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  • Black Lives Matter Leader Didi Delgado On Medium.com And Facebook: Murder White People, Give Their Money To Black People, F The Troops

    Black Lives Matter Leader Didi Delgado On Medium.com And Facebook: Murder White People, Give Their Money To Black People, F The Troops

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    Didi Delgado did it again. Check out her latest article that she shared on Medium.com:

    It’s one of the most outrageous things you will ever read. Just to review some of the highlights about how Didi thinks you can become part of the radical resistance in 2018:

    Got that white people? You can help out black people by stealing from other white people, and then giving it to Didi. Medium.com printed this, and then Didi published it to Facebook. They were both allowed to stay up. We get taken down because our profile picture is a Christmas tree.

    She’s also advocating for murder. Literally:

    “Got a rich uncle? Kill him and use the inheritance to bail 1,000 black women out of jail.”

    She’s plainly telling people to kill white people so that criminals can be released from prison, simply because they are black. Medium.com published an article advocating for racially motivated murder, and Facebook allowed her to share it on their platform.

    Translation – continue to give me free shit so I don’t have to get a job.

    This was nice:

    “Fuck the police and fuck the troops.”

    Ya got that? Do you know someone who was killed while serving his or her country or community? According to Didi they were human garbage who deserved to die. They weren’t here to help, and you should never have called on them when help was needed. Stop sharing feel good stories about cops because it will disrupt the false narrative Didi and black lives matter terrorists use to make money. Oh, and fuck 18 year old kids who join the military because they’re idealistic. They’re Nazis too.

    Oh good, Facebook is allowing a woman to rally people in order to riot against the state. Ya know, like terrorists. Why is Facebook supporting terrorism while taking down pictures of Christmas trees?

    Oh, and stop supporting people like Obama. Who should we support instead Didi?

    Fat, homeless, and incarcerated women. In other words, this person:

    It’s amazing that anyone actually falls for her bullshit.

    For all the whining she does about how oppressed she is, Didi is completely incapable of coming to terms with the fact that she is part of the most protected class of people in America. She’s black, gay, female, and heavily involved in black lives matter. This makes her untouchable. Facebook and Medium.com would NEVER think of censoring them because they’re too afraid of being called a racist too. Unfortunately for Didi we are not afraid of her. You can take away our Facebook pages all you want, but we won’t stop calling her out on being the worthless pile of garbage that she really is.

    Didi’s Facebook page continues to be wide open. Mass report the shit out of this post. When Facebook ultimately sends you a message saying that the post does not violate their standards, please screenshot it and send it to us. This will be used in the class action lawsuit, because it proves that Facebook once again is not abiding by its own terms of service when they allow posts to stay up that advocate for murder, hatred of the police, rioting, and stealing.

    And while you’re at it, mass report Medium’s Facebook page as well. Why should they be allowed to give her the outlet to publish garbage like this? They’re the ones making all the money every time someone clicks on it. They’re profiting off of this trash. We’re all for free speech, but we’re also for consistency. And if we’re gonna be silenced, then others will be too.

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    1. yo

      Medium censored her in parts

      she aims to be the next Malcolm, but she ain’t sexy.

    2. Ramon

      I like how “take responsibility for your own actions, work hard, and treat others with respect” are nowhere to be found.

      She’s definitely not sending her best.

      1. Anon.

        She doesn’t have a best.

    3. The Great Dolemite

      Damn that bitch got more rolls than a bakery and I’d love to butter everyone of them.

    4. Caroline Schultz McFadden

      I’m not sure if I’m ready to give my heart to Didi while I’m still broken up inside.

      1. White Nationalist Turtle Rider

        nigger nigger nigger

        1. !


          1. !

            (now your panties are down, White Nationalist Turtle Rider, we can see your true identity)

    5. Screw PC

      That fat cunt is only Turtleboy’s nemesis because he allows it to be so.

