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Bill Maher Facialized 20 Year Old College Student Who Told Jerry Seinfeld What Jokes He Wasn’t Allowed To Make

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As you know by now, we’re big Bill Maher fans around here. Wait, I’m so confused? Isn’t Turtleboy a hardcore tea party radical?? Don’t his steadfast beliefs in racial superiority of white folks and his blatant sexism conflict with Maher’s lefty ideology?? Mind blown!!

Well the reason we respect people like Bill Maher is because they’re some of the few people left in the world who aren’t afraid to tell the truth, regardless of whether or not it’s been approved by the PC police. We don’t care about your political affiliation. All we care about is if you dig common sense and have a sense of humor. Those are literally the only two requirements it takes to ride the turtle.

Well the latest Bill Maher facializing of morons started when he had Jerry Seinfeld on his HBO show recently, and Jerry said that he doesn’t like to do college shows anymore because college students are a bunch of butthurt PC losers who whine about funny jokes. Obviously we all know this statement is 100% accurate. Even the PC dooshnozzles know this, which is why some goober from San Diego State named Anthony Berteuax, who contributes to the Huffington Postissued this letter to Jerry Seinfeld (kind of long, but worth reading because it’s that dumb):

Dear Jerry Seinfeld,

Recently, I’ve heard about your reluctance to perform on college campuses because of how “politically correct” college students are. You also further made remarks that college students are quick to use the words “racist,” “sexist,” and “prejudice” with little reverence for what those words really mean (which you felt was proven by a remark made by your 14-year old daughter.)

As a college student that loves and appreciates offensive, provocative comedy, I’m disheartened by these comments.

While I do agree with you that college students today are more sensitive to issues of race and gender politics, it’s simply because that’s our job as learners. As college students who are engaged in a myriad of social, economic, and political issues, it’s our duty to be actively engaged and educated about issues of sexism, racism and prejudice. While, respectively, your daughter might not quite know what’s considered “sexist” yet, I can say with confidence that most college students can distinguish the boundaries of what’s considered appropriately sexist or not.

But, I’d like to refocus the conversation to the state of comedy that you feel like we would call “racist” or “sexist.”

We need to talk about the role that provocative comedy holds today in a progressive world.

It isn’t so much that college students are too politically correct (whatever your definition of that concept is), it’s that comedy in our progressive society today can no longer afford to be crass, or provocative for the sake of being offensive. Sexist humor and racist humor can no longer exist in comedy because these concepts are based on archaic ideals that have perpetrated injustice against minorities in the past.


Provocative humor, such as ones dealing with topics of race and gender politics, can be crass and vulgar, but underlying it must be a context that spurs social dialogue about these respective issues. There needs to be a message, a central truth behind comedy for it to work as humor.

Take Amy Schumer for example.

A rising comic in her own right, Schumer has become a muse in being able to tackle difficult social commentaries of sexism and racism through her comedy. During the premier of the newest season of Schumer’s comedy sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, Schumer and her writers managed to make a topic that most could never conceive of even making humorous: rape.

The sketch, Football Town Lights, a parody of the football series, Friday Night Lights, told the story of a football coach who boldly decides to reform the local town’s losing football team by instilling a strict anti-rape rule for his football players. Throughout the sketch, the players and the town folk are simply flabbergasted at the very concept of not being able to rape. One of the players asks the coach, “What if she thinks it’s rape, but I don’t?” Another player asks, “What if my mom is the district attorney and won’t prosecute me? Can I rape?”

Underlying the joke of it all, of course, is the horrifying truth of rape culture existent in high school football, and an even more horrifying reality of the parents attempting to justify it. Earlier this year, we heard of a horrifying case of a gang rape committed by five Florida high school football players and realized the underlying culture of violence and male domination that inhabits high school football.

While it’s not the sole role of comics to be social commentators on every issue through their comedy, I believe there is a responsibility, especially when a well-known comic is talking about sensitive topics like race and gender politics, to have an underlying message to be said.

This doesn’t mean that the funny aspect of the bit has to be compromised for the sake of social commentary. As countless comedians have proven before, it’s very possible to have a message and be hilarious at the same time.

This translates to stand-up comedy as well. Take it from your fellow male comics.


