Dayton Just Dumped All Over Coach K’s Face With Upset Over Ohio State

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“[I] like the Atlantic 10; they’re a really good conference. I hear people saying there are six teams in there. Come on. I mean, they’re good, but put them in our conference and go through the meat grinder that our conference has to go through.”

– Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Does Coach K feel like a moron yet? Because he should. Dayton just took down college basketball royalty, THE Ohio State, in the FIRST GAME of the tournament. Serious question – does he realize how dumb he looks? I have to assume he’s sitting in front of his television saying “I probably should’ve picked on the Big Ten instead of the A-10.” Look, of course coaches are gonna stand up for their conference. But that doesn’t mean you have to pick the Atlantic Ten out of nowhere, and then just take a giant Blue Devil dump on their faces. Obviously Dayton deserved to be in the tournament. They just showed you why. They were the sixth best team in the conference, so if you have a problem with A-10 getting six teams in, that means you specifically have a problem with the Flyers.


Question for Coach K – If you’re so sure that the Atlantic Ten is a soft conference why don’t you prove it to everyone and schedule a home and home series with an Atlantic Ten team like UMass, VCU, or St. Joe’s? Oh that’s right, you would never do that because you’re a pretentious dooshnozzle who thinks teams like this should feel privileged to come and play in Cameron Indoor Arena. Duke played 34 games this year. Guess how many they were the visitors in? Ten. Ten out of 34.

Oh yea, and all ten of those road games were ACC conference games, which are scheduled by the conference itself. So the games that were scheduled by their AD purposely refused to go nowhere. Because why should they? They’re Duke, didn’t you know that? They don’t have to travel to some peons gym to prove that they’re the best. They have Duke written on their front jerseys. You should obviously flock to Cameron like it’s the Emerald f***ing City.

Guess how many road non-conference games Duke scheduled last year? If you guessed ZERO, you win again!! Yay!! You’d have to go back two years to find that they went to Columbus for a non-conference road game. Since the Atlantic Ten’s SIXTH team in showed today that they can beat the mighty buckeyes, does that mean that Coach K would be willing to go to Dayton to play the Flyers? No? Why not? Because he PERCEIVES the A-10 to be inferior to the A-10. And perception is all that matters.

His whining paid off though, as North Carolina State ended up getting in the tournament. They might beat St. Louis – it’s a basketball game. But they certainly weren’t as good as Dayton this year.


Shaka Smart couldn’t have put it any better when he said:

“First of all, comparing your own league to someone else’s league is like me saying that my daughter is cuter than your daughter. There’s a level of bias that comes into play that you shouldn’t even make those comments. Secondly, coaches are too busy to be an authority on someone else’s conference.”

Brilliant. That’s why I love that guy and will always root for VCU in non-UMass games.

I hate the rest of the Atlantic Ten during the year, but I absolutely love them in the NCAA tournament. Hell, I’d legitimately even root for St. Bonaventure in the tournament. Poop colored uniforms and everything. I take  a sense of pride in seeing these teams win. Call it little man syndrome if you like, but watching a conference like this prove that they belong with the big boys, by defeating Big Ten schools like Ohio State, is incredibly fulfilling.

St. Joe’s and St. Louis could easily both lose as you are reading this. But at the end of the day if UMass can find a way to beat Tennessee tomorrow, Sunday’s potential matchup with Duke would easily be the biggest game in the history of the world.

I want Duke so, so, so, so badly.

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  • Zach
    March 21, 2014 at 2:04 am

    UMass v. Duke? My favorite UMass game I didn’t attend live. GO UMASS!

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