      She can post whatever she wants. Turtleboy can post whatever he wants. That’s the name of the game. You can bitch back and forth with each other, but the fact is that you’re two sides of the same coin. Your function is to post stuff that pisses people off, but for completely different reasons. Turtleboy does it to scare ratchets from being ratchet. Didi does it to avoid working and project her bitter self-hatred on white people.

      So who gives a shit? Here’s the point.

      Didi has already fucked her shit up with that post to Facebook. Why? Because her meal ticket is suburban white apologetic bleeding heart liberal women with rich husbands who may see one or two black people a week in public. The Antifa blue haired ambiguously homo militant bitches and pubestaches are broke as fuck, and demonstrably capable of getting arrested for pissing in ATMs and smashing store windows without any coaching from that sea cow.

      The problem is that she is now trying to coax the white trophy wife liberals into committing crime, when they piss themselves at the thought of jaywalking by accident. That’s too much for them when you ask them to do uppity stuff. They secretly need cops, because they’re too afraid of getting their 50″ televisions and SUVs stolen. They really love their upper middle class swag. Suddenly, they’re seriously rethinking the “warrior” part of SJW. It’s all cool with them until you bring the hoodrat influence into their neighborhood.

      Think about it. All you need to do is make Didi clarify what she wants the snowflake Stepford wives to do by asking her directly. They’ll see her outright advocating criminal activity with total smug impunity. You should see a sudden drop in followers pretty fucking quickly.

      Destroy her resources, and she’s fucked. It worked for Julius Caesar when he destroyed the bridge at Geneva and kicked ass on the Gauls.

      The alternative is to let the fat stupid cunt outwit you and make you look like a toolbox in front of everyone.

      1. gfldgadfly

        Best written comment on the whole internets. Seriously. Nailed it… she’s gonna end up carrying the banner for the Revolution and when she looks behind her, SURPRISE! Tumbleweeds and crickets, and maybe a couple weirdos with a fetish for getting pepper sprayed by a sexy man in uniform.

      2. Egypt delgado

        Having followed did a lot longer than turtle boy, you are giving her white female followers WAAY more credit than they deserve. Didi could literally post today “ok, trolls are messing with me again over my latest medium piece. I need to get paid for my emotional labor and want 50 white women to donate $50 to my paypal right now. Post ‘done’ in the comments after you pay”.

        Karen McMayo: ” done”
        Becky Cave: “done. Fuck yts”

        And on and on…. Hard to believe, but i have seen it happen over and over again with her. Hell they bought her a car!

    6. Didi Delgado

      I love being a fucking asshole

    7. Yuck

      Every time I see that fat fucking whale in that picture I want to gouge my fucking eyes out. That obese bitch is so fucking fat you know she damn sure cannot properly wipe that ginormous ass. And imagine the fucking nasty scum build ups she gets in those blubber rolls. This is the shit I picture every fucking time I have to scroll past her disgusting picture. Jesus H. fucking Christ fatty, do yourself a favor and learn how to jog. Or maybe instead of asking for a car or a car seat you should start asking for diabetes supplies because if you are not there yet, you damn sure will be soon.

    8. Beach Chair

      Please get this smelly fucking monster off of me!

    9. Haverhill Landlord

      I showed this garbage to a black friend of mine, someone who’s experienced racial hatred first hand (unfortunately).

      Her comment? “That chick’s fucked in the head real bad and needs to have her computer taken away and get a real job.”

    10. Nelson Mandelay

      How do your oppressed people get so much food?

    11. Didi's bikini

      Put me out of my misery

    12. !

      someone is layin the smack down and i applaud it,
      thank you for kicking ass, turtleboy we love you

    13. whatevuh

      man, that is one fuggly nigga

    14. fattyboomalattie

      Holy shit that sow needs a bigger book to cover all those flabby rolls.

    15. Ljs

      If I never read an article or hear about this beast ever again, I would be more than okay with that.