Stand-up comedian, Louis C.K’s bit about how much he loves being white can be, at first glance, construed as being “racist” in a traditional sense. He says in his set, “I’m not saying that white people are better, I’m saying that being white is clearly better, who can argue!”

Doesn’t that sound a little “racist” to you? But, view it within the context of what he says, Louis C.K. constructs another valuable dialogue about white male privilege, and the historic injustices that this system has created.

A bit that could have been potentially disastrous was made even more hilarious because of the underlying social context of what Louis was saying.

George Carlin, who was revered by many as being one of the comedy “greats,” frequently used crass, vulgar and potentially offensive humor in his acts. While by today’s standards, some of Carlin’s material can be considered sexist and offensive, many of his bits are still appreciated today because of his strong opinions and the underlying context of what he said. Sure, he was offensive when he tried to justify using racial slurs, but as he said a bit, “it’s the context that counts. It’s the user. It’s the intention behind the words that make them good or bad.”

Stand-up comedian Todd Glass argued passionately on comedy podcast Sklarbro County, that young comedians who shy away from offensive humor lack the courage to use the medium as a way to create social commentary and dialogue, as Carlin did. Glass called for comedians to be more offensive, but within the right context.

You can be crass, you can be vulgar, and it’s not about worrying about offending people. Fuck offending people. Offend the right fucking people. Don’t let this fake argument that makes you not want to grow [as a comedian] and say, ‘Oh, you’re always going offend somebody.’ No one said you shouldn’t! It’s your fake argument! Offend the living fuck out of people! But make sure you’re doing it to the right group. Because, I’m sure George Carlin, most of the time, was offending the right people.
So, yes, Mr. Seinfeld, we college students are politically correct. We will call out sexism and racism if we hear it. But if you’re going to come to my college and perform in front of me, be prepared to write up a set that doesn’t just offend me, but has something to say.

There’s no reason you can’t do what other comics are doing. You have an amazing legacy, both in stand-up and on television, because you do your job well.

But, there’s a generation in college right now that hasn’t seen your comedy, and there’s a demographic that yearns for laughter. College students today are looking to be provoked, to be offended by comedy, and to think about these issues within the context of comedy.

So please, take the first step and come to a college campus with a set that will make us laugh.

Offend the fuck out of college students. Provoke the fuck out of me. We’ll thank you for it later.

College Student

Bill Maher put it better than anyone else can:

See, that’s the difference between a liberal and an asshole. By definition, liberals are supposed to be the fun ones. It’s the conservatives who are supposed to ruin all the fun by telling us not to smoke pot or have anal sex premarital relations. Liberals are supposed to be laissez-faire with social issues. Say what you want, do what you want. But instead liberalism has been hijacked by butthurt 20 year olds and Joyce McNickles. Those people are assholes, not liberals.

But seriously, thank God this nudnik kid chimed in on what will and won’t be allowed at Jerry Seinfeld’s comedy show that he will voluntarily choose to attend. Because I’m sure Jerry Seinfeld was sitting in a room, anxiously awaiting approval in the form of an “open letter” (sidenote – anyone who write an open letter is an asshole), from some butthurt loser of no significance, who wouldn’t know comedy if it bit him in his two inch Johnson.

So let me get this straight. This genius wanted to tell Jerry Seinfeld that he was wrong about having an objection to the PC police monitoring his comedy acts. And he did so by literally illustrating EXACTLY what Jerry Seinfeld was talking about? Well done dickbag.

See, that’s why we love Bill Maher. We had the same exact beef with the Caityln Jenner situation – don’t tell me we can’t crack Caityln Jenner jokes. If I see something funny, then I’m gonna laugh at it. Go ahead, tell me that you don’t think this is funny:


I don’t give a fuck. Because that’s funny. And quite frankly if you can’t see the humor in that, then you and I weren’t meant to be friends. It’s OK though, I can still consume what I consider to be funny in a separate place from you though right Anthony Berteaux? Oh wait, you mean I can’t laugh at jokes because you said that “sexist humor and racist humor can no longer exist in comedy”? And instead of just, I dunno, NOT GOING TO THE SHOW, you’ve decided to legislate the options that normal, fun people can choose from. How American of you.

