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  • Didi Delgado Made More White Women Pay Her Unreported Income Reparations Today, Blocked 1 Donor For Asking Her Not To Post About Masturbation

    Didi Delgado Made More White Women Pay Her Unreported Income Reparations Today, Blocked 1 Donor For Asking Her Not To Post About Masturbation

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    It’s Friday which can only mean one thing – Didi Delgado is coming to collect that tax free, unreported reparation cash from white people:

    First of all, she wrote the word “masturbate” in her post. You know what that means:

    We had to because we’re a big stickler for the rules. And you’re not allowed to talk about masturbation on a public post on Facebook. But you should definitely NOT report this post for the exact same reasons. That would be bad.

    Here’s some of the winners she’ll be splitting the bounty with this week:

    “Transmasculine.” I shit you not. Transmasculine.

    And right on cue an army of white women was lining up to announce that they had cleansed themselves of their white guilt by paying their weekly fair share of reparations:


    Where does she find these people!!???

    Imagine how much you have to hate yourself for being white in order to hand over your hard eared money to a perpetually unemployed cheesehog who sucks off the government, takes extravagant vacations, and REFUSES to get a job.

    The best part was this interaction:

    What a horrible, disgusting human being. This idiotic white person comes along, announces she’s gonna give Didi her money simply because of the color of Didi’s skin, and Didi blocks her and reminds her that she OWES this money next week too.

    And seeing how stupid these people are, she’ll probably pay up too:

    This continues to be one of the most remarkable things we’ve ever see on social media.

    But here’s the thing – Didi is on food stamps and Mass Health. And she only qualifies for those things because her reported income is below the threshold level. All this money she raises for reparations is unreported income. It goes right into her PayPal. You know what that means – time to start reporting this to the IRS fraud line: 1-800-829-0433

    And the DTA fraud line: 1-800-372-8399

    Your tax dollars pay for her food. LOTS of food. She has a right to scam idiots out of their own money, but she doesn’t have a right to not report her income and suck off the taxpayers.

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    1. TurtleBook

      She owns your brain

      1. i am didi’s mass cluelessness

        Didi never fails to entertain

      2. bleh

        I doubt she OWNS anything…can’t even buy her baby a carseat.

        1. Itsjustme

          She does now, all thanks to the same white people she hates and puts down. That gfm raised over $12,000 I believe, double what the goal was. Wonder what she does with the extra money, think she donates to this “theys” she demands white people to donate to? Doubtful. I see another trip in her future.

      3. Lolajack

        I think she doesn’t own much of anything, hence the reason she begs for money.

    2. i am didi’s massive blind spot

      this shit is so condescending to not only black “femmes” but to the black race..

      but *lines up with clueless sheep* GO DIDI!

    3. 5HourEnergy’d

      I think my favorite part was in the midst of the “I’ve paid my weekly white toll” comments the transmasculine person came in all, “I’m not a woman and haven’t ever identified that way… thanks for giving!” It was so random and jumped out as I was scrolling down through the madness, so I busted out laughing.

      Not as hard as I laughed at the RI grocery store video, though. Holy crap!

    4. DJ Trump

      Go fund me should just be called…
      Gibs me dat.

    5. A little cuntly

      See the line about hang on , keep giving , brb I have an itch to scratch. What do you suppose THAT itch is? Transfer the tax free $ out of PayPal quick, buy a shit ton of stuff on WISH or treat crabs? Just curios.

      1. i am didi’s massive cunt

        i’m afraid it was another reference to self sexing by the world wide whale herself

    6. bleh

      She’s like Robin Hood for strippers…Lynx, Ocelot, Stickii, Tackii, Amanny Orafiss, Plumpkins, whatever your assumed” non-professional working” name, line up for your reparations from Robin Hood.

      PS – Seven week old dies…um, anybody looking into that?

    7. Hilarious

      This woman and the blogs about her are absolutely hilarious, I cant get enough. Really have never seen anyting like it, keep it coming

    8. Cunt

      Any white person, scratch that, any person donating to her should kill themselves. They are of no use in society. Just end it. Hopefully this human being, Didi will end up in prison

      1. i am didi’s massive cuntlings

        well they’re level of empathy is useful but their level of mental illness and impairment impedes…

        1. i am didi’s massive typo


      2. Race Trader

        I hate this bitch. Literally hate. And I don’t feel that way about people normally. Also I strongly dislike any white woman that finds this normal in any way. All I want to know is how the hell you feel, that you need to be pushed around by anyone. Black, white or purple. Stop feeling like you did something wrong because you were born white. Get the fk with the program and be proud of who you are. Color included. Your god dam race traders. You don’t need to buy anyone a shirt but yourself. Don’t buy someone a shirt because your white and they are black and you are told by some dumb cunt you owe it. You don’t owe shit to anyone. Smarten up

        1. Deliverance

          I’m sure she’s not trippin someone who doesn’t realise race traitor is not “race trader” hates her :p

    9. Itsjustme

      She has better, more expensive clothes than me – the “white privilege” woman who works and pays taxes so she can sit at all home doing absolutely nothing except collect welfare and scam other “white privilege” people, all at the same time saying how much she hates us.