    16. STEVE

      Does this fake brownie realize she spreading more hate then anyone. Every time I read her shit it makes me look at the next black person and wonder is this how they feel so should I hate them. Bitch cuz of you I’d drive past a elderly black lady with a flat tire. Before I would’ve been the first to stop. (Elderly or 20 years old. ) and help You are the true definition of a niggar. I’d love to see what the average black person thinks off you. I’m sure they’d be disgusted with what your doing for their race. Do your race a favor and choke on a rib bone. Cuz ain’t nobody gonna get their arms around you yo save your fat nasty ass.

      1. Itsjustme

        I feel the same way about not wanting to help any people of color based on her words because why would I want to help someone who hates me? Then again it’s not in my nature to ignore someone who needs help.

        Of course she would have some response about me and my so-called “white privilege” and wouldn’t see its exactly the same reason why she would never help me if I needed help. I have no doubt if one of my young children needed help for some reason and she was the only one around she wouldn’t do a thing to help them. Not even call the “evil” cops

      2. howwefeel

        yes this is how we feel. Most will never tell you because we want to get hired. Just like the movie “The Help.”

    17. Third Rail

      She is just so fucking ugly. Hideous. That is all.

      1. Itsjustme

        The thing is she may actually be attractive but her inside is so disgusting and ugly so when I look at her that is all I see. I think the same is true with a lot of the people featured here. We can’t get over the horrible stuff we read about them and they automatically become unattractive.

    18. #donkeybuttdidi

      Dumpy is at it again, but this time she actually calls for violence. What if one of these dumb asses acts on what she says, and then when their day in court pops up they say “well Didi said that I had to” because they worship the fat ass ground she stomps on?? Isn’t there some kind of terroristic charge that can be brought upon her for this kind of speech? She is a disgrace, not just to black people but to the human race. Whoever didn’t make her an abortion should be ashamed of themselves for teaching their child about being a lying entitled brat, she’s what’s wrong with the welfare system. She was brought up to cheat the system like many generations before her and she can’t with all the regulations in place so she is trying to get everything for nothing. Bitch ain’t oppressed, her clothes and chair are, but she ain’t!

      1. Charlie promoted family values

        To answer your question…
        Charles Manson never laid a finger on any of the “Family’s” victims yet he spent the rest of his life in prison for his inspirational influence on the followers.
        If there is some crime committed at her behest, whether it was made as a mass appeal or a more directed personal request, she should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

    19. Curious

      I would love to know what this bitch would do if someone committed a crime against her, or God forbid her daughter was molested or kidnapped) specially if it was committed by a person of color. What are the chances she wouldn’t involve the police?

    20. BobnMic

      I am in love with Didi.

      1. BobnMic

        Just kidding of course.

    21. If Voodoo made a Doodoo it would be DiDi

      She axes whites to higher a black woman.

      I offer to employ her and all her homies for a fair piece work scale working in the fields of my farm. The work and exposure to the light and heat and cold will transform her arrogance.

      The Devil will take her soul.

    22. Sheila Jackson Lee

      She a queen and she demand to be treated like a queen

    23. Woody

      This is why I always carry a gun.

    24. Independent Thinker

      Keep on talking about “revolution” and “killing whites.” All you are doing is hurting your cause, whatever that may be.

      This is why law abiding citizens need to be armed.

    25. Mojo Cracker

      Very Dangerous Person! Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions have consequences. Scary thing is that there’s a group of brain dead negros that read her and believe and act on her hateful rants. Never, never go outside of your home un-armed. Be situationally aware at all times and be ready and willing to defend yourself and the defenseless, be they white ,black, brown, yellow or red. In other words your fellow citizens. We are all in this together and these hate mongers need to be eradicated from our society if we are to survive as a country.

