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  • Didi Delgado, Who Said She’d Never Make Her Facebook Page Private Because She Says What She Wants, Just Made Her Page Private Due To Turtle Blowback

    Didi Delgado, Who Said She’d Never Make Her Facebook Page Private Because She Says What She Wants, Just Made Her Page Private Due To Turtle Blowback

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    Didi Delgado vowed that she’d never, ever make her Facebook page private because that would be letting Turtleboy win. She said that she’s an outspoken activist queer black femme who will not be silenced. Except now her account is completely private and no one can comment on it anymore:

    Hey Didi – Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.

    Turtle riders reported you so many times that your account was in danger of being suspended, even though we told them not to. You make your bread and butter by having strange white women from around the country find your page so that you can guilt them into paying you reparations. Now they can’t do that because only your friends can see your list.

    We forced you to alter your behavior.

    You’ve been silenced.

    We win.

    This is only the first of many victories to come.

    Strap on your seatbelt, because the turtle is a bumpy ride.

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    1. Herr Doktor

      Karma, much like Jabba, I mean Didi is a BITCH! Got to go after her other identities on Facebook, too. Shut that sow down airtight. So, Didi inquiring minds want to know – how’s it feel to be on the receiving end? Need a vacation? Work got you worn out? Oh, I forgot – Yer fat, lazy ass doesn’t work; to you, like my ex-wife, work is a bad four letter word. Maybe you and your “brain trust” should have a long rethink about your “career” choice.

      1. Stuart P

        Some of her other profiles:
        Didi Rose
        The Didi Delgado

        I was reporting her main page this AM. Oh so satisfying! Keep it up, fellow riders

      2. Tanto the truthful

        She is disgusting, she looks like some one braided corn rows on an obese, elderly pug and than threw it in a mud puddle. She is the pan handling, snaggle tooth, sasquatch of boston. I really feel bad for the flesh roll sandwhiched between her belly roll and armpit roll, it has the 3rd shittiest view on earth(her camera on selfie is 2nd and her mirror is 1st place). She is racist, all jelly rolls should be treated the same! No roll should have more space than the other and if it does it should pay reparations! As far as personality goes DiDi is about as likeable as a fresh turd in a elevator. She blames everyone but her self for her problems. She is a hypocritical, condescending ,dillusional TWUNT, that has more in common with david duke or nathen bedford forest than martin luther king or metca evens. DIDI, it isnt white people that make you feel, look and behave the way you do. You can only blame the dreaded out heffalump you see in your reflection for your monetary, physical and emotional problems. SHAME ON YOU DIDI you race baiting, racist sough.

    2. TomTom

      Can’t Stop The Turtle

    3. Love the turtle

      Many more victory’s to come! Love it. This is one woman that really needs a slap. In every way, shape and form she is disgusting. She is mean and cruel. Ugly as hell and I don’t understand why anyone let alone any white person would give her money with the way she treats the white race. Why is it that only a white person can be considered a racist? The things this woman says aren’t okay they are horrible. She needs to be stopped

      1. Rick James

        white guilt is a hell of a drug

      2. gfldgadfly

        Totally agree. Shes off her rocker… and/or meds. I’d love to see her get a job in industry, where everyone is paid modestly and respect and the promotion that comes with it is EARNED ,not demanded. The blue collar workforce is a great equalizer. The retirement age Filipino lady I work with who speaks half a dozen phrases in English has respect and health insurance because even if we can’t understand her, we appreciate her awesome work ethic . Respect is earned on the factory floor, not on the intertubes. She needs to remember that. A workin class lifestyle ain’t so bad! It ain’t glamorous, but it’s hella dignified.

    4. Brian

      She should make her Facebook pictures invisible because this disgusting racist pig is preventing me from having an appetite

    5. Bitchneedskarma

      She needs to be deleted from society

    6. Rich

      Didi, karma is a bitch, no?

    7. MrSmiley

      Look her up on Youtube and put that on blast as well. You’ll looove the content she has posted too. . . some allow comments other dont. Ive already downvoted whatever I could. Fawq her.

      1. Itsjustme

        What is her YouTube username, is it just her name?

        1. MrSmiley

          Yea just look up didi delgado. Can’t miss that mug.

    8. Huwhite

      Ship this sheboon and all of its tribespeople all back to the Dark Continent where they can swing from tree to tree and cook and eat each other as God intended.

      1. Emmaline Greensward

        Pleas don’t be an ingorant jerk. Thank you.

      2. Shameful

        Fuck off with that racist shit. You’re no better than she is.

    9. TJustice

      The Turtle works in mysterious ways. Now maybe DATA will investigate how someone who gets assistance can have cash & cars & vacations all paid for in cash. I don’t care about the black lesbian thing….this hippo has been double dipping for YEARS, taking up benefits that real poor people need. I hope they have a plus size cell at Plymouth county lockup.

    10. Emmaline Greensward

      Kudos, Turtleboy and the Riders who are sending this racist, self-serving user into lockdown. She is the worst, most dangerous kind of opportunist there is… cloaking her thievery in the pretense of righteous victimhood. She is the worst kind of racist ever created by the liberal Left.

    11. ethyl

      Do. Not. Poke. The. Turtle.

    12. Whitefolx

      She doesn’t seem to understand the issue with what she’s doing. She’s asking for money basically because she’s black, refusing to work and attacking white people. Anyone who disapproves of this method of begging for money is racist. All white people are racist. White people should feel guilty for being white. My ancestors were slaves in another country, there’s a slave trade going on right now in Libya, Syria’s a complete war zone with children dying and starving and women being raped. North Korea is about to blow up the world. But hey Didi’s gonna act like some revolutionary game changer. She’s one step up from a panhandler on the street with a cardboard sign.

      1. Itsjustme

        I don’t get the white people who jump when she says jump and then sticks up for her when she puts their race down. I guarantee she is laughing at them behind their backs at how dumb those “white women” are and for once she would be right, they’re dumb for giving her money when she demands it.

      2. gfldgadfly

        Nailed it.

    13. Snarf

      I’m surprised 4chan’s /pol/ board hasn’t gotten wind of this dung beetle. Wouldn’t want it to seem that Turtleboy is somehow associated with /pol/, though.

    14. Chip Striker

      Exposed for being the lazy fat ape that she is.

      Anything to avoid work right Didi?

    15. gfldgadfly

      What Miz Greedy is doing is more deeply racist than anything she claims to stand for. The idea that all women of color need “help” (in the form of go fraud me handouts) is putting the LEGITIMATE civil rights movement, that she obviously doesn’t get at all, back fifty plus years. Hun, you wanna make changes? Stop embarrassing your cause. Work towards improvement in public education or something lasting and worthwhile. Stop posting pictures of yourself getting drunk both literally and figuratively the tears of white guilt. It’s a terrible look, just like that oversized weave. Time to grow up and get some dignity instead of perpetuating the victim culture.

    16. Wighti tights

      Egypt is my daughter
      Didi has sex every week with me a white man
      Didi says she loves to have freaky sex with a white man because it empowers her

    17. Sick of scum bags

      Fuck this lazy racist bitch. Does she pay taxes on this free money? Viva la Turtle!

    18. Jenny Craig

      The December four week special does not apply. By the looks of it, you need at least six months to make a dent.

    19. Kitty two shoes

      I sure as hell reported dildo to Facebook. Her racist comments are sickening and only people that have IQ ‘s lower than a squash seem to send the stupid con artist money. I am ecstatic her page is finally getting noticed for the pile of shit it actually is!!

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