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  • Didi Delgado Is Cashing In On Blog About Her, Demanding Her White Guilt Followers Paypal $50 Each, And They Immediately Do It

    Didi Delgado Is Cashing In On Blog About Her, Demanding Her White Guilt Followers Paypal $50 Each, And They Immediately Do It

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    Update on Elizabeth “Didi” Delgado, the racist BLM cheesehog who can’t be racist because she’s black. Not only is this lovely human so upset about the blog that she’s sent a mob to mass report our Facebook page and get it unpublished, she’s also cashing in on that white guilt reparations:

    I shit you not. She’s using this as an opportunity to tag the white guilt laden morons who blindly follow her to get them to donate $50 a piece. And it worked too:

    On command. Holy shit, what a racket!! Man, white people really are the dumbest people on earth. I could really use a stable of white folk with deep pockets like that. She literally just tells white people to hand over the cash and they do it. Where do you find people like this?

    “I was just about to say, hit me up” says Bethany Amborn:

    I’m not gonna say anything about……..that. I promise. Let’s just say that I couldn’t be prouder of how physically attractive turtle riders are. That means more to me than anything. Thank you all for being so good looking.

    “Done. Get what you need and treat yourself” says Mollie Gloss:

    I gotta get me one of those. I need a white chick who gets paid money to draw coat hangers on people’s faces and call it makeup art:

    Those people love giving away cash.

    “Please do put your PayPal” says Melanie Jessel:

    Melanie is a graduate of Masco High School and Northeastern:

    Two places that are well known for their diversity. Lots of different cultures interacting on the mean streets of Boxford! It’s amazing that people like her exist. She literally grew up in an wealthy, all white town, and went to an overpriced whitewashed college. Now she thinks that giving money to a black woman exonerates her of those guilty white feelz. Any black woman will do really. Preferably the one who’s demanding that you donate $50 when she tells you to. You look up white guilt in the dictionary and you’re gonna see this face:

    She literally shares articles entitled, “How white guilt subscriptions are solving racism”:

    Can’t make this stuff up.

    As much as I can’t stand everything Didi Delgado stands for, I also can’t help but respect that hustle. I need a scheme like this.

    Nah, I’ll just keep working every day instead because I actually value the ability to look at myself in the mirror and respect the person looking back at me. Safe to say mirrors have long been the enemy of Didi Delgado.

    Oh, and don’t forget to NOT report Didi Delgado’s Facebook over and over and over again. It would be a shame if her page was shut down. Think of how much she could milk off of white people if that happened!!

    Just be careful on her page if you do comment – they’re calling employers:

    These people don’t get to win. They wanna poke the turtle? Game on.

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    1. Lt Dan

      Teeth like a fuckin rake

      1. Noseface

        I bet she could eat an apple through a fence.

    2. I love Turtleboy

      I’m ashamed of some of this newer generation! What fucking idiots! They must be inbred or something. Let’s just stick them all on some pink lazy pussy island. Where only blm and the pussy hats serve their every need.

    3. Jay

      Report her as a fake business. She paying taxes on these donations or is this unearned income she’ll report on taxes?

    4. lively in da hood

      Not terribly bright for someone to post that they’re ratting to employers.
      That’s risky business.
      You don’t fuck with a man’s livelihood, Bretton Carter.

      1. I'm

        I’d call his employer, but he probably doesn’t have one.

        1. it's too easy, just two minutes...

          Brett is self employed.
          When he’s not discovering his “lady parts” (mangina, perhaps?), he hunts for and sells fossils.
          If he screws with anyone’s job, he’ll be easy to find for a discussion, maybe down in the area of Campus Plaza.
          Let’s hope Brett(on) is smart enough to not follow through on the shit talk of calling employers.

          1. Jurassic Barf

            Checked out his Facebook page and was not disappointed….he’s a real rockstar. Definitely do NOT look up that profile for a good laugh!

      2. Independent Thinker

        This seems to be the new norm. If you don’t agree with someone, try to get them fired, because chances are, their employer is too much of a pussy to stand up to these snowflakes. It’s much easier to just give in and get them off your backs.

        Keep in mind, however, that everyone has a breaking point. Some people have high breaking points, while others will snap at anything. When the wrong person snaps, it could end in violence. That’s the chance you take when you try to go after their ability to make a living.

    5. stan the man

      Bethany Amborns face looks like the back of a Nestle Crunch bar.

      1. Reeeeeeeee

        Sorta reminds me of sausage gravy with the bits and chunks looking complexion.
        I bet her back has been on youtube in those cyst popping videos, pustulent money shots flying all over…

    6. Ann Flaherty

      Too bad she doesn’t have Venmo. I was just going to assuage my guilt.

    7. Itsjustme

      God I hate this thing, won’t even call her a woman. She talks about white people like they are a breed of dog, and only good if she needs something from them.
      Can you imagine what would happen if a “white girl” posted even half the stuff she post? Maybe we should do an experiment and have someone post that all black girls who have weaves, colored, chemically straighten hair needs to shave their head and keep their natural kinky black girl hair.
      That isn’t even the worst thing I’ve read that she has written just the first example I could think of. She is one of the racist people I think you’ve ever featured here. She may not think she is because “reverse racism doesn’t exist” but she is proof it does

      1. Anonymous

        “That isn’t even the worst thing I’ve read that she has written just the first example I could think of. ”

        Examples, please.

