored skin. Even though this knockout thing is NOT a racial issues in Worcester (one of the victims was black and the criminals haven’t been caught), it has been turned into one. If you vote for a stiffer punishment for these clowns then it gives the impression that you’re coming down hard on the black community (which of course is BS). So instead of acting rationally people like Patty Dillon just keep doing what they do best – keeping criminals on the street, but off dirt bikes.

Oh well, at least Patty can sleep easy at night knowing she has alleviated her guilt about her “white privilege.” After all, she even celebrated Kwanzaa once!!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.13.47 PM

So yea, if this turns out to really be a copy cat “knockout game,” then write your State Rep and tell them to throw away the key with these juvenile delinquents. Until then, avoid the Midtown Mall at all costs.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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