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  • Bootleg Justin Bieber From The Cape Is Bragging About All His Food Stamps Months After Arrests For Drug Dealing And Stealing Food And Lighters

    Bootleg Justin Bieber From The Cape Is Bragging About All His Food Stamps Months After Arrests For Drug Dealing And Stealing Food And Lighters

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    This is Matthew Butchard of Sandwich, MA:

    As you can see he is proudly displaying his food stamp card with a remaining balance of $160. A couple days prior he was bragging about the $300 he received, and thanking the taxpayers for feeding this able bodied 22 year old male:

    Because no matter who you are, as long as you don’t report any income, you get free taxpayer money in Massachusetts. And if you have a problem with this then you’re a right wing extremist. That’s just science.

    So where does his income come from? Well, according to what he told the police a few months ago….

    “During the booking process, Butchard told police he makes his income selling marijuana, the report says.”

    But he actually sells a lot more than weed….

    Zanny’s, LSD, and shrooms, OH MY!! Somehow this dipshit is the only drug dealing loser on Cape Cod who doesn’t have any heroin to sell. He must be one of the “good ones.”

    Less than two week after that he was busted for, you guessed it, stealing lighters:

    “Butchard was arrested Tuesday after allegedly shoplifting nearly $50 in cigarette lighters and snacks from Stop & Shop in Hyannis.”

    Because it’s not enough that he’s stealing from the taxpayers and contributing to a drug epidemic. He can’t even pay for his own lighters and snack at the grocery store.

    And what did this bootleg Justin Bieber get for selling drugs and stealing food and lighters? Food stamps of course!! Because, why wouldn’t he get food stamps? He can’t afford to buy food, so we have to pay him $300 a month so he can throw it in our face on social media. Guess no one wants to buy the shitty dirt shwagg he undoubtably sells in skimped bags.

    Once again, here’s a link for how to report EBT fraud in Massachusetts. The phone number is 1-800-372-8399. Will it do anything? Maybe not. But we literally just got the Colonel of the Massachusetts State Police to retire in shame on Friday, so one would think getting this shithead’s stamps taken away should be a lot easier.

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    1. Steven Stover

      Assaholeism comes in many forms.

    2. NYCBeagle

      People are still doing LSD? There is some hope after all.

    3. The Vorlon

      Gee, I’m sure that’s all for personal use, let’s give it back to him so he can use it.

      All at the same time.

      Darwin award, anyone?

    4. Spankster

      After what you did with the Colonel of the State Police. You would imagine that whoever is in charge of this program would smarten up and start getting these freeloading dipsticks of the rolls.
      One would think!!!

    5. Wwy

      I hope everyone thanked a veteran for fighting Jewish communism,only reason America is still a free country,I noticed many communist turtlejews weren’t happy. We call them kikes.

      1. lithium is good for you

        sweetie, lithium is your friend, don’t forget med time every day

    6. Ally

      Do you know how many people he had to blow to get all those drugs?

    7. Stunt Penis

      Butchard’s only problem is he forgot to say “Do you know how many people I had to blow to get that $300 in food stamps” and not having a daddy for a judge. Otherwise, the arresting officer would have been brought back on his day off to “modify” the report.

    8. They call me Ponch

      Someone should shave his head and de-louse him.

      Too stoopid to have a fucking job.

      That’s my money.

    9. Gay guys smell good

      Why do all gay gossip columnists find the need to use ‘bootleg’ in the title of all of their articles now? Is that the latest thing?

    10. ElJefe72


    11. BlackandWhite

      He looks like Mac n Cheese student from UCONN.

    12. don

      mmm LSD and shrooms. ah the days of the dead concerts. im no hippy, but damn those were some good shows..from what i remember.

    13. Craig

      Punk drug dealer, with gov. assistance. Commonplace in 2017.

    14. Curious

      How is he able to get $300 a month on his EBT/SNAP card? I’ve known people on food stamps and the highest amount a single adult can get per month is around $193. Does he have any kids?

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