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  • Convicted Greenfield Sex Offender’s Wife, Who Could Be His Mother, Starts $3K Fundraiser Because He Got A Boo-Boo Slipping On Ice

    Convicted Greenfield Sex Offender’s Wife, Who Could Be His Mother, Starts $3K Fundraiser Because He Got A Boo-Boo Slipping On Ice

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    Here’s a GoFundMe scam out of Greenfield…..

    So let me get this straight. Your “husband,” who looks like he should be your son, fell getting out of his truck. Thank God for this explanation:

    “There was black ice and he was unable to see it. It felt solid under him, the his feet let loose.”

    Oh man, that does sound EXACTLY like black ice. Before she gave us that description I had my doubts. Now I’m a believer though!

    Naturally they need $3,000 because he’s allegedly in the hospital for a boo-boo, and even though “WE” opened up a new shop (she doesn’t say what kind of shop, which isn’t shady at all), HE is the lone “bread winner,” and their savings are gone. So the plan if he didn’t fall on black ice apparently was to……sell lots of…..something….at whatever business they just opened up. But he’s the only one who can sell shit. Not her.

    Now they want you to pony up because his “matto” is “pay it forward and you will get blessings in return.” In other words, his “matto” is, “give me money, and maybe somewhere down the line you’ll get a blessing in a fortune cookie.”

    She claims that Brian is quick to help others, but a quick Google search shows that he’s actually quick to help himself to young children, which is why he’s a convicted sex offender:

    Oops!! You know you’re winning at life when your happiness and financial well being are tied to a registered sex offender who’s been convicted of assaulting children under the age of 14.

    According to Lisa Artherton, she finally found a “real man that knows how to treat tis real woman with respect”:

    So apparently he only dates women who don’t fall between the ages of 14 and menopause. Basically anyone who doesn’t have periods.


    So yea, if you’re feeling generous and wanna give $3,000 to an unemployed sex offender while he recovers from a boo-boo, this is the fundraiser for you!!

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    1. Mayor Lynch

      Hey all. I’d like everyone to check out my Go Fund Me, “Fuck Shoveling”. I’m trying to raise $42.7 million to build a giant semi-permeable dome over Fitchburg. It will be made of a strong clear polymer skeletal structure, with a high tension silk-like mesh strung beneath it. It is virtually invisible, allowing light and liquid water (NOT frozen) to simply pass through. I have screenshots of my plans and patent applications will be filed on Monday. I tried to get an engineering professor at Fitchburg State to evaluate my designs, but the fascist jeelyfish security over there “reminded” me that I can’t go there. I will also be filing that lawsuit on Monday.

    2. I Fuck my grandmother

      She absolutely looks like someone that would work for Securitas

      1. Rizz-on

        The thumbs-up is for the screen name.

    3. Ali McMicheal

      That a feakin riot, Lisa Artherton isn’t even female. The She is He man. His real name is Philip Fisting. Phil has been taking hormones and tucking little Mr Happy behind the inner thigh for years now. How do I know? About 25 years ago, My Uncle Richie fell for Lisa (actually she called herself Codi back then) at a bar one night and they both got their liqour on. Ending back at the family camp up in Conway, they sstarted to go at it. Unkie Richie was so drunk he did realize he had been pumping away at Codi clamping her thighs together so he didnt notice. He just figured she was a little more exprienced than most. It was until Richie went down town to tongue clean the carpet that he ended up with a big pulasting Codi cock in his mouth. Uncle Richie beat the fark out of Codi. Mikey probably has no problem doing the same with “Lisa” seeing how he is an absolute dreg to society. Lisa should hit the drag circuit though, she’d do great on Rapools show there.

