• Do You Know This Creep Who Was Taking Dressing Room Pictures Of Chicks At The Hanover Target? The Fuzz Is Looking For Him

    Police are looking for this stage-five creeper who was snapping shots of women as they tried on clothes.
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    Police are looking for this stage-five creeper who was snapping shots of women as they tried on clothes.

    Ah yes, another guy who hasn’t figured out that the Internet is packed to the brim with porn. He’s got to take pictures of women while they are awkwardly trying clothes on. Hot. I know I look great when I’m trying to shimmy on an ugly swimsuit under fluorescent lighting and surrounded by unflattering mirrors.  

    Hanover Police – A woman changing clothes at a Hanover Target told police a man took a photo of her over the top of the changing room stall.
    Hanover Police say they’re searching for a man with a medium build and light complexion after the incident.

    The man is on the list of Massachusetts’ Most Wanted this week.

    Personally, I’m not sure what the entire purpose of doing this is. Not to mention that this moron knows Target has cameras. Obviously someone was going to nab his mug. Did he think he was Darkwing Duck or something? Anyways, a creep is a creep though.  If you know who this psycho is please call the Hanover Police. You could also send us who he is on Facebook so we can give him a shame sandwich. Just saying. 

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    1. Savage Squaw Bitch

      This is what happens when you let men walk unquestioned into women’s restrooms and fitting rooms. This is also why I choose to no longer shop at that stupid, woman-hating store.

      1. SturmHund1488

        Faggots, trannies, race-mixers…all a bunch of mentally-ill degenerates who should be committed for their own good.

      2. Lou P

        3rd word of you screen name is spot on.

        1. kevi packs a mean 9 iron

          No her comment is spot on. I’m hoping you douche’s that think its ok to let men into ladies rooms and dressing rooms have it happen to you. That’s my prayer for today.

          1. StormHund88

            Any crazy tranny that tries to eye my junk in the mens’ room or that tries to peek in on my wife or daughter in the ladies’ room is going to get their throat slit from ear to ear, which is what should happen to all sexual degenerates regardless, were this a correctly ordered society.

      3. Pam

        Busy today with the fake replies.

    2. Michael Hutson

      yeah it isn’t junior high school anymore bucko-you’ll be beefed if they catch you and probably psych eval’d in the bargain-time to quit!

    3. Itsjustme

      It probably has to do with the unsuspecting part, and it’s usually the first step to becoming a rapist. Most rapist start out as peeping-toms and when that isn’t enough for them they graduate to rape.
      I haven’t been to Target in a while, I know they have unisex bathrooms, is it the same for the dressing rooms?

    4. The Executioner

      He’s probably transgendered and just wanted to get an idea of what those clothes would look like on heshe. I mean, he could claim gender identity and walk into the women’s room so what’s the diff? I think that law is total SJW bullshit. I can’t believe Baker fell for it and signed it a year ago.

    5. Bart Simpson

      His name is Nerd With Glasses. Yup I’d know that guy anywhere.

    6. Weird

      They already got him, I called because I’m pretty sure I know who this person is and they said he’s been booked for a few days.

      1. Itsjustme

        So if you know who the fapbastard is, tell TBS. They asked nicely.

    7. carlos danger

      any one want to see my wiener ?

    8. tngsucks

      Ironic using a camera you think no one knows about while being captured on a camera everyone should know about.

    9. titiho

      those are the most pathetic cameras ever, get some real cams target

    10. SturmHund1488

      Dude looks Hebrew as fuck to me. Someone should burn down the local synagogue and they’ll probably get him. If not, you still did the community a service.

    11. Sterling Turtle Rider

      It’s clearly Edward Snowden (the Russians made him do it)… where do I collect my reward money?

    12. wabbitt

      I for one would love to watch SSTG try on swimsuits. She’s one spicy meatball.

    13. Logan's Period

      It’s Target – He only has to claim that he felt like he was a bit Transgender that day and liked her outfit so he wandered over into the dressing area he Gender-Identified with that minute. No Harm, No Foul – TARGET!! If I was him, I’d quickly prance over to the DMV and snatch up a new, vague-Gender Driver’s Licenses… Obama’s ‘Merica – Creep Friendly…

    14. Star Struck

      Oh and Wow. Another masterpiece from you there South of the Border fucking clown. You’re a real live fucking Edgar Allan Poe aren’t ya.

    15. Michael S Goodman

      Isn’t that Edward Snowden?

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