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Canceling Leominster High School Pep Rally Because Some Idiot Threatened To Shoot Up The Place Means The Terrorists Win

Leominster high school shooting threat

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Fitchburg SentinelThe Leominster High School Thanksgiving Day football game pep rally scheduled for Tuesday has been canceled by school administrators after a student talked about “shooting up” the event.

“While no evidence of any credible threat was found, a student faces the consequences of disrupting a school assembly and has been suspended from school,” interim Principal Beth Pratt said in a ConnectEd message to families. “Other students have been very helpful with information regarding this investigation and are to be praised for doing the right thing.”

Two students went to the police station Friday afternoon and told officers they overheard a student talk about “shooting up” the pep rally, according to police. An investigation was launched Friday afternoon, according to Lt. Michael Goldman, and it was determined that while there was no credible threat, it was in the best interest of student safety to cancel the rally.

Goldman said Monday afternoon that when the two students approached police Friday afternoon, they gave officers the name of the person they overheard make the statement. That student, whose name is not released because he is a minor, will be charged with disrupting a school assembly.

“We do not believe there is a credible threat,” Goldman said. “It appears as though this student just thought this whole thing up in his own brain.”

However, he said the senior photo and breakfast will take place as planned, but that there will be “more police presence” at the school during morning activities.

“We want to be sure we’ve beefed up our safety and security protocols in regards to the alleged incident,” said Jolicoeur.

He also confirmed the student had been identified and was suspended from school.

Leominster high school shooting threat

So most takes I’m seeing on this via Facebook comments are that the school is doing the right thing. Can’t say I disagree that protecting the safety of students is infinitely more important than a pep rally.

With that said however, I think this is kind of bullshit. Some idiot said something dumb about shooting up the pep rally. Obviously that should be taken seriously and this bonehead should be expelled. A big problem with this country is that we call public schools a right. Funk that. Public schools are a taxpayer funded privilege. You abuse that privilege and talk about killing your classmates and you’re on your own kid. Good luck with life.

But at the end of the day the school and the police handled the issue. He’s suspended and he’s facing charges. Problem solved. So my question is, if this kid’s such a big threat then why are they having school tomorrow? Because everyone knows school shootings never happen DURING school.

Look, I just think this sets a bad precedent. This is the work of a lone idiot who was desperate for attention. This is what teenagers do – they make stupid choices. That’s why they’re teenagers. So we’re just gonna shut down everything whenever the next dumbass says something stupid? How about when a kid gets anxiety before the SAT’s and reports that he heard someone talking about shooting up the SAT’s? How about the kid who doesn’t get a date to prom and wants to ruin that too? Seems like the possibilities are endless here.

The bottom line is that this is America. We don’t give into terrorists. You wanna talk shit about shooting up the pep rally? That’s fine. Your ass is getting waterboarded until you give up all you give us more names. You wanna act like a terrorist? Cool. We’ll treat you like a terrorist. This nudnik should be in Guantanomo. I’m willing to bet anything he’s just some loner who hates jocks. Well guess what asshole? The pep rally isn’t going anywhere because last I checked Leominster is still part of America and America doesn’t give into terrorists like you.

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  • Johnny P
    November 25, 2014 at 3:10 pm

    Probably talking about shooting up some heroin for the event

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