Boston Fans Must Be Rooting For Paul Pierce Brooklyn Nets After Making Drake And Toronto Fans Cry Again

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Deadspin: The Raptors were doing everything right in the final minutes of Game 7. They were quickly scoring and fouling right after. With a sloppy inbounds pass, Terrence Ross was smart enough to bounce the ball off of the Nets’ Paul Pierce before he went out of bounds, giving Toronto a chance to win their first seven-game playoff series ever.

Air Canada Centre was thrilled when they realized the opportunity presented to the Raps. Drake was preening on the sideline. Maple Leaf Square—temporarily dubbed Jurassic Park to stick with the dinosaur theme—was buzzing. Six seconds, down by one, with the ball. A Toronto team was taking advantage of another team’s collapse. They could totally do this.

The Celtics might suck, but Paul Pierce is still the mother f***ing TRUTH. God I miss seeing that. Him and KG obviously had to go. They deserved to be on a winning team that would be in the playoffs, instead of vainly attempting to rebuild a team that had no shot at winning. Pierce and KG are no longer anywhere near what they were won they guided the Celtics to the NBA Championship in 2008, but they can still bring the pain when necessary. Because these guys have balls. Big ones to be exact. There was simply no way Pierce was letting Kyle Lowry end his season. He didn’t leave Boston to get his ass kicked out of the playoffs in the first round.

So we’re obviously all rooting for the Nets to win it all right? They got LeBron and the Heat up next. Could you possibly write this script any better? Obviously the Celtics were out of the Heat’s league, so he went to a team where he got to play with established NBA stars like Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. I will be watching every game of this series as if it’s the Celtics-Heat, because let’s face it, that’s pretty much what it is. The Nets have officially become Boston’s team until we’re good again.

So basically Boston did it to Toronto. Again. Just like in last year’s Bruins-Maple Leafs first round series, the Toronto faithful packed Maple Leaf Square for this game. But there was something very…..different about the crowd this time around. I just can’t put my finger on it.

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Oh now I see it……the Maple Leafs fans are all wearing blue.

Well their reactions were KIND OF similar…

vanpaassen018010-040514d copy.JPG vanpaassen017585-040514d copy.JPG Maple Leafs Bruins Hockey TA051013-Leafs14.jpg

The best part was that Drake was there, and today he was a Raptors fan. He’s from Toronto of course, but he’s pretty much a fan of any team that’s in the Finals of any sport, because that can get him in the locker room for the celebration. If I was on a team that just won a title, and then this idiot came into the locker room popping champagne so he could film his next rap video like he was somehow a part of it, I’d tell him to beat it.

But they don’t. Well, at least in Miami last year some old security guard who apparently thought Drake was a coffee cake, denied him access to the Heat’s second consecutive title party…….

He’s also a Kentucky fan apparently. Because Toronto and Kentucky are pretty much the exact same thing.


Sure Drake is mad but at least there’s still eight other teams left that he can root for. Time to become a Heat fan again!!

The Nets beating the Heat simply needs to happen. It would restore faith in the NBA, and it would make the NBA Conference Finals worth watching. You just have this feeling Joey Crawford is going to call technicals on KG, like he did when Kyle Lowry gave one of the worst acting jobs you will ever see:

If they call it fairly it’s Nets in 6.

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