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football hall of fameBy J-Dub

With last week’s announcement of the 15 Football Hall of Fame finalists, we here at Dubsism want to take this opportunity to prove something we’ve long suspected: the readers of Dubsism and Turtle Boy Sports can put together a better Hall of Fame class than can the pointy-heads with the ballots that count.

The reason why we here at Dubsism are doing this is simple. Once you hit the Dubsism home page, one of the first things you see is a badge declaring our support for the on-going Jerry Kramer for the Hall of Fame campaign.  Kramer’s exclusion from Canton is so universally agreed upon as one of the most egregious snubs in all of sports that when the anal-probing aliens from Alpha Centuri aren’t plying their trade on the rednecks they abduct, the galactic sports pages they read decry Kramer’s exclusion as one of the great ass-rape jobs of all time.

That’s why on every ballot cast by the Dubsism staff, Jerry Kramer’s name will be at the top until he is finally inducted.

This is also the year the Hall of Fame looks to fix the next biggest injustice in Canton. For all the time in the 1970’s the experts were telling me that Mike Webster was the best center in the NFL, Mick Tinglehoff was better. Read the following two paragraphs and tell me why this guy isn’t enshrined in Canton.

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