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Boston Gang Unit Cop Asks Man In Dorchester Who Is Giving Him The Middle Finger What His Name Is, SJWs Hold Rally To Protest Racial Profiling

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Social justice warriors are all up in arms over this video from Dorchester, showing a gang unit police officer questioning a man named Keith Antonio, who decided to walk by them and give them the middle finger. Apparently this is what racism looks like in 2018:

Boston Globe: In the recording, the officer asked the man’s name, grilled him about where he lived, and quizzed him about why he wasn’t at work on a weekday afternoon. The man was not accused of committing a crime. The man, recording the incident on his smartphone, asked why the officer wanted such details. At one point, he calls the officer a pig, and in another moment he got close to the officer’s face.

“Why are you bothering me?’’ the man asked the officer.

He’s “bothering” you because he asked if your name was Kevin. You poor thing. You’re just so oppressed. Sure, you could’ve just said “no my name’s Keith,” and gone about your day. But then you wouldn’t be able to participate in victim culture and get that attention sandwich you’ve been feening for for so long. The video of the confrontation, lasting a little more than two minutes, ended peacefully, but it exploded on social media during the weekend with people hurling accusations at both the police and the man who filmed the encounter. It also drew Boston police into another race-related controversy. 

Boston Police Department Commissioner William B. Evans met with leaders in the city’s black community Monday to discuss the video and assured them “the matter is being discussed and the officer is being counseled,” authorities said.

Civil rights advocates and local activists said the incident reflects what they have long complained about — that young black men are routinely stopped and interrogated, contributing to a fractured relationship between police and the black community. But the Police Department said the officers in the video were simply doing their job.

First of all, the police are in this neighborhood to PROTECT the black community. Fields Corner is a crime ridden part of town. Lots of people get shot. This website chronicles shooting victims in Boston and posts their pictures in order to humanize people who would otherwise just be a statistic. Tell me if you notice a theme:

Oh look, they’re mostly black. In other words, the cops have a presence in this neighborhood in order to do something about the epidemic of black men being shot and killed there. The most dangerous thing that can happen in communities like Dorchester is LESS police. The data doesn’t lie – when cops police less aggressively, the murder rate goes up. That’s just science. If they police like this less black people will die. The drawback is that Keith Antonio feels profiled. Which do you think is more important?

So how are members of the gang unit supposed to prevent people from murdering black people if they’re not proactive with their policing? Keith Antonio was not asked to provide ID. He wasn’t stop and frisked. They just asked if his name was Kevin, he got butthurt, and he escalated it from there. 

Top officials at City Hall and in Boston Police Department, have “always disputed, dismissed, diminished our community’s evidence, experience, testimonies that say that this type of interaction exist,” said Jamarhl Crawford, a Roxbury activist who organized a press conference Monday to address what he said was, at best, an improper police stop.

The verbal exchange occurred around noon Thursday on Charles Street in Dorchester’s Fields Corner between Officer Zachary Crossen, a member of the department’s Youth Violence Strike Force, and Keith Antonio, a 25-year-old cook, according to activists, Antonio, and police.

Jamarhl Crawford is an “activist.” In other words, he’s unemployed and tries to capitalize any way he can on the racism-industrial complex.

He posts lovely things like this on the Facebook machine:

He thinks that community policing initiatives are “not genuine”:

Which is hilarious, because the black lives matter movement demanded more community policing, rather than focusing on arresting people. But as we’ve seen with High 5 Friday, they end up hating community policing because it does the thing they hate most – it builds trust with the police. And people like Jamarhl make a living by feeding into the narrative that the police are inherently racist. 

For instance, he blames the police for stopping the Dorchester douche dumplings joy ride through Boston, which nearly got a bunch of innocent people killed:

Oh yea, it’s the state trooper’s fault that a 28 year old man was shot in the foot while driving an ATV directly at them. None of this was his fault whatsoever. Apparently we should just wait for innocent people to die before police do their jobs. Definitely. 

Just to review Jamarhl’s outlook on life, he believes it’s worth protesting and holding press conferences outside of police headquarters because of a harmless, two minute interaction, which the cameraman intentionally provoked. That’s worth doing something about. But all these black people being killed in Boston on an annual basis – what’s he doing for them? Because the biggest threat to black people in Boston isn’t the police, it’s people who live in their neighborhood. Those are the people the cops are looking to take off the streets. 

McCarthy said police know the man as Keith Howard.

McCarthy said the officers were in the area keeping watch on a house “known for gun activity.” Antonio was “known to police” in Boston, Brockton, Brookline, and Dedham, according to McCarthy. Antonio had previous minor charges in Norfolk and Suffolk counties, law enforcement officials said. Antonio gave Crossen the middle finger during the entire encounter, McCarthy said.

