Celtics Legends Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett Return To Boston Was Simply Orgasmic

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If you missed the Paul Pierce tribute video last night, here’s the link. Having some technical difficulties embedding it into the blog over here.

Paul Pierce. The Captain. The Truth.

By far the most tearjerking moment in sports since the Jimmy V speech in 93. Watching Pierce smile with a tear in his eye as he watched that tribute video makes me feel warn and gooey inside. If that didn’t make you wanna cry then you have no soul. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett aren’t the first star players to leave Boston for another team, but can you ever remember two players being this welcomed back in town? Nope. That’s because you could see the pain in their eyes last night when they had to sit on the opposing bench. They didn’t want to leave Boston, but the reality of the situation was that they deserved better than to be a part of the shit bum team the Celtics had to be this year in order to tank and get a good draft pick. Sucks for them that their new coach is an absolute joke and they’re basically in the exact same position in Brooklyn. For an extra kick in the junk they have to dodge hipsters in Brooklyn all day.


I will always love Paul Pierce for everything he did for Boston. He MADE the Celtics legitimate again. In an era where it became trendy to play for some dipshit loser franchise like the LA Clippers or the Miami Heat, Pierce and Garnett were the rare NBA players that actually appreciated and valued the history and tradition of Boston. When people talk about the great players of the 2000’s, only Bill Simmons and other Celtics homers name Pierce in their first breath. But why? His stats are comparable with any of the greats. Nudniks will name Vince Carter and other flashy players like that ahead of him, but Pierce was a million times better than all of them.

The reason these idiots fail to recognize the greatness of Paul Pierce is because he’s kind of fat and looked like he was out control when he had the ball. But he wasn’t. For a guy who looks like your average Joe with his shirt off, Pierce’s ability to work his way through defenses and enforce his will was simply remarkable. Give me Paul Pierce any day of the week over one of the dooshnozzles that Sports Center hyped up back in ought three. Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady – where are all those guys now? Where do those guys get treated like Pierce and KG were last night? Nowhere. Because they’re NBA whores who cared more about how many points they scored than building a winning tradition.

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Five


LeBron and Carmelo will never, ever experience a moment last night. They could both win 10 championships and their fans won’t experience half the joy we did last night by watching these two return to the greatest city on Earth. That’s because underneath all their talent they’re not one tenth the type of leader and teammate Pierce was. The Truth was on some pretty crap happy teams while he was in Boston. He got stabbed in the back when Danny Ainge traded Antoine Walker. He got stabbed in the face when he crossed the wrong person at a Boston nightclub. Yet despite that he remained loyal to the team because he understood that Boston is a special city, and the Celtics are a special franchise. LeBron and Carmelo would’ve been on Twitter every night whining about where they will take their talents to next. That’s because those guys don’t have the mental fortitude to take the good with the bad. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett do. For crying out loud, they had to rip KG kicking and screaming out of Minnesota. Minna FREAKING Sota.

Just more typical Boston being Boston. This is why we’re the envy of every sports fan base in the country. All we do is win. All we do is produce champions.

Oh yea, and the best part about last night is we capped off this wonderful moment with a loss. Keep on losing baby. Twenty years from now we might be having another one of these touching moments with Jabari Parker.

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  • SUL
    January 28, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    I had the fortune of being at this game and have to tell you it was awesome. Paul Pierce will forever be a Boston legend, I can not wait until the day his number goes into the rafters. I truly hope he considers a Job In The front office when he retires, he has seen it all from 17 win seasons to championship seasons, he would have a tremendous amount to offer to young players

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