    10. livehappy

      This woman is total trash. The woman giving her money are totally without any type of common sense and any self confidence!

      1. livehappy

        I have to reply to the thumbs down on this. Since when is it ok to give money to someone who totally hates your race? I don’t get that. Please really read all her posts!! She hate’s YOU!!!!! She really does!!!!

    11. #paymedidi

      Of course it’s all the pink pussy hat wearing self hating white bitches that donate to dumbass. Does she not realize that she’s made herself a public figure(as nasty as that is) and she will be stripped of any dignity by the welfare patrol(that would be us)? That being said, I need everyone to complete their daily homework for me:
      1:call the IRS and report this scam artist for fraud, email them these blogs of the countless amounts of money and proof of the thousands in the gofundme raised
      2:call the fraud hotline and report her for the same exact thing, if she is in fact taking the benefits we know she is taking, she’s committing a felony punishable by jail time(which would mean her child might get a future away from her incredibly racist hog of a mother)
      You want to donate to a person, go to Walmart and pay someone’s layaway, buy toys for local kids and give them to the parents you know can’t afford Christmas, do something other than donate to any fake ass scam of a charity!

    12. Egypt’s Daddy

      I got $20 and a pack of diapers if Didi drops down dem draws or opens her jaw for me.

    13. Hughbo Mont

      In a real world we’d be seeing those FB posts on The Onion. WTF?

    14. Sickofexcuses

      Hope she gets hit by a train

    15. RBG’s Beard

      How much you wanna bet she runabout all of those accounts and is getting lots of money from these dumb dumbs

    16. don

      i will bet its all BS. its probably her and her friends under multiple accounts. someone that nasty only has a handful of friends.

      1. Hillary Clinton

        never under estimate the stupidity of people

      2. Itsjustme

        She doesn’t have friends, all she has is “nice white women” who feel for some reason that they need to make amends for what their ancestors may or may not have done hundreds of years ago against the black women, men and “theys” whose ancestors may or may not have been slaves hundreds of years ago.

    17. Joe C.

      Congress needs to pass a bill mandating that all pre-1865 farming equipment is to be returned to its place of origin. We do that and say good-bye to between 60 to 90 percent of all violent crime, robbery, rape, and drug trafficking in this country. Sure, fried chicken and grape soda sales would plummet (think of Didi’s share alone!) but we’d get by as a country.

    18. Some Guy

      Look at that fat fucking slob. She looks like she is posing for next month’s “Diabetes Lifestyle”. That fat bitch will lose that smile quickly as they lop off her rotten feet. Disgusting.

    19. Stupid is as Stupid Does

      This confirms white women are dumb as dirt in general, suspected it for a long time but it’s true. I don’t know what the fuck intelligent means if you do stupid things and act stupidly.

      “She’s intelligent but.. ” no baby, you or your white bitch is dumb as fuck. Sending money to somebody online that may not even exist. Now send some cash to a radio preacher then give twenty to the heroin junky with cardboard sign. keep telling yourself your a good person, your one of the good whites.

      Fuck Off, stupid is as stupid does, these CUNTS all deserve each other.

    20. Leshawna

      Welcome to Bizarro World.

    21. suckers everywhere

      suckers are all homely white women with big glasses

    22. SorryUSAWeBeFucked

      Honestly, the people spanking it to themselves on her page are pretty much the mirror image of the people spanking it here.

      A nation of shitheads. Up, down, all the way around.

      1. cheapskate

        not true turtle boy will never get a dime out of me!

    23. Unemployed white guy

      I don’t know what I’m more pissed about…the fact that she’s publicly scamming all of these idiots out of their money or that I didn’t think of this this. This broad might be the most brilliant scam artiest since PT Barnum!

      1. Something stinks

        She really isn’t “scamming” these people. These people just have no intelligence. The only way she could be convicted for this is if we can show that these people donating are so incapable of thought themselves that they fall under a protected class.

        The only people she is scamming is you and me by stealing our tax money to add another roll to her belly this month.

        1. christine

          yeah she’s the equivalent to a findom (subs pay a dominatrix to drain their bank accounts whilst insulting them online)

    24. They call me Ponch

      PS – Seven week old dies…um, anybody looking into that?

      Still within the Massachusetts abortion guidelines….

      1. bleh


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