Antonio told reporters at Monday’s press conference that he had exited an Uber and was on his way to a barbershop when he saw two officers in their car staring at him. Because of previous encounters, he said he made a mental note to record the officers if they confronted him.

Oh good, he was already “known” to police in Boston, Brockton, Brookline, and Dedham. That’s normal. Lots of law abiding people are “known” to the police. And instead of letting the police do their job, he went out of his way to prove that he could be “racially profiled” if he acted aggressively towards them while filming. This is what a “victim” looks like in 2018:

Poor thing. I’m sure he’s emotionally damaged at this point because a cop filmed him while he was filming the cop. 

Keith has been loving his 15 minutes of victimhood:

And just like Jamarhl, he’s pro-Dorchester douche dumplings. 

But hey, any attention is good attention when you’re promoting your label – Bos Boy Productions:

I’m not a cop so I don’t tell cops how to do their job. But I do think in that video it’s pretty clear that the cop’s partner wanted to deescalate the situation and would’ve done things differently. Office Crosset didn’t have to take his phone out or ask him why he wasn’t at work. His human side came out and he did something that they definitely wouldn’t teach at the academy, because he was successfully provoked by a troll who got the reaction he was hoping to get. 

But if that’s the worst thing that happens to you, you got it pretty easy.

27 Comment(s)
  • James
    March 1, 2018 at 6:46 am

    BTW, isn’t it a violation to give a FAKE badge number?

    He claimed it was 1606, when in fact it’s 1679…LMAO

    Fucking stupid cop LMAO

  • James
    March 1, 2018 at 6:31 am

    Gotta love the dopey white boy who wrote this article, never ONCE mentioning the racial overtone by this bullyboy white cop. The first one was him calling the kid “a distributor” aka drug dealer. And then asking him who the phone belonged to (calling him a criminal.)

    Pretty stupid cop, because if he thought he was a drug dealer, he should’ve mentioned it in his bootleg stop. If he suspected the phone was stolen, why didn’t he commit to a proper investigation. No, he resorted to the racial overtones, because he’s an incompetent douchelord, who couldn’t do SHIT, because he was live on Facebook.

    He’s a closet/out of the closet racist who doesn’t like to be humiliated by minorities. He was exposed and had to shove his tongue up his piehole, because the black kid knew a little more than he thought. And the black kid was right. That cop was stupid. Another thing the shaved, bleached monkey realized as he was being posted on social media. He was too into the shit to get out of it at that point. He realized he was TOO STUPID to find a better job, so losing his career, pension, and then being forced to work as a McDonald’s fry chef didn’t seem too pleasing. He slithered away with a great big “L” across his forehead.

    What the black kid did was essentially “OUT” a bad cop. For the rest of his career, he will have to play by the rules or risk that video cementing the fact that he’s a poorly trained barbarian, who shouldn’t be working in minority neighborhoods. Go police your own kind is the end message here.

    • First Time Caller
      March 1, 2018 at 8:08 am

      Your paranoid delusions are amusing.

  • Chip Striker
    February 27, 2018 at 10:00 pm

    I love how they call this an “improper stop”. He was never detained. All the cop did was ask him his name and they had a conversation.

    Nothing but a bunch of race baiting going on here. Who used the only racial word?

  • Got Training?
    February 27, 2018 at 9:15 pm

    Dumb cop…..don’t let an unemployed uneducated citizen play you and make you look like an untrained overly aggressive dummy. Be smarter.

  • White Nationalist Turtle Rider
    February 27, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    If I was a cop and some sub-human low life nigger called me a pig, I’m emptying a full clip into the car. Brains all over the dash.

    • vicxh
      February 28, 2018 at 7:10 am

      Well thank goodness you’re not a cop, just a basement dweller and keyboard hero

  • Scott
    February 27, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    Punk does not have a percent of respect in him. The cops have to deal with this scum daily. The low-lives bottom line, is they want to get a lawsuit going against the cops. Just like some of their fellow mutations have. Bring back the TPF in Boston, must be someone here who remembers them from the seventies.

    • Anthony C Okafor
      March 12, 2018 at 1:46 am

      you gotta give respect to get it. looks like the cop is also scum

  • bird
    February 27, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    Thank you Officer Crossen… keep up the good work. The disrespect that youth have for authority today is disgusting. This is the same type of crap that teachers have to deal with every single day.

    February 27, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    Just try to find him “at work”. I bet he works about as much as Santa Claus.

