Bills Mafia Celebrating Meaningless Win Vs Patriots Is So Buffalo It Hurts

bills mafia

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Going into today’s game I don’t think there was a New England Patriots fan out there that wanted to see us try. What for? To prove that we can beat the Buffalo Bills? LOL. Nope, didn’t matter. Everyone knows that. No Gronk, Edelman, Browner, and Hightower was a no-brainer. And quite frankly there was too much Tom Brady and Revis in this game for my liking. We literally didn’t give a shit and still had a shot to win the game at the end of the day. It would take an epic kind of loser mentality to actually embrace this win right? Well, if you wanna find the biggest cesspool of losers in America look no further than Bills Mafia!! The same people who send you threatening letters in the mail, think the Patriots play in Boston, and believe that “Worchester” is a city, were all about this game today. Check out what these lovable losers had to say about the game:

LOL. History. Ya got that? Beating the Patriots backups in a game that didn’t matter for either team qualifies as history in Buffalo. I guess when your other history involves losing four consecutive Super Bowls and getting the shit end of the Music City Miracle this might be the biggest win in Bills history.

Team of the year!! Fantastic. Sure the Arizona Cardinals won 11 games without a quarterback but a 9-7 team that isn’t going to be in the playoffs is the REAL team of the year.

They also couldn’t get enough of the Brady face after the game:

That right there is the face of a man who hasn’t thought about Buffalo since October. Obviously he’s looking up at the scoreboard trying to figure out which real AFC team he’s gonna have to steamroll in two weeks. But hey, if it makes you feel better then keep telling yourself that Brady actually gives a shit about “losing” this game.

Yea, DEFINITELY next year will be the year. Luckily for the Bills this “historic win” will move you down about three or four draft spots. But hey, when your quarterbacks are Kyle Orton and E.J. Manuel the future is limitless.

Is this real life? Well, kind of, but not really.



The most butthurt of all the Buffalo fans is this genius:

James kriger

So Buffalo it hurts. His name is James Kriger and this genius fancies himself a blogger, except for the fact that no one actually reads his blogs. Well, except when he writes about Turtleboy Sports and blames the wrong people for writing our blogs. I’m not even kidding either. As our readers know there is no way one person can crank out all these blogs on Turtleboy Sports every day. Not possible. We’ve got dozens of people who have contributed along the way. Then again this is what we’re dealing with here:

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Buffalo!! Anyway, the butt hurt was strong with this one today. Check out how convinced he was that this game mattered:

Up and coming team, LOL.

Yea, the Bills really whooped us today. Scoring a whopping 17 points on our scrubs!!

Fantastic. The funny part is that the Bills would be in the playoffs this year if they had beaten the mighty Oakland Raiders last week. But they didn’t. Because they’re the Bills, and celebrating a Tom Brady sad face in a game that doesn’t matter is pretty much as good as it gets for Buffalo.

In all seriousness, I communicate regularly with really good people from Buffalo. We have losers here in Boston too. But at least when we suck we readily admit it. No one is trying to pretend that 18-1 in 2007 meant shit. No one is bragging about the Celtics making a push for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference this year. Anything but a championship doesn’t count around here. That stuff is disgraceful and we don’t celebrate it because we’re born winners in Massachusetts. God loves us more and always will.

bills mafia

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2 Comment(s)
  • Got Nukes?
    December 29, 2014 at 10:49 am

    Buffalo…just like Oakland without the sun…..

  • Max
    December 29, 2014 at 9:01 am

    In all seriousness, I communicate regularly with really good people from Buffalo. We have losers here in Boston too. But at least when we suck we readily admit it. .
    Completely contradictory statement – just hope you’re aware of how completely an oxymoron that is.

    Anyhow- I’m not celebrating the win, it felt like a preseason win. The fact of the matter is though, there was a time in the 90s where no Bills fan would celebrate this season, and a Pats fine likely would have been happy with a 9-7 team that showed signs of progress.

    Don’t get me wrong- I’m not ‘happy’ with a 9-7 season. But this is A) their first winning season since 04 and B) the first time since 1996 where at no point in the year were they below 500. Considering this was all done with EJ Manuel and Kyle Orton under center, an offensive line that would probably get pushed around even if they played in the Big 12, and an offensive coordinator who wouldn’t be able to cut it as a playcaller in Texas, I’ll take it. It’s a sign of progress and hope, something that hasn’t been tasted regarding the Bills around here in a long, long time.

    Though it angers me, that they beat the Pats in a meaningless game but cant beat a hapless Raiders team.

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