Celtics Will Beat LeBron, Brad Stevens Gets Boned, Kevin Perry Gets Revenge On Wife From Jail, Milford Statutory Stepdad, Boston Globe Race Baits 

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On the agenda today…..

The Celtics are going to the Eastern Conference Finals, and they’re going to beat LeBron because, 1) they don’t lose at home, 2) We traded Avery Bradley for Marcus Morris specifically to guard LeBron, 3) Brad Stevens is the best coach in the NBA and he will make someone else beat them and they will fail.

Brad Stevens got boned harder than anyone has ever gotten boned in the coach of the year voting. Check out the list of losers who got votes over him.

The Boston Globe put together some of their worst race baiting to date by blaming racism for failing minority owned businesses in the seaport district.

Kevin Perry returned to Facebook for a couple hours, once again getting revenge on his soon to be ex-wife and former business partner who fingerblasted her and took all his drug money, with a 4,000 word scathing post.

The Milford stepdad’s who got dumped by his imported Brazilian wife and exposed her for allowing her 16 year old daughter to get drilled by her 32 year old boyfriend.

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