    8. S

      Someone must know how to report this fat ass sad excuse for a woman to welfare. Free health. A punch to the gut sucks. But a punch to the wallet hurts

      1. PhilSimmsSucks

        Food stamps too (obviously the fat fuck gets free food). They’ll cut her stinky-ass flubber off.

    9. Wtf

      Let’s see if they try to call
      me. I AM my employer and I can talk shit , so game on. I am going to comment now with my real info. Lmao!

    10. Barry

      Another parasite of society. How much government assistance is she receiving ? On top of this money scam too ?

    11. Hand it over

      Okay that’s it!! I’m starting a gofundme today. My son has pneumonia, he has been very ill and because he can’t stop coughing he keeps peeing a little, so with that said, I’m gonna need help from every person out there so I can buy him some adult diapers! This way he doesn’t have to worry anymore about racing to the bathroom. If all these assholes can make one for a car, for christmas gifts that they will never even buy for their children. I can make one for my sick child with pneumonia. Only difference is I’m not a beggar and I have self respect. Also my child isn’t pissing himself, but it makes for a better story right! He is extremely ill at the moment, that is true. But he will be alright. It amazes me what people will do to not have to work and to get free hand outs.

    12. srcrmr

      her kid is underweight, by the photo, and shes a load- priorities-how do these people just giver her money for nothing?/ wonder if shell get a car seat and insurance with the donations
      what they dont realize is they are why trump won-

      1. Hand it over

        I thought that same thing. Looks her kid is malnourished, but clearly mommy isn’t missing no Big Macs. These are the ones who ruin things that are meant to do good in the world. To help the sick, people who lost every thing due to a fire. Real life emergencies. And because of waste bags like this all the ones who need it end up getting passed by and don’t get the help they need. The real problem is with the assholes that donate to them! Without them there wouldn’t be as many people doing this shit. Gofund me has a fraud department that claims they will investigate any complaint of fraud made against any of the people that created the account. I have done that with this Didi woman, with the hooker and the stolen quarters and the lazy bitch who wanted five grand to give her kids their “first Christmas” when they are already around 10 and she has never got them gifts before but if we give her 5 grand she may get em each a 25$ visa gift card. Lmao sorry just had to mention that lol . But my point is every one should report them all to the gofund me fraud dept. and when they ask what proof do you have.. I wrote down to simply read Turtleboy sports blog. Gave them the links to all articles and I hope that other will do the same. And just maybe they will get what they deserve. And get NOTHING

    13. ElJefe72

      The very definition of a race hustler. I bet Al and Jessie are very proud.

    14. Some Guy

      Good God Almighty….Bethany Amborn is the most hideous “woman” I have ever seen! WTF is up with all that shit all over her face?

    15. Smh

      Up eally? Talking about a person’s looks in an effort to detract from their altruistic nature? Cause that somehow makes you the better person.

      Maybe, instead of choosing to hop on…whatever you call this, and actually challenged her civilly on what you believed to be a “racist” comment/practice, this would be over. But instead we’re name calling, demeaning, and undermining people in a social media war. Sad.

      1. PhilSimmsSucks

        Smh, “altruistic “? The correct word is “racist “.

    16. FK SJWs and their white guilt

      This is the fight of our lives and that homo Bretton Carter needs to be taken down too!

    17. DJ Trump

      Follow the money, it’s always about the Benjamins wif dees niggas

    18. Christine

      hahahaha what a bunch of DUMB white bitches. i’m a white single mom, able bodied and I get my ass out of bed to work mon-fri 9-5 because that’s what I HAVE to do to make sure my kid is fed and bills get paid. I get no help from state OR the father for the past 14 years, but complaining & whining does not make $$ magically appear, so I WORK. I have NO pity for lazy bitches. you need to be an example to your kids that no matter what hand you’re dealt, no one is a victim unless they CHOOSE to be one. pick yourselves up and stop feeling sorry for yourselves, your kids are watching you!

      1. Becky Blueline

        I couldn’t agree more. I’m a white single mom that put the effort into rescuing a baby from a Ratchimal before she’d had a chance to be ruined. Fast forward over 5 years later, the child is thriving and having the greatest life. I have to work my ass off to give that to her. No support from Ratchimom or the state. Won’t someone make me a GoFundMe or add me to their cell phone plan or pay my mechanic bill?? NO because that is not how I thought life worked. Boy, was I dumb! How do I get on the Cheesehog Charity List? Oh wait. I’m a Becky. The child I rescued is a Junior Becky. Craaaaaaap. *resumes reporting Didi’s offensive Facebook*

    19. Shandy

      Her child is WHITE!
      The irony….

    20. Fuck you

      Love how she’s crying racism, yet admitting to me her good friend that she beat up a twelve year old white girl because she thought it would be funny. For someone who hates white people a lot, she sure has no problem sucking white guys cock for their hard earned cash. DIDI, as your friend, this is truly the most pathetic you’ve ever been. hell, i remember you giving a blow job just for a burget. Stop crying racism when all you do is start racism against anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Go back to sucking the cocks that you say you hate so much

      1. PhilSimmsSucks

        She worked whoring herself out on Blue Hill Ave, right?

    21. […] Delgado is still whining bout Turtleboy non-stop and using it as a way to get reparations from dumb white people who she got to join her race baiting […]

    22. Johnny5

      Damn, I just looked at 3 of the ugliest people on earth

    23. Savage Squaw Bitch

      Her one piece bathing suit killed itself.

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