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Bob Costas and “Faux Outrage”

By J-Dub

The headline says it all.

There are people in this country who don’t think we’ve got enough to worry about.  There are people in this country who believe in creating controversies from whole cloth? That’s exactly what the sports media in this country is doing with this story about “insensitive” comments made by sportscaster Bob Costas on Friday.

Here’s the trail to this point…from Yahoo Sports:

In one of the most unexpected and undeniably awkward stories of the season, broadcasting legend Bob Costas found himself in hot water Friday night after going off on a bizarre and insensitive diatribe about Chicago Cubs reliever Pedro Strop.

Pay attention to that setup.  The author is going out of his was to paint the picture that Costas went off on some sort of Al Campanis-type rant.   The key to this isn’t in the adjectives, but in the use of the word “insensitive.” Political correctness in America has not only eliminated the use of many words; it has transmogrified the definitions of others.  “Insensitive” is just such a word.  In this case, in the parlance of PC, “insensitive” is a pseudo-code word for “racist.” It gets used when somebody wants to plant the seed of bigotry with out actually using one of those “hot-button” PC labels like “racist,” “homophobe,” or any of the other we all know far too well.

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