Newsflash – joke are intended to exaggerate stereotypes. And you KNOW this going into a comedy show. It’s not your World Civ class. It’s a fucking comedy show that you are choosing to go to. If you can’t understand the very simple concept that comedians only partially believe the things they are saying, then you probably should sit home and watch House Hunters all day.

And the hypocricy of who can and cannot be satired is the best part of this. “Offend the right fucking people” Anthony Berteaux says. Ya got that? He has given Jerry Seinfeld, one of the most accomplished comedians in American history, permission to make offensive jokes, so long as they are intended to satire people that Anthony Berteaux approves of.

You know who the “right person” to offend is? Bruce Jenner. You know who the “wrong person” to offend is? Caitlyn Jenner. Because it’s only OK to crack jokes about white guys. They’ve built up a tolerance for comedy through 6,000 years of white privilege.


I shit you not, this is what we’re dealing with:


This….thing, who is desperately holding onto some pubes in the lamest attempt ever to grow a goatee, honestly believes that he has the right to dictate what everyone else can find amusing. Because it’s not enough that HE has a problem with it. Surely he could just, I dunno, NOT FUCKING GO. But then he wouldn’t be in charge of what others get to consume. And as we’ve seen with the hippies, nothing frightens them more than grown adults deciding how their hard earned money will be spent.

Hey numbnuts, Jerry Seinfeld is worth $820 million. He starred in the most famous comedy show of all time. He still sells out arenas despite the fact that the does the same act over and over again. That’s who he is. Meanwhile who are you? A 20 year old nobody, worth NEGATIVE money, who NOBODY wants to hang out with because you’re such a buzzkill. But please, feel free to lecture us all some more about comedy. I was just about to go down to Mike Erlich’s office to tell him how to get a client off for a DUI.

These are the same idiots who will be graduating from college with art majors and $100,000 in debt. Then when they can’t find a job they’ll pitch a tent and Occupy Wall Street, or join whatever other club of lifelong losers that has formed of like-minded individuals who can’t seem to get their collective shit together.

Look, my beef with these people and the reason I could never personally be friends with anyone like this is simple – they’re not very fun people to hang out with. You have to be PC while you’re at your job and when you’re around your kids. But when you’re out at the bar, or you’re watching a movie, or you’re reading a blog, or you’re at a comedy show, you should be able to laugh at some edgy, offensive shit just because you can. Because who wants to surround themselves with people who are constantly making you think, “I hope this doesn’t offend him”?

It doesn’t mean that we’re racist or sexist or transallergic, or whatever. It just means that when we’re sitting around on the couch without a care in the world and we don’t have the energy to be offended by stereotypes we know aren’t true. Just because you know in your heart of hearts that you don’t REALLY think that every woman out there is a bad driver, or every catholic priest is really a didler. But sometimes it’s OK to laugh at a well-constructed anecdote that revolves around a stereotype.


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18 Comment(s)
  • July 20, 2015 at 12:23 am

    One of my favourite sites now, bookmarked for future use

  • oneopinion
    July 5, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Tosh is the best at the white guy doing racist jokes because he’s so white and racist.

  • colleen
    June 24, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    Comedian Chris Rock echoed these same sentiments last year when he admitted he no longer performs on college campuses.
    “I stopped playing colleges… [it’s] their willingness not to offend anybody. Kids raised on a culture of “We’re not going to keep score in the game because we don’t want anybody to lose.” Or just ignoring race to a fault. You can’t say “the black kid over there.” No, it’s “the guy with the red shoes.” You can’t even be offensive on your way to being inoffensive.

    …This is not as much fun as it used to be. “

  • Wtf
    June 24, 2015 at 11:58 am

    I hate Bill Maher…
    Yet I was agreeing with him in this video – right up until the very end when he decided to be a douchbag again and shit on the U.S. Military.

  • Jill
    June 24, 2015 at 6:55 am

    My Open Letter to Everyone,
    Hi folks. If you don’t like pickles. Don’t eat them. They will always be pickles, even if you try and call them cucumbers. If you don’t like to be offended–you don’t watch Delirious (I watch this every Valentines Day), or listen to Sarah Silverman. If I were a lesbian, I would scissor fight the hell out of Sarah Silverman purely based on her raunchy offensive humor.