    26. Turtle Rider

      She should have spent some time in my native country back in the 80’s to see what oppression really looks like. Americans that complain about being oppressed have no idea what they’re talking about. The biggest proof of it is that she’s able to post all of this stuff and nothing happens to her. My uncle said bad things about the government and after that, the government police showed up at his place, dragged him into a car and he was never seen again. Madres de Plaza de Mayo. THAT’S oppression, not being born in the greatest country in the world. Think about it, you were born here. You didn’t have to BECOME fluent in English (you were born speaking it) and be the best in your field to be able to apply for positions in the USA and MAYBE receive a job offer here. Do you have any idea how many people me and my husband had to beat to be able to get here? Bitch, you were BORN here. Things should come easier for you. Sorry for the rant, I think I had enough of this crap already.

      1. Screw PC

        Awesome post.

      2. Sonny's Mom

        Glad you made it here, and I’m so sorry about your uncle. I remember the news during those terrible days.

    27. Beefcake

      Check me if I’m wrong here but I think this shows metal instability. Encouraging murder and theft. This is not the type of environment a child should be raised in. I think this should be reported to DCYF. That child deserves a shot at life and she is obviously not going to get it under Didi’s care. Checkmate.

      1. #greatidea!

        Touché, now, how quick can we get the DCF number publicly posted so multiple reports can be made so they will have to do a welfare check on the child? It only takes one call for a white family, I bet it’ll take at least a dozen of us to get it moving.

    28. No reparations will be paid

      Yeah, I reported her post immediately. FB says it doesn’t violate their standards. So robbery, murder and treason are ok with them. Total bullshit. She’s a piece of work. Says she’s queer, has a wife, and writes about going on Tinder to get laid. Then says “No wonder I’m single”. We all know why you’re single DiDi – you’re hideous inside and out.

    29. Anonymous


      “Got a rich uncle? Kill him and use the inheritance to bail 1,000 black women out of jail.”

      She needs to be investigated.

    30. DiDiversity

      Do not judge other cultures learn from them. What I learned is not to become an African dairy farmer, something like this will start the next aids or ebola virus.

    31. Culture and Educated Learning

      Where do African Gingers come from?

    32. Fake Rant Queen

      More Didi Delgado clickbait.

    33. CaptainMame

      she definitly fall into the MONKEY category,typical pos black woman who WISHED everyone owes her,you hear this NEW viral rant chained out to the public by black ppl? the dont touch my hair? swearing to god everyone wants to touch their hair?rather not…they say their kids and selves are regularly approached and people just start saying how beutiful it is?please,nobody WANTS to touch that bear trap..its just so insulting along with 99% of their beliefs and things they say


      I’ve never hated anyone more then this fucking bitch. I have reported her numerous times and only one post was removed. She doesn’t deserve to breath the air our troops breath. I’d love to see her body paralyzed with her mind working 100 percent. Low life fat piece of shit… karma will catch up to her one day.

    35. The Way Things Are

      Didi won’t riot. That requires expending effort.

      Besides, if all of the rich white people are killed, there will be no one left to pay the bills. They pay the overwhelming majority of the taxes that fund Didi’s EBT fed obesity. She doesn’t want to cut off the gravy train. Do you think that she has the money to pay for her daughter’s currently free health care?

      Oh, and stealing money from the dead rich uncle? Good luck with that. The really rich people lock all of the assets in trusts and family partnerships that are tightly controlled. Yes, they can still protect what happens to their money from beyond the grave.

      Of course getting to that point requires self discipline and delayed gratification, so we know Didi will never get there and I’ve just shown why revolution and rioting won’t get her free Cheetos.

    36. Chocolate Lust

      I hate Didi Delgado…I’m in love with Amaka Ubaka.

    37. […] black lives matter “activist” Didi Delgado published this article on Medium.com, which she then shared to Facebook, in which she explicitly states that white women […]

    38. Amanda

      I just don’t get how this is ok?! I also don’t get how there are clearly people out there that read her nonsense and come to the conclusion that is is perfectly sound. Faaaaahhhk, I hate this planet.

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