Colts GM Ryan Grigson Admits Deflategate NFL Conspiracy Is True

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I hope Deflategate never, ever dies. I want it to drag out piece by piece until literally every single moronic theory involving this fabricated conspiracy is debunked. According to Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk the Colts and the NFL were actively lying to everyone during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl:

After previously declining to talk about the situation, Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson told reporters on Thursday that the Colts had indeed alerted the NFL to concerns about underinflated footballs before the AFC title game against the Patriots. “Listen, you know, earlier in that week, prior to the AFC Championship Game, we notified the league about our concerns,”. “We had concerns, just like any General Manager would do, wants his team to play on a level playing field, and we took the proper steps to try to ensure that. It’s up to the league to make sure that happens. Again, if rules were broken, we’ll see. If not, that’s what the investigation is for. We’re just doing our jobs and trying to ensure we give our teams the best chance to win on a level playing field.” Grigson’s comments conflict with the NFL’s position that the issue first arose during the game, not before it. Grigson’s comments also undermine the NFL’s efforts to conclusively prove deflation; if the league knew the Colts had concerns about underinflated footballs before the AFC title game, why didn’t the game officials log the PSI of all Patriots and Colts footballs before the game started? They didn’t, which makes sense if the issue didn’t come up before the game. It makes no sense if the issue came up before the game.


I love it. I absolutely fucking LOVE it. The Patriots won the Super Bowl. Now we’re gonna take a nice steamy dump on everyone who ever doubted us and make them eat every last drop of it.

Serious question for Patriots haters out there right now – how fucking STUPID do you feel right now? While you whined and cried about Deflategate and cheating nonstop it turns out you were being played for a fool by the NFL and the Colts. Because that’s exactly what you are. You are a fool. You are a moron. You are a gullible dooshnozzle who is easily manipulated. I could sell you my Nantucket horse ranch in less than five minutes because you are THAT fucking dumb.

The Pats play at Indianapolis next year. The only question is, can the Patriots score 100 points? Because I honestly don’t see them scoring a point less than that. Not only are we vastly, vastly superior to them. Not only is it impossible for us to score less than 40 points against their swiss cheese defense. But now we find out that they went into that game with the sole purpose of framing the champions. #PrayForIndy

Here’s another prediction – Ryan Grigson is going to disappear within the next two months. He has to die for this right? This is a conspiracy involving Roger Goodell, Bob Kravitz, Gregg Doyel, the Colts ball boys, John Harbaugh, and Ryan Grigson. Anyone who rats is dead. I don’t think this moron meant to spill the beans like this, he’s so fucking stupid he can’t help himself. Didn’t realize he basically gave a full confession with one stupid comment.

Here’s a question – when’s the official apology coming from the NFL? I want to see them down on all fours BEGGING for our forgiveness. These assholes purposely distracted the Patriots for two weeks before the most important game in all of sports. They MADE Bill Belichick turn into Ivan Pavlov, conducting scientific experiments when he should have been game planning.


Here’s another question – which Colts draft pick should be awarded to us by the NFL? At first I was thinking second or third rounders. But this is some pretty serious shit. They went into that game with the sole purpose of confiscating a Patriots ball and deflating it while working with the NFL to make sure the Colts balls were never weighed. If we lost a first round draft pick for taping the Jets sidelines DURING a game, then this has to be a much, much bigger punishment right?

This just strengthens the conspiracy theory involving the Colts by the way. If they had notified the league about deflated footballs before the game then they would have every reason to purposely deflate the balls themselves during the game. And wouldn’t ya know it, the ONLY ball that was slightly deflated was the one that the Colts STOLE from the Patriots on the DQ Jackson interception. The same ball DQ himself admitted didn’t seem deflated in the least bit once he handed it over to the Colts ball boy.

Oh yea, and here’s another question – why did the Colts have concerns about deflated balls going into that game. When they played in the regular season the game was IN Indianapolis. And who employs the ball boys IN Indianapolis? Oh right, that would be the Colts. How could the Patriots have managed to manipulate their footballs if the Colts employees controlled the balls in that game? Oh, that’s right – they didn’t and the Colts weren’t concerned about deflated balls. The butthurt Ravens were. They’re the masterminds behind this. This is a team full of murderers and domestic abusers that the NFL has protected at every turn. A scheme like this is nothing more than a misdemeanor for them.

The last thing we learned from this ordeal is this – the NFL obviously thinks how much a ball is inflated isn’t worth their time. Because they were made aware of it and didn’t bother to check. And they were right to, because as we already know the Patriots scored 28 second half points with supposedly deflated balls.


It’s just so friggin magnificent. Final question – who is next to cave? The cookies are crumbling now and it’s time for the rats to jump ship. Don’t wanna be the last man standing. Take a plea deal while you can. I’ll be sitting here waiting to blog about it.

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1 Comment(s)
  • August 13, 2015 at 10:47 am

    Esiason spot on about conspiracy. There needs to be a criminal investigation. No evidence of ball tampering. Game day data absolute garbage and insufficient for any scientific conclusion of tampering. See MacKinnon Nobel Laureate’s excellent analysis.

    Now we have NFL attorney Nash telling the court that evidence doesn’t matter, Goodell outright lying during appeal, Wells outright lying, fraudulent lies and methodology in Wells report, denial of a fair hearing, no access to notes etc. File criminal charges for fraud,
    and subpoena Goodell’s, Wells, Grigson’s, Harbaugh’s and all other relevant parties communications. I guarantee you this is a conspiracy and scandal as large as any we have seen in organized sports.

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