  • M & NEM
    February 27, 2018 at 2:57 pm

    A tip to the antonio keiths of the world and their white soy-boy trash counterparts: speak clearly when spoken to. Don’t look or act like you’re up to no good, and when a cop asks you a question, listen and answer him. You do this and this shit won’t happen to you and you won’t end up in jail or dead.

  • First Time Caller
    February 27, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    Hey Z,
    Down trotted? Really?
    It was just a finger, so the cop should suck it up? The cop just asked Nappy Headed Thug a question and he didnt like it. Boo hoo. He should suck it up.
    You told a stupid, boring-assed story. Go away.

  • Chip Striker
    February 27, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    The guy recording dropped the n word and called the Officer a pig. Now imagine if that was the other way around.

  • Trunkcaded
    February 27, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    So what probably happened was the guy was filming, flipped him off and the cop tried to jam him up because he as aggravated over it. It’s usually ASSHOLES who hate cops and are trying to provoke a response. So don’t give it to him. You have to pick you battles with people. If you have nothing on him, he filming, 99% of the time your going to be on the losing end of it, and you never want to be on the losing end. What would have been a better approach would be to ignore it, or if he’s really pissing you off, go talk to him. “Dude, why are you flipping me off. You do realize we are out here because it’s a high crime area, and we are trying to prevent people who look like you from getting murdered and take guns off the street. Just doing our job. There’s no need of what your doing, trying to provoke a response. Act like an adult, we are not your enemy. At the end of the day, cops are human, they don’t always say or do the right things, it’s a hard enough job as it is, don’t go out of your way to make it more difficult on them.

    • Shaft
      February 27, 2018 at 2:42 pm

      Agree with all of what you said except for “who look like you” bc that is sure to craeate serious animosity.

      • Heretic blood
        February 27, 2018 at 5:19 pm

        Theses “community leaders” always bitch about the cops and want to improve relations, but don’t say shit about the guy flipping off and calling the cop a pig while filming him….So you want to be treated better, but want to be able to act like assholes….good luck with that. How about start by fixing your community from the inside on how you act. Your act like a donkey, your gonna get treated like one.

  • Say What
    February 27, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    Do you know who rides in Ubers?
    People who can’t afford or are legally unable to buy a car, register and insure it.
    Does this brotha’s story make sense?
    I just got outta my Uber and now I’m walkin down the street to the barber shop.
    Why not get dropped off at the barber shop bro?

  • z
    February 27, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    If it is just the finger, the cop should suck it up. Somebody doesn’t like you. BooHoo.

    Not much difference when the cops are doing something over “Here” and you are way over “There” using your phone to record what is going on and the cops demand your phone because you are impeding an investigation because you are taking a video a 100 feet away.

    Though I don’t consider this racial profiling. Just a cop, acting like a cop when not everybody loves them. He’d do the same in a middle class white neighborhood.

    Worked with a black guy at a company in a VERY lily white community in Conn. He could count on both hands the # of times he was targeted by the local cops.

    Pissed him off enough that he went to law school, helping out the down trotted. I still work at the company, we are a $100 million dollar business. He ended up marrying a white officer of the company after he left. He speaks fluent Chinese, not stupid, more well spoken than I’ve ever been. Doesn’t hate white people (married one) nicest guy you would ever want to meet. But he was black so he deserved the hassle. So a cop doesn’t like a finger. Unless giving the finger is breaking the law, tough, that the copy got the finger.

  • Cracker Jack
    February 27, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    Looks like a Person of Interest to me……

    • Gay Tom
      February 27, 2018 at 12:46 pm

      Hey z how you been? I read your post and instantly knew it was you. Wanna hook up sometime for coffee for old times sake?

  • Troubled Nostrils
    February 27, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    It would be so easy to walk by and say, “Good morning, officers.” Then happily proceed on to the barbershop to get your nappiness alleviated. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    • vicxh
      February 28, 2018 at 7:14 am

      Yup, this is Mayberry. The residents say good morning office and the officer waves them over. NOT. This is a war zone man ….

      • First Time Caller
        February 28, 2018 at 10:51 am

        This is a war zone?? If this is your idea of a war zone, you’re a pussy. Yeah, i do live here, and I know this isn’t a war zone.
        I bet you were in the drama club in high school.

  • William Tell
    February 27, 2018 at 12:11 pm

    I think the world would agree that the officer who shot the ATV rider in the foot should be fired.

    Not because he shot him but because he missed any vital organs, that’s embarrassing marksmanship.

  • Steven Stover
    February 27, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    The “oppressed” guy lives a terrible existence because of white privilege. Forced to take Uber to get a daily haircut. Poor victim. I wanna cry.

  • Jack Mehoff
    February 27, 2018 at 11:51 am

    How many welfare mommas out there call him their baby daddy ???

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