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Boston Globe’s Article On I Stand With Ahmed Cambridge Clock Building Is The Globiest Thing Ever

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So Cambridge had their “stand with Ahmed” day at the library on Friday, and every jackwagon parent in the People’s Republic brought their kids down so they could show how tolerant they are. Oh yea, and they may have built some clocks too. But mostly they were there to earn their stars for being politically correct social justice warriors. Here’s a link to the story the Boston Globe did on it:

Third-grader Ari Lavine doesn’t mince words when it comes to what happened to the 14-year-old boy who was arrested in Texas last month after officials determined that the homemade clock the teen brought to school to be a hoax bomb.

“It’s pretty ridiculous,” Lavine said Saturday of Ahmed Mohamed’s ordeal.

A third grader. A Goddamn THIRD GRADER named Ari Lavine is being tossed out there by his activist parents to show the world how advanced people in Cambridge are compared to the rest of the world. Welcome to life in Cambridge.


Police ultimately decided not to charge Mohamed, a Muslim from a prominent Sudanese family. But some of the young scientists and engineers who attended the Saturday event are minorities who wondered what they would do if one of their creations was mistaken for something nefarious. 

“It’s just ignorance,” said Shane Barnes-Thomas, 12, a student at TechBoston Academy. “There’s tons of racism in the world.” 

His mother, Lorraine Barnes, said Shane learned about Mohamed on the news. 

“He was totally engaged. Like, ‘Wow. That could have been me,’ ” she said. 

Hey kid – you’ve got a hyphenated last name. You know what that tells me? Your parents are assholes.  Your Mom Lorraine kept her maiden name which is fine. Lots of people keep their maiden name. But the fact that they made your last name into a hyphenated mess tells me everything I need to know about them. Because only a completely self-centered, narcissistic hippie would ever do something like that to their child. Kids deserve one last name like normal kids. No kid wants to grow up being the kid in class with a hyphenated last name. No one wants to fill in all those bubbles on the SAT’s. It makes them angry at the world. That’s how they become Robert Blackwell-Gibbs.


And this kid goes to TechBoston Academy, a highly selective charter school in Dorchester that syphons funding away from public schools. President Obama visited this school in 2011, because turning public schools into corporate run, for profit charters has been his agenda for public schools since the moment he took office. And this school was the perfect fit, since it’s financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. They get tons of accolades because they have technology and resources that public schools don’t have, and thus they produce better graduation rates – AKA charts.

And what kind of 12 year old says, “there’s tons of racism in the world”? Based on what? You’re 12 years old. What the hell do you know about the world? Oh yea, nothing. You’re just saying that because your hippie parents told you to. You’re being raised in a bizarro world where racism is always the topic of conversation, and nothing is ever anyone’s fault.

Newsflash – your hero Ahmed wasn’t arrested because of his race. He was arrested because he played a practical joke that went too far. He was a pawn of politically motivated father and they orchestrated this whole thing for the sole purpose of getting arrested. It worked perfectly.


Rahul Bhargava, a research scientist at the Center for Civic Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told students that he identifies with Mohamed.

“I was that kid. I was Ahmed,” he said. “I learned to become an engineer by taking stuff apart in my basement.” 

“My daughter’s 5,’’ he said. “This is what I do with my daughter and I want to know that she’s not going to get arrested for it.”

See this is the problem. Adults telling kids that they’re gonna be victims someday too. Everyone with a brain knows Ahmed brought that bomb-looking clock to school as a practical joke. After all, he’s been suspended multiple times for his practical jokes. But instead of telling kids not to play bomb jokes on their teachers, they’re telling kids that THEY were just like Ahmed when they were younger. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Wayne Whyles of Dorchester said if he had been in Mohamed’s position, he would have tried to explain his creation was a clock not a bomb. He said he’s glad President Obama met with Mohamed.

Hey, what a great freaking IDEA!!!!! Gee, why didn’t Ahmed think of that? All he had to do was tell the cops and the teachers that the ticking thing with wires in his briefcase was a clock. But instead he treated it all like a joke, because that’s exactly what it was to him.


