D.A. Bails Heroin Dealer Out Of Jail With Taxpayer Money And Buys Him Lunch On Our Dime

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Do you work hard? Do you know where your tax dollars go?  Well if you guessed that a portion of it goes toward bailing dangerous criminals like heroin dealers out of jail, then you are correct!  Oh wait it gets better.  Who bailed him out of jail? The DA! Wait, the same person that is supposed to be prosecuting him?!?! Confused yet? Hang in there.  Do you know who pays the DA’s salary? You and me.  Then, after the DA lowered this drug-dealer’s bail from $5000 to $350,  he paid the bail money with taxpayer funds to release him! Next, he took the notorious repeat-offending heroin dealer out for lunch. On our dime. I couldn’t make it up if I tried. Hope you’re having fun at work today.

This is not just any heroin dealer, Kashin Nembhard, the cheery-looking fellow below, led Brockton police on a high-speed chase, before being arrested with over 30 bags of heroin and cocaine on him.  He was formerly a suspect in two unsolved murders, and after his arrest, claimed that he had intimate knowledge of the culprits in several unsolved Brockton crimes.


This story is from a while back, but the DA in question, Plymouth county’s own Timothy Cruz (whose office is currently being investigated for sending racist emails on multiple occasions), is currently being lambasted by colleagues for his duplicitousness concerning many cases over the years, especially recently – preaching that “his office never negotiates plea bargains” but yet he continually makes sweetheart deals with violent, dangerous offenders.  Now while it’s not uncommon for prosecutors to make deals with criminals,  Cruz has taken this concept to levels never before seen.


According to the Boston Globe:

R. Michael Cassidy, a Boston College Law School professor and former head of the state attorney general office’s criminal bureau, called the move to free Nembhard “an inappropriate use of public funds.” He said prosecutors frequently work with cooperating witnesses while they are still in custody, holding out the prospect of a reduced sentence after they cooperate. But posting bail for the likes of Nembhard is over the top, he said.


“You might need to use someone nefarious in a murder case because you don’t have witnesses who are fine, upstanding citizens,” Cassidy said. “But bailing out someone who was caught with 30 bags of heroin, I would say that’s highly unusual and a cause for real concern.”

Gee ya think?!?!

Lewis A. Armistead Jr., a former Plymouth prosecutor who was briefly in charge of the case, said he resisted efforts to do favors for Nembhard and complained directly about posting Nembhard’s bail.

I nearly fell off my chair because at that point, I had been a prosecutor for probably 20 years and I’d never heard anything like that,” he said.

So what do you all think happened with this dangerous drug-dealer, Kashin Nembhard, once he was let back out onto the street?

Was it

a.) He quit “the life”,  found God and began working hard for a living and became an upstanding, taxpaying citizen

b.) He took piano lessons and auditioned to be a contestant on The Bachelorette


c.) “Nembhard quickly became a headache for Cruz’s office when he resumed his career as an armed drug dealer while still working as a government witness, records show. In February 2011, three months after state troopers bailed Nembhard out, police caught him selling crack cocaine. And when they searched his home they found an unlicensed handgun. By the time Nembhard testified about the Hess shooting before a grand jury in February 2012, he was behind bars facing federal charges and up to 15 years in prison.”

To make matters worse –

Further undermining Nembhard’s credibility as a witness was the fact that his bail being paid by the DA’s office was not reported to the grand jury or, as court rules require, to the defense, according to the defense attorney in the case, Michael A. Bergeron.

Grand jury transcripts in the Hess shooting show that when Cruz’s investigator, Trooper Brian M. Galvin, was asked directly whether Nembhard had received “promises, rewards, or inducements” in exchange for his testimony, he said nothing about the bail money.

But in October 2012, O’Sullivan became concerned about the lack of disclosure. She privately told Bergeron, the lawyer for defendant Brian Price, who had been indicted on firearms charges, that Cruz’s office had paid Nembhard’s bail two years earlier.

Bergeron complained to the judge in the case. Two days later, Cruz dropped all charges.

So whatever happened to all of the “unsolved cases” that Nembhard was going to assist police with? They all still remain unsolved.

In short, our tax money bailed out an extremely dangerous, armed, drug-dealing repeat offender. While out on bail, he sold more drugs and committed more crimes (can ya believe it?) which in turn made him an even less credible witness, therefore his testimony became useless, and we actually paid our hard-earned money to free this maniac so he could make our streets less safe, all for nothing.  Fun times.

Keep up the good work Mr. District Attorney! If I ever get arrested, I hope it’s in Plymouth County. In exchange for nothing, I’ll at least know who to count on to bail me out and pick up the tab for some steamers and crab legs at the East Bay Grille.

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3 Comment(s)
  • James driskell
    April 14, 2019 at 12:08 am

    Brockton Massachusetts has been the most crooked City in many years so I am not surprised!

  • Chris From Georgia
    July 8, 2015 at 8:11 am

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  • TMnT DEK
    July 8, 2015 at 12:09 am

    You can’t make this shit up. Unbelievable, but yet in Worcester county they’ll hold you on no bail for driving without a license. WE VOTE THESE PEOPLE IN!

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