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  • Didi Delgado Asks Followers On Facebook To Illegally Pirate Netflix Documentary Produced By A Black Man, Violates Terms Of Service By Doing So

    Didi Delgado Asks Followers On Facebook To Illegally Pirate Netflix Documentary Produced By A Black Man, Violates Terms Of Service By Doing So

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    Here’s today’s daily dose of Didi Delgado openly committing a crime and violating Facebook’s terms of service…..

    So basically she’s asking people to commit online piracy by stealing a movie that people can only watch by paying for Netflix. Obviously Didi isn’t paying for shit since she doesn’t have a job. But she could probably just find a white woman to pay for it for her, so I don’t understand why she’s putting this out there, since what she’s doing is 1,000% illegal. Probably because her privilege as a member of three protected groups (black, female, gay) makes her feel that laws and rules do not apply to her.

    Just to be clear, this does violate Facebook’s terms of service:

    11. You will comply with all applicable laws when using or accessing Facebook.

    She’s breaking a law by engaging in online piracy:

    You’ll also notice that one of her cult members offered to give Didi her Netflix password. I’m sure many of you reading this have shared Netflix passwords. Who hasn’t? Technically this is illegal, but as long as you’re not dumb enough to advertise it on the world’s second most trafficked website, you should be good.

    The white women in her cult tried hard to be the first one of the “good ones” to pay their daily reparations via illegally streamed content that belongs to someone else:

    Uhoh!! Jessica Sexton giving her a step by step plan on how to pirate other people’s content. And it didn’t even end up working. Sorry Jessica, we award you zero white guilt points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    The best part about this is the the Kalief Browder story that Didi wants to watch is about a black kid who was incarcerated for a crime, could’t afford the bail, and ended up committing suicide. It was produced by Jay-Z, a black man, and designed to make cops and prisons seem racist. This is something tat any black lives matter activist would want to get behind by supporting it financially.

    Not Didi though. She wants to steal it. She wants to steal from black people. But it’s OK because Harvey Weinstein was also a producer, and he’s an evil white rapist. Ya got that? Jay-Z, who actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton because her opponent was allegedly a womanizer, worked every day with the most notorious sexual deviant womanizer who has ever lived. Can’t make this stuff up.

    Anyway, since Turtleboy believes in law and order and thinks that people who create content shouldn’t have it stolen from them, we had no choice but to report Didi Delgado to the Facebook Police:

    But that’s just us. You should definitely NOT mass report her post over, and over, and over again for sexual violence. That would be bad!!

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    1. Bulldog

      Someone should send her a virus instead of the movie.

      1. ?

        The ole’ Munga-Bunga, a timeless treasure trove of goodies to completelydestroy a computer, shall be dispatched.

      2. whatevuh

        I’m betting she’s already got some sort of virus, and it ain’t on a computer

    2. ?

      Not only did she violated the TOS of both and Facebook; her posse of friends breached the conditions for using both sites, which were agreed upon when signing up to be members. Facebook should ban them all. Utilising their vast bandwidth and server capacity for such theft of intellectual property creates a huge liability for the social media giant.

    3. why does she smear her own kind!

      “She wants to steal from black people.”

      why does didi hate black people so much? what did they do to her?

      she condescends the shit outta her own race every day.

      she’s our very own special land manatee dumpster fire

    4. TortugaNino

      I have never in my life wanted to crash my truck into something so badly. FUUUCK THIS BITCH!

      1. #greenpeacewontbehappy

        Careful, the ghetto whale is a protected species and you might hurt your truck!

    5. I pay for Netflix

      I just reported it to Netflix instead of Facebook. I also told them to check out Turtleboy Sports for more information and find the correct person. Facebook doesn’t seem to care about what she posts but Netflix might.

    6. notatallracist

      again….if they can’t eat it , steal it , or fuck it , they’ll break it .

      1. Huwhite

        Exactly correct: blacks are much more likely to carry the MAOA “warrior gene” along with elevated testosterone levels which are known to cause increased aggression, hence their higher incidences of criminal behavior and promiscuity. Additionally, the average black IQ is 85, only a standard deviation away from what we used to able to call “mentally retarded.” This is despite decades of “help” to the tunes of billions of dollars spent trying to bring blacks up to the White man’s level. It’s time to admit that racial differences are real, they are genetic, and they are not changeable. Racism is not a dirty word…it is the TRUTH.

        1. dawww

          at least finesse it to appear less like a klan pamphlet

          1. Huwhite

            So you can’t refute my argument, then? Facts don’t care about your feelings, cupcake.

            1. well...

              well i did happen to notice your next posts in other articles were a lil more natural sounding, so my cupcake work is done 🙂

              seriously though, i tried to look you up on here, aren’t you that white supremacist actor roasted by tb for hitting him up for a writing gig? 😉

            2. rapey

              “blacks are much more likely to carry the MAOA “warrior gene” along with elevated testosterone levels which are known to cause increased aggression”

              also, if you want to get into fax, i am interested in this, watched an interview of a white supremacist Canadian on vice where he said the same thing….. but when he complained of them being rapists the interviewer had to point out that the interviewee was wearing an “original Viking” type shirt and asking him, weren’t they kinda reknowned for their rape skills? :p

            3. mc rapes a lot


              correction, Scandinavian

              thus the Viking shirt

              fucking autocorrect…

        2. Bulldog

          This is bullshit. Where do you get your “facts” from? Do you have any actual real, verified studies to prove this?

    7. Leonardo

      Look furthur on her timeline. She’s all bent outta shape because some buddy of hers got busted stealing from the SJ org he worked at and hasnt even paid them back but thats ok because hes oppressed and if life was fair he’d have money to not steal. But why don’t her white friends hire the guy? Because stealing money doesn’t mean you shouldnt be trusted.

      1. awww

        it’s a treasure trove of contradictions and blog material to mine

      2. Itsjustme

        She has some warped thinking that I can’t understand.

    8. Bub

      We’re really mustering outrage on behalf of fucking Netflix now?

      1. Reality Check

        Yes, because Netflix isn’t going to take that cow stealing from them, regardless of social justice status.

    9. Irishcurse

      Can’t she just start yet another Go Fund Me for someone to pay for her netflix? That is worth setting the goal at 10k.

      1. 5HourEnergy'd

        I’d rather to donate to “new boobs” than this bootleg Billy Graham.

    10. Dick Hertz from Holden

      I really can’t stand looking at that cow’s picture. That is one fugly nigga, no wonder no men would touch it

      1. cunning linguist

        Well, she’s a dyke, so…

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