Ahmed never built a clock. He took a Radio Shack clock, tore it apart, tossed it into a briefcase with wires hanging out everywhere, and programmed the clock to countdown backwards. Real clocks don’t countdown backwards. Microwaves and bombs do.

There was no school assignment to build a clock. He did it on his own. He showed it off to his engineering teacher who was unimpressed because all he did was take a part an existing clock. The teacher told him to put it in his locker because obviously the kid’s intention was to scare people. But instead of doing as he was told he brought it to every class and showed every teacher before finally the alarm on the “clock” went off in English class and it scared the shit out of the teacher. It caused a disruption, the kid played dumb, and he was sent to the principal’s office.

When he was there all he had to was explain what happened and it all went away. But instead he refused to talk to the cops or the administration because he was coached on his “rights.” So he got arrested for a bomb hoax. That’s why the bomb squad wasn’t called. That’s why the building wasn’t evacuated. No one ever thought it was really a bomb, but they wanted to send a message to this kid that bomb pranks aren’t funny and won’t be tolerated in high school.


Barnes-Thomas, the TechBoston student said, “It’s not right for someone to get arrested for good work.”

This kid again? Did anyone at this event actually build a clock? Because this entire article from the Globe is all about poor Ahmed and it doesn’t mention a single kid building a completed clock. Oh wait, that’s exactly what Ahmed did. Carry on.

“It’s a clock,” Barnes-Thomas said. “The teacher definitely could have taken some time to actually look at it, see what it was, instead of being judgmental automatically.”

The teacher was an English teacher. It’s not her job to decide whether a ticking briefcase of wires is a bomb or a clock. It’s her job to teach English. But this little entitled charter school puke stain has been taught that it’s OK to shit all over hard working teachers who do their job in order to advance their hyphenated political ideology.


What I wanna know is, does the PC crowd EVER admit that they are wrong? Because I have yet to see that happen. This clock boy story isn’t really much of a debate anymore. Since this incident he’s been invited to the White House, met with a genocidal war mongering President of Sudan, and has moved to Qatar – a theocracy where you get stoned to death for being gay and slavery still exists. This is where your progressive free thinker moved – the most backwards, intolerant, old school conservative country in the world. And it’s all thanks to you and your faux outrage.

You thought you got behind a kid who was racially profiled. I get that. But now you’ve been presented with irrefutable evidence that you’ve been hoodwinked. It’s OK to admit that you were were fooled. This isn’t Fox News, it’s common sense. The kid played you and now he’s gone, but yet you are still pretending that he’s a hero.

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7 Comment(s)
  • May 17, 2016 at 7:00 am

    great. though

  • typical white person
    October 28, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    @ gronkmonster: And I’ll bet that somebody with a name like Ari Lavine would be one of clock kid’s victims, if given half a chance, after he is “educated” in Qatar.

  • Gronkmonster
    October 26, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    They sent him home for training so he can come back and homeland us…How can anyone still believe this kids bullshit story..I could see the first week maybe but the cover has been blown on Johhny Jihad for a long while now

  • Chris From Georgia
    October 26, 2015 at 8:41 am

    Only a retarded left wing moron would even remotely think that Ahmed built a clock!

    • Skeptical
      November 11, 2015 at 12:50 pm

      Only right-wing security-crazed fascists would scream “bomb” if they mistook your headphones for a wire.

      See how that can get turned any way?

      And there’s been plenty of “random” screenings for Middle Eastern looking people at airports I have been to. Nothing “random” about it. But Republican George Dubya totally supported that behavior.

      Ahmed was obviously playing a sick joke and this device in no way remotely seems like a clock unless very closely examined, but please, don’t lump in modern Democrats with PC dipshits and people are that are *too far left.* There’s a difference.

  • Dave
    October 26, 2015 at 6:11 am

    The family ran for it when people started asking the kid to build another clock. Guess he skipped the MIT invite.

  • judyb
    October 25, 2015 at 11:01 pm

    ““He was totally engaged. Like, ‘Wow. That could have been me,’ ” she said. ”

    LOL! Yes, because lots of Muslim families name their kid “Shane.”

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