Buffalo Bills Give Out Domestic Violence Hotline Number For Season Ticket Holders To Get Refunds After Jets Game Moved To Detroit

Bills fans memes

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Sports KingsThe NFL made the right decision by moving the Buffalo Bills/New York Jets game to Detroit, and it will be played Monday night. Due to an absurd amount of snowfall in the Buffalo area, playing the game at Ralph Wilson Stadium wasn’t realistic, especially when talking about traveling issues.

The Bills have offered several refund options to season-ticket holders, and people who bought single-game tickets. There’s only one problem: the number listed on the Bills’ website is taking callers to a domestic violence hotline.


For those who had purchased tickets to only the Jets game, refunds will be provided.  According to the Buffalo News, however, the Bills have given the wrong phone number to call in order to obtain a refund.

“Information on the Bills Website instructs ticket holders to call 1-877-228-4357,” writes Tiffany Lankes of the Buffalo News.  “But that’s actually the phone number for a domestic violence crisis center in Ohio, which has been receiving a barrage of calls from Bills fans.”

The correct number is 1-877-228-4257, and the Bills’ ticket office reopens Monday morning.

Bills fans memes

BUFFALO!!!! Everything about this whole debacle just wreaks of Buffalonianism. First they don’t have enough people who work at the stadium so they have to offer to pay people $10 an hour to shovel out Ralph Wilson stadium. Then they have to move the game to God damn Detroit, probably because it’s the only city in America that’s more depressing than Buffalo. Seriously, why didn’t they move it to Gillette? Imagine the possibilities of a Bills-Jets game in Foxboro on Monday night. I would literally go down, pull up a chair with a bag of popcorn and just watch Bills and Jets fans interact. Blogging gold!!

And then OF COURSE the phone number the Bills give out to season ticket holders is a God damn domestic violence crisis center in the middle of Ohio. Because, why wouldn’t it be? Of course it’s not the number for a movie theater or a car dealership. No, no, no. Not with the Bills. When the Bills give out a wrong phone number, it simply MUST be a domestic violence hotline. BUFFALO!!!

I still think it’s poppy-cock that they’re not playing the game in Buffalo.It’s like, you’re the Bills. Snow is what you do. You see this guy right here?


That guy doesn’t give a fuck about the weather. He will literally wear that to Ralph Wilson stadium in five feet of snow. It’s supposed to be mid to high 40’s in Buffalo Saturday and Sunday, and 60 degrees on Monday. So why not just move the game to Monday night in Orchard Park? Can you imagine the possibilities in the tailgate lot? Drunken Buffalonians throwing wet Buffalo slushballs at asshole Jets fans? Instead we’re playing this thing on the turf in Detroit? Even after Turtleboy Sports offered to come up there and shovel all that white shit for you? I thought you were better than that Buffalo. Weak sauce.

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10 Comment(s)
  • Billy
    November 22, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    The issue isn’t the snow or the weather on game day, you ignorant moron. It’s the 7 feet of snow and countless areas still unable to leave their homes and the countless impassable roads. It’s the 220000 tons- not pounds, TONS to be removed from ten Ralph. It’s the fact the city rightfully doesn’t want to utilize emergency personnel at a football game instead of using them to, you know keep be citizens safe and help those in need. Not to mention the rain and temp increases are going to lead to making the massive amounts of snow somehow even heavier, testing the structural limits of buildings- many of which have already collapsed. Oh yeah, and the temperature spike will lead to inevitable flooding only adding to this monumental shitstorm.

    But yeah, football is more important!!! This is record setting, you know as in, abnormal and never seen before. It doesn’t matter if buffalo is “used to snow”. I’d love to see you criticize Ny for moving a game if a hurricane hits there again, KC for moving a game if a tornadoe hits there, or San Diego if an earthquake hits there. 7 feet of snow is nothing you can even begin to hope to relate to until you’re surrounded by it, you jackass.

    • November 22, 2014 at 4:03 pm

      The Patriots would never cancel a game because of a hurricane. Unless of course the storm called Hurricane Belichick.

      • Billy
        November 22, 2014 at 4:09 pm

        You’re so wrong here I am embarrassed for you.

        • Brian Foll
          November 22, 2014 at 6:25 pm

          Billy if you take any of these articles to heart than you’re more wrong than a Coach Marrone 4th down decision. Turtleboy writes these articles for laughs and jeers much like deadspin does. This article was more about the fan experience than the game. And wether you like it or not, one thing about Turtleboy articles that I respect is he doesn’t give a fuck if he offends someone because frankly the age of butthurtness that has infected this once proud and tough country seems to feel that everyone should care whether or not we give a fuck. So thus by using comedy as a way to superceed a more emotionally fragile human being’s feelings he is carrying out the dreams our Founding Fathers envisioned aka The First Amendment. This Bills fan loves these articles. As a matter of fact I’m going to Foxbourgh week 17 and then I’m going to write up a article on the Pats fans just as a yearly jeer between the two fans.

          • Billy
            November 22, 2014 at 10:21 pm

            Well, this isn’t dead spin. So until it is I won’t show it the respect I would show deadspin. I will disagree as much as I want. Whether you or any other disagrees with my disagreement.

          • Brian Foll
            November 22, 2014 at 11:51 pm

            So you’re getting on a guy’s private blog to another team no less to express that you’re upset with his opinion? C’mon man don’t be that guy, you’re better than that!

          • Billy
            November 23, 2014 at 4:02 pm

            I have looked at this on and off since he bashed St bona last year. Truth be told I normally don’t hate it either, some of the content can be funny sometimes. I probably got a little butt hurt on this one considering I was physically unable to leave my girlfriends house for 5 days. Especially because meanwhile my home in the Elmwood village got 6 inches total, only adding to the frustrating irony.

          • Brian Foll
            November 23, 2014 at 11:56 pm

            I’m near you in tonawanda so I feel for ya. Stay strong man!

  • Brian Foll
    November 22, 2014 at 12:27 am

    This team could fuck up a wet dream. I mean every time I think that my team couldn’t fuck something up any worse, they amazingly raise the bar. I sit there stunned and amused at what they did, and then they continue to raise the bar further. I mean I’ve endured women giving bjs for Kiko Alonzo jerseys, people getting arrested for having sex in the bathroom stalls, my team trying to justify why the likes of Mike Williams, Aaron Maybin, J.P. Losman, and many other tragic decisions were made first round picks, I’ve witnessed “tommy salami” who famously asked another man and his son to move so “he could make love to his lady”, and this is yet another black eye. Being a bills fan is very much like having a drug problem. You know it’s bad for you and yet you keep going back to it hoping that great feeling the first time you used it will return. But loyalty is a trait that all Buffaloians carry so we continue to stay with our team like a beaten wife that doesn’t think she can do any better. I mean for fucks sake we’re buried in 7 feet of snow and emergency vehicles can’t get to people, yet every bar owner in South Buffalo could fight through the same adversity to open up their bars as the people are helping dig eachother out just to celebrate at the local tavern or pub. Once again I see Buffalo making another classic fuckup and shake my head and laugh because afterall, my team leads the league in comedy and frankly I need the laughs to avoid crying.

    • November 22, 2014 at 4:02 pm

      I am on record saying that Buffalo fans are the most loyal in the NFL. You are truly a special people. God bless you.

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