    People these days are so goddamn offended by everything that I fear my children will never reach their full potential of being open minded and opinionated annoyances to your kind. You dick-bags and your veiled opinions that everyone must agree with are killing this country and the cause of the moral decay of our kids. I implore you to move to North Korea and work on change there. If that is not attainable, try Detroit.
    Thank you!

    Everyone else

    • Jafreese
      June 24, 2015 at 3:24 pm

      “If I were a lesbian, I would scissor fight the hell out of Sarah Silverman purely based on her raunchy offensive humor.”

      Will you marry me?

  • BobnMic
    June 23, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    Well, this is why I do not like Bill Maher:

    • BobnMic
      June 23, 2015 at 9:36 pm

      Yep, keeping it real.

      • Kirbstet
        June 24, 2015 at 12:16 am

        So do you enjoy a militarized police force? I am honestly glad that excess military weaponry is going to not be as available to them.

        • Finnish Goalie
          June 24, 2015 at 8:20 am

          Did West Springfield ever use those grenade launchers they received?

    • Adam
      June 24, 2015 at 8:33 am

      This guy is wrong and so are you. Everyday people having machine guns pointed at them, being patted down, because maybe the D-bags were hiding in their pants?? That was an outrageous violation of our rights and for that guy to say he’d be hard pressed to find a Bostonian that disagrees, he doesn’t have a clue. He is also wrong regarding “they got the guy.” A schmoe on a smoke break got the guy, all that ra-ra SWAT non-sense didn’t get shit. They walked by him multiple times while they expanded the search.

      • BobnMic
        June 24, 2015 at 12:19 pm

        The level of response by the police in this particular incident rose to the level of the threat that was imposed onto our citizens. You do not treat this as some drug deal gone bad homicide. It was a terrorist bombing albeit not state sponsored but theses days they do not have to be. Terrorists cells work in unicent. Often times they work independently like these Boston bombers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev apparently did.

        At the time of the initial investigation it was unknown what the threat was in it’s totality, how many were involved, and what was going to happen next. The response was more than appropriate and I absolutely disagree with Bill Maher Monday morning quarterbacking this one.

        Anything less than what the police did to quickly bring this incident to closure would have been Nonfeasance.

  • John
    June 23, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    The pretzels, are making me thirsty.

  • The Philistine
    June 23, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    I wonder if the local “community” would protest a Mahr show?

    June 23, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    But instead liberalism has been hijacked by butthurt 20 year olds and Joyce McNickles. Those people are assholes, not liberals.


  • GoneWest
    June 23, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    I agree 100% that anyone who writes one of these”Open Letters” is an asshole. Also, the whole last part of his letter was ridiculous. They swearing in that felt as forced as it does when one of the Turtlegirls writes a blog. (That has an underlying truth, so you can’t get offended.)

  • Hand Burner
    June 23, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    Racking my brain here but I’m trying to come up with a bigger scam than the college education. These are the kinds of ideals that parents bust their balls to pay for, or worse, play-doh brained kids collect a mountain of debt to be taught. And few, if any, of these kids emerge with a marketable skill aside from being able to mindfuck themselves into thinking the sabercat from the dorm next door really isn’t that ugly and the subsequent penis bumps are just “ingrown hairs.” Bunch of brainwashed pussies who leave college with a socialist agenda and don’t-yell-at-me sense of entitlement. I happen to manage and work with several individuals who think like the guy who thinks Seinfeld gives one or two fucks about his opinion. Broad-brushed I cannot stand them. Tangent -If a worthless piece of paper is required to do a job, give me a kid who worked his dick off to pay his way through a state school over a trust-fund legacy at a brand name school, all day, errrry day, homie.

  • RJ
    June 23, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Kind of funny because humor and offense (or a lack of offense) are two things that the speaker can’t control. You can try to be funny, you can try to offend someone or you can try not to offend someone…and ultimately you have zero control over the outcome. its completely unique to the listener, what they find offensive and what they find funny. Comedians get paid to try and make people laugh. More power to them. Nobody pays people to be offensive or not be offensive. Unless that happens, I say don’t worry about it.

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