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  • Concord Coochsicle Starts $5,000 GoFundMe For Kid’s Christmas, Changes To $1,500 After People Point Out That Her Kids Have iPhones

    Concord Coochsicle Starts $5,000 GoFundMe For Kid’s Christmas, Changes To $1,500 After People Point Out That Her Kids Have iPhones

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    Tis the season for lazy mothers to guilt strangers into paying for their kid’s Christmas presents. We see it all the time after Thanksgiving, but we’ve never seen a GoFundMe this big before:

    That’s right, some Concord, NH Coochcicle wants you to donate $5,000 to her so she can pretend to be a good mother on Christmas. Lisa Marie Shugrue seems like an honest and trustworthy person, who just so happens to look like she constantly has two black eyes:

    But she forgot rule #1 if you’re gonna pull a scam like this – keep the number at a reasonable amount. Normal people don’t spend that much money on Christmas. And even if they did, you should still be expected to kick in a little yourself. This woman literally wants strangers to finance 100% of her children’s legendary 2017 Christmas bonanza.

    But we all know that you can make it happen for much less, especially when you only have two children. When you ask for $5,000 this is what you’re gonna get for responses:

    Oh, and make sure your kids aren’t holding iPhones in the GoFundMe pictures:

    Oh good, the kids don’t live with her. They might have a chance in life. Naturally this non-custodial crotch goblin has a hard time living by herself and making enough money to buy her kids some basic Christmas gifts.

    She had an excuse for the amount though – she ball parked it:

    Makes sense.

    Why doesn’t she just get a job? According to her she has one:

    Well she apparently realized that $5,000 wasn’t a good look, so she lowered it to $1,500 and replaced the picture of her kids with iPhones with a picture that at first glance looks like they’re at Disney World:

    But in reality they’re in a grocery store parking lot.

    According to the GoFundMe she needs the cash because one her baby daddy’s doesn’t pay child support  which makes things “unfair.”

    Totally unfair!!

    Even though she earlier said that her baby daddy’s buy her kids iPhones:

    According to her she has filled out the Salvation Army paperwork, but her clinical caseworker forgot to pass it in:

    So naturally it’s not her fault that she’s too lazy to apply for assistance on her own. This is what we’ve gotten to in this country. Ratchets are too lazy to fill out the paperwork to get free shit from other people.

    Nevertheless her kids don’t seem to be going without. She has plenty of pictures on her Facebook page of her kids eating out with her:

    And she can afford to get the cool background on the school pictures:

    Lucky!!! Do you understand how badly I wanted the laser background for school pictures in 93? All the free lunch kids with Jordan’s and Starter jackets had them and it made no sense to me at the time why my two parent family couldn’t spring for it. But now I get it – my parents were responsible adults planing for my long term future as well as their’s, so they didn’t waste money on stupid shit that ratchets believe are necessities.

    Hey Lisa, instead of messaging Facebook app pages, trying to get them to become your best friend (I swear to God she actually did that):

    Maybe you could be getting a second job to pay for you kid’s Christmas instead? Just a thought.

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    1. Melissa Horstman

      Add that your dog has cancer… Worked for me! I won’t have to suck a sweaty onion bag for at least 3 weeks with my haul…

    2. Lying lisa

      She has never given them Christmas and even if she had 5grand she still wouldn’t. They don’t even live with her. That says enough. Stop the begging. Grow the hell up. Close that gofundme and let the people who really need it use it. It’s the scum like you who are ruining it for the ones who really need it

      1. Lisa Shugrue

        My eldest daughter lives with me she has a different father then my youngest who does live with her dad my ex-husband.

        1. Nelson Muntz

          HA HA… you’re a whore.

        2. #yourefuckingkidingmeright?

          Dude are you serious?!? We spend $500-$700 on 6 children at Christmas, because that’s all we can afford, and that’s pushing a few bills out so we can buy them each a few small things. $5k?!? Give me a break chick. Grow the hell up and get a second job, I’m sure you have every welfare benefit under the sun too, since you have a clinical caseworker, or do you have the “disease” and collect the SSI we all pay into and will never see a dime of?

        3. H

          I’m sorry they are doing this to you. People are horrible.

        4. Lying Lisa

          You just a joke. Do you have any pride? A smidge of self respect. Your just sad. If you can’t provide Christmas for your kids without starting a gofund me, you should be ashamed of yourself. Real mothers make miracles happen every year for their children. Even if that would mean starting a layaway in August for Christmas. It’s called using your mind. But I get it, begging like a fool is a lot more easy to do. Sure is what you would want to always been remembered for. Hey screw all the kids dying from cancer right now who may never even make it to xmas. Let’s donate to this begger who just can’t give xmas and never has. You should go see a doctor for real

          1. Lying Lisa

            Hey H be careful before you get blogged about next!!! Shhhhh!

    3. They call me Ponch

      She looks like one of those winged creatures from The Beastmaster

    4. Irishcurse

      I spend around 1k for my 3 kids at Christmas and I work full time. This cum dumpster needs 500$ per kid and at least one doesn’t live with her? Fuck off!

      1. ethyl

        I love how she ‘ballparks’ her ‘need’ at $5,000.00 ! This greed has been her undoing. I’m happy to hear Turtleboy has outed one more scam artist. These people think we’re stupid and gullible. We are not. RIDE THE TURTLE!!!!!!!!!

    5. Sally

      She’s like a ghost in the wind now, No more face book …no more gofundme

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