Congrats To Jason, Who Won Free Turtleboy Gear By Scoring The Most Points In The Most Anti-Climactic NCAA Tournament Ever


The first two rounds of March “Madness” are in the books, and we have our first official winner free Turtleboy gear:

Congrats to Jason Judice. Email us at or send a message on Facebook to TBNews. David Laclair led the entire weekend until Oregon beat UC Irvine in the final game. That was worth 24 points since we multiple by the seed (12×2). Here’s my quick sportball takes from the weekend:

  • This was the most anti-climactic tournament I’ve ever seen. All 16 favorites won, all of the 1-2-3 seeds are still in, two brackets have the 1-2-3-4 seeds left, and we have the 15 best teams in the country plus Oregon in the Sweet 16.
  • The best game of the tournament was Duke vs. UCF, and UCF was completely hosed on the missed free throw by Zion, and the non-call on the ensuing rebound.
  • The best looking and most impressive teams remaining are Houston, Auburn, Michigan State, LSU, Purdue, Virginia, Florida State, Michigan, Texas Tech, Gonzaga…..actually they all look amazing except for Duke, Kentucky, and Tennessee. None of those games were really close.
  • I did 3 brackets, but I like this one the most:

  • Ratchet Madness brackets come out Friday night
  • Tell me that Auburn’s Jared Harper isn’t really Marlo Stanfield


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