Delusional Mom Goes On Epic Whiny Tirade Against School Because Her Kid Failed And It’s Everyone’s Fault Except Her Own

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Oh man, I apologize in advance because we are all going to need a drink after this read. A turtle rider tipped us off to this post in a Coventry page and while I’m glad that he did, I do have a raging headache after muddling through this whiny novel of a rant.

I don’t understand why people capitalize random words. If you’re going to go caps crazy, at least commit to it. And stop using ellipses where they don’t belong. It’s called a period and even first graders know the difference.  I can’t tell if she’s having a stroke or starting to yell and then changing her mind.

Anyways, here’s Chapter 1 of Julie’s novel of insanity…

Oh, my brain. Ok, let’s break this disaster down. So, her kid’s guidance councelor counselor called and said the kid failed two subjects this year and according to Mom:

  • It’s her first notice of the year about her kid’s academics
  • Apparently they have this system called Aspen where grades are shown, but her teachers didn’t enter them until the last minute
  • Her son had a seizure from 9:25am to 5:00pm one day and her daughter stayed by his hospital bed for an unspecified amount of time
  • They became homeless at the same time
  • Now she can’t be a cheerleader at another school because she failed
  • Mom called the school and told them about all this, they just didn’t pass the message on to everyone

So her kid goes to Coventry High School, a public school of 1,600 students, and she’s expecting the red carpet to be rolled out. We’re talking about high school aged kids here, who are perfectly aware of their grades and academic status. Apparently her child shits rainbows and isn’t responsible for her own grades. I’m not a heartless monster, I can empathize with the homelessness and family disruptions, but those aren’t excuses to go full bitch rant like this. I think most of this anger is misplaced.

Kids don’t want to do homework or study. I know I didn’t. It’s a parent’s responsibility to make sure their child is getting shit done. It isn’t fun and they aren’t going to like it, but it has to be made a priority.

I don’t understand where this shift to teachers taking ALL the blame came from, but it isn’t fair. Most teachers do their best to mold students into respectable, intelligent human beings, but take some responsibility! At the end of the day, YOU are their guardian.

People were quick to point this out in the comments and from there we just went in one big circle of denial.

Ah, the always reliable “you don’t know me.” I think the last time I said those words was in some teenage bitchfit with my mom because, you know, ADULTS don’t talk like that.

This woman literally thinks she could have done nothing more than some phone calls and emails to monitor her kid’s academics. Are you kidding me?

So we’re supposed to believe this kid had no idea she was failing her classes? That is pure BS. She sat her ass down and took those tests, she did (or maybe didn’t do?) the homework, so she is perfectly aware of the grades received. There is NO WAY that is ANY teacher’s fault. I understand high school is a hard time. I went through some sad shit in high school, and so did a TON of other kids, but that isn’t an excuse to give up and assume a teacher is going to pick your ass up and carry you the rest of the way. Especially not a teacher in a public high school of 1,600 kids.

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

And again someone points out that the teenager is old enough to take responsibility for her grades, but Mom isn’t hearing any of that.


I think this next one upset me the most.

I HATE that line. Mom is at fault, but ONLY for taking her out of another school and putting her into this school with demon teachers and heartless guidance counselors.

Now we’re talking, even if it’s sarcasm. Yes, inattentive and uninvolved parenting. She took the words right out of my mouth.  I think it would be fantastic if these teachers could be more involved in their students’ lives, but again this is a school of 1,600 kids.

Then another parent points out that the school sends a letter to notify parents of failing grades. Of course, Julie got no such thing! Because she moved and that’s the school’s fault, obviously. Totally logical.

Honestly, I think this kid should be focusing on the grades instead of the sports at this point. Just sayin’.

It’s an all around unfortunate situation and it sucks that the one really affected by all this is the child. While I think the kid definitely had the knowledge of failing grades, I think a majority of responsibility lies with the parent. If a kid has an excuse not to do homework or to study, I guarantee you they’re going to take it, which is why it’s a parent’s duty to be up their ass about it. It’s going to be difficult for both parent and child, but that’s how I think it has to be. It’s temporary, but SO important for a child’s development.


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5 Comment(s)
  • Wabbitt
    June 30, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    It’s like a broken record.


    And, I’m no doctor, but it someone seizes for seven and a half hours – I’m pretty sure they’d be fucking dead. I’m calling bullshit on that one.

  • Turtle Turtle
    June 30, 2017 at 2:58 am

    Mom- go fuck off. A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT?!! Aspen?!! Really?
    EYE ROLL! (Capital so you know it’s serious)
    My elementary aged son would have realized and told me his grades were failing sooner than your “angel” of A HIGH SCHOOL Student did. Get the hell out of here with your garbage blame game, nobody wants to hear it!
    I’m assuming by “seizure” you mean OD, and by “homeless” you mean your baby daddy got busted for drugs, and got your section 8 taken away. Also, go help yourself… because, English.

    June 29, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    I was poking a stick in my eye every time she used the fucking letter “N” for “And”. And the “Cuz” for “Because”. Uneducated person who is most likely an addict. I didn’t catch any mention of the dad. Hmm? Kids are doomed.

    P.S. Love the RI Sista and glad we are finally represented.

  • True Reality Speaks
    Mirror Mirror
    June 29, 2017 at 8:57 pm

    Parents don’t want to do the hard work. They’d rather be friends with their kids. And then blame everyone else when the kids f’ up, get knocked up, hooked on drugs, etc.

    Thank a lib.

  • TDF
    June 29, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and bet English was one of the classes she was failing, because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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