      1. DJ Trump

        If he did much if any time for his charge, I’d bet he learned to Love jailhouse sex one way or the other. Clearly those skills are serving him well outside of prison

    4. whatevuh

      LMAO, the GoFundMe is gone already. Well, that didn’t take long

    5. run

      1. DJ Trump

        …Nothing left but grease, lips & tennis shoes

    6. gfldgadfly

      Well, I now know why my driveway hasn’t been plowed . And I will be looking for a new plow guy. Ewwwww thats a nasty skeleton to have in one’s closet. Good to know ya, Brian…. bye felicia. Thank you guys for bringing the diddling conviction to my attention. .. good lookin out, turtle sleuths. Love ya.
      Fyi the “shop” is an rv repair place.

      1. junkman

        “i know why my driveway hasn’t been plowed”

        dying laughing, this is how shit works, world is so fucked up.

        bc he was busy plowing kids…. bad joke… what a sick fucker

    7. Finn

      Haters! Lisa Artherton (nee “Lisa Suzanne Abhel”) is a 59 years young. You go girl.

      Would. Oh I would. (winks at Lisa)

      Lisa – if you’re reading this, I saw your Wedding Registry on Bed, Bath and Beyond (God, I love that place). I’d love to get you that Pizzacraft™ Pizzeria Pronto® Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven .

      Also Lisa, if you’re still with this shitbag (nee “Brian M Atherton”), you’re just as bad as him. If you think for a heartbeat that he is into you sexually, you are a vapid puppet head.

      You claim to be a nurse at the Farren Care Center. Take care of yourself. Run. Don’t walk away.

      In my former life I dealt with predators like Brian. They don’t change. Do you have grandchildren? If so, he’s grooming them. He picked you for a reason. Trust me on that. Guarantee those words.

      1. Dingle berry fairy

        By his own admission, they are not “intimate’… you actually may have a shot 😉

        1. Finn

          Fuck yeah!!

      2. Becky Blueline

        I love you, Finn!

        1. herbert the pervert

          and i love you becky.. ha ha I also love ice cream and howard stern

          1. Finn

            Fa Fa Flunky

        2. Finn

          Oh Becky…

      3. Electrician

        Right on Finn, my sister was hooked up with a guy who used her for everything. She works 1 full time job, 1 part time job, both with developmentally impaired adults and she volunteers for all their events. Even brings some to thanks giving to give them a feeling a family.

        She wouldn’t listen to a thing I told her, no matter how kindly I said it. He had multiple arrests, alcohol and drug problem. I gave her my used car instead of trading it in, she let him drive it and he crashed it through a store. She was initially charged bc he didn’t have license, car totalled no insurance bc he didn’t have a license, they covered the some damages to the victims but not her.

        Thing about it, that most people understand is she has a heart of gold, changes adults diapers for a living. But she is also in her late 40’s and basically has never had boyfriend a Valentine or anyone to show her attention or love her like she probably thought would happen.

        I buy her gifts, send her cards and take her out (her predator boyfriend never did) It is very hard for a lonely person to give up that little part of the dream they think they have. She eventually got rid of that rodent and did find a guy to marry but he doesn’t work, smokes 2 packs a day and she doesn’t smoke, puts up with it all because being alone her entire life was a worse proposition. There are people out there that are beautiful on the inside.

        1. Finn

          Sounds like she has amaxing brother. I’m glad to hear to hear that shitbag is out of her life.

        2. eesh

          That is so sad!

          Reminds me of an old saying, “Better to want something you don’t have, than to have something you don’t want.”

    8. DiDi Dumbnegro

      Mmmhmmm, I needs me’s a white mans. Mebee i gets myselfs a pedo.
      I needs hep wipin ma ass y’all

      1. gfldgadfly

        Fuck outta here, troll. You’re bringing down the property value.

        1. herbert the pervert

          yeah man, property value on Indignation Lane, is… well is shit… internet were all in the same gutter, but we get fight back without losing our jobs, so we got that going for us.

    9. Sympathy button broken

      Rippers and diddlers deserve bullets.

      1. gfldgadfly

        Karma and Mother Nature are both righteous bitches. And apparently they’ve teamed up.

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