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  • Does This Look Like A Spencer Chick Who Was Arrested For Cutting Her Boyfriend’s Balls In A Sturbridge Motel Room They Were Squatting In?

    Does This Look Like A Spencer Chick Who Was Arrested For Cutting Her Boyfriend’s Balls In A Sturbridge Motel Room They Were Squatting In?

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    Who remembers this story?

    Oh yea!! Webster’s finest doing Webduh things:

    Trying to fight cops, getting their asses beat, and then whining about it with tall tales of Internet lawsuits. Just another day for the Webster Finer Things Club.

    One of these geniuses who was chiming in on the video was a local Sweaty Betty’s prodigy named Mariah Moriarty, who admittedly has had her fair share of run-ins with the po-po:


    Well, she’s back in the news again, and this time she may or may not have ripped her boyfriend’s nuts in half:

    A Spencer woman pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a charge of striking her boyfriend’s testicles during an argument at a Sturbridge motel, causing considerable bleeding. Mariah J. Moriarty, 21, of 57 Valley St., Apt. 10, was charged with assault and battery on a household member.  Sturbridge police went Monday to the Green Acres Motel on a report of a man refusing to leave his room. Management told them that Eric Paul, 20, was supposed to have checked out at 11 a.m. but was not answering the room’s phone.

    Mr. Paul answered the door wearing only a bath towel, while Ms. Moriarty was in bed covered in blankets, police said. Police noticed bloodstains on the towel wrapped around Mr. Paul’s waist. When police asked why he bled, Ms. Moriarty said she had grabbed Mr. Paul during an argument about another man who had called her cellphone the previous night. Mr. Paul confirmed the assault, saying to police, “She got me good.” Mr. Paul did not seek medical attention, according to the police report.



    Oh shit, this chick it NUTS!!! Literally!! If you can’t trust a bathroom selfie queen then who can you trust?

    It takes a special kind of crazy chick to cut a dude’s nuts because you were talking to some other guy on the phone. Even the craziest of the crazy chicks knows you don’t fuck with a dude’s minerals. Off limits. You can make fun of the size of it, or smack him in the face, or tell him the motion of the ocean is weak. But you can’t make physical contact with the goods.

    Not only does this chick not respect that rule, she somehow managed to cut his balls until they bled. I mean, how is that even possible? Did she chain him down and put a knife to him? Sounds like a nice girl any normal guy would love to go for a weekday getaway with at a cheap Sturbridge motel.

    The craziest part about this is how nonchalant the kid is about it. “She got me good.” Dude, she tried to cut your balls off. She more than got you good. That shit’s not normal. Safe to say this is not the first, nor will it be the last psychotic episode this guy’s gonna deal with. Check out this picture he posted two years ago:


    Notice her commentary on the side:


    Yea…..might be a good idea to go ahead and delete that comment Eric. Especially since you decided to go ahead and maintain a long term relationship with this obviously stable broad. Because apparently you’re training for the white trash Olympics. Most people’s girlfriends don’t refer to them as a “faggot ass” on social media:screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-11-51-46-pm

    And then a couple days before they try chopping your balls off they pull a stage five clinger on your Facebook page:

    Oh, and this is never a good sign:



    Yea, I understand that suboxone is basically Narcan except for people who still have a pulse. But that’s something a normal woman doesn’t post on Facebook for the world to see. Ya know, because if you’re dependent on a drug to get off another drug, you’re still kind of addicted to drugs. Just sayin.

    Eric seems like a real winner too. He’s a “Sandy Hook was a conspiracy theory”


    So obviously he’s got life all figured out. Way smarter than us sheep.

    What’s funny about this is that Mariah Moriarty is apparently from Charlton:


    But Charlton’s kind of a nice town, and hoodrats like her just don’t last there very long. They’re drawn like a magnet to Webster and Spencer, where she apparently now resides. All I gotta say to Eric is…….RUN!! Because this chick has Lorena Bobbitt written all over her. Just sayin.


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    1. Mr Butthurt

      Would hit it

      With fake name

      1. GFY

        Crazy chicks are always the best fuck. I bet she’s AMAZING lol, crazy bitch

        1. wabbitt

          She probably fucks like a wild animal. Burgettstown out of there before she wakes up.

          1. wabbitt

            But get out of there*

            Jesus – did my phone have a stroke?

        2. Eric's bloody sack

          You’d think so… But, nah… She just lays there in a narcotic haze… Sad really…

    2. BobnMic

      I’ll give her props for being all sorts of hot. But Spencer? Really? The chicks in Spencer you just fuck them then move on. The dudes you can’t have a fucking conversation with because they are that fucking idiotic and dumb as as a fucking stump. Never met anyone from Spencer that was remotely fucking close to being normal. Not a one…

      1. ninja turtleboy

        those two strands of bangs she has pulled out and hanging infront of her face are the DEFINITION of townie wanna be hottie but is trash.

      2. Kevin Lynch

        Hey Bob you wanna play golf with me?

      3. Stu Pidazzo

        Hot? The only thing she has going for her is youth. Give her 3-5 years and you wouldn’t take a second look.

    3. Sterling Turtle Rider

      I bet his conversation with the cops was at least one octave higher than normal

    4. BobnMic


    5. ninja turtleboy

      what an insecure psycho. literally ripping off his balls so he can’t sleep with other women when she is the one who received a phone call from a male. prolly someone she fucks for money or drugs clearly

      1. Mariah Moriarty

        It was a FUCKING ACCIDENT. I accidently scratched him when I was tryna get my phone back. There wasn’t really that much blood. The police report makes it sound much worsebthan it really was. And I will have you know I do NOT fuck for money or drugs. I have higher standards than that.

        1. Jp

          I’ll give you $100 and 3 perc 30’s to tongue my bung right now

        2. Anon

          Lmao was the phone attached to his penis for some reason? Or did he just try to hide it up his ass. Lol

    6. Turd Burglestein

      That charge should have been for assault and battery on a house member’s member. I think that guy may have learned not to stick his dick in crazy a little too late.

    7. NoseFace

      That’s the type of girl that anal is just a given, you don’t even have to ask….it’s just gonna happen. Anal with a side of unannounced rim job.

      1. Mariah Moriarty

        That’s really brave hiding behind a fake name. I should have Eric kick your ass.

        1. wabbitt

          That doesn’t answer the question – how available is the back door?

        2. Eric's bloody sack

          Bah ha ha ha!!! Eric is a buck 50 soaking wet!!! Ah ha ha ha!!!

          He couldn’t beat his own cock with a borrowed fist…

    8. JRod

      She hadn’t heard a word from him since yesterday……oh no.

    9. Dick Hertz from Holden

      When you have no intelligence or other skills to offer, Server at Cracker Barrel; yup, that would be my dream job . . .

    10. Just Sayin'

      Mariah Moriarty is literally one of the biggest jokes in Worcester County. Textbook definition of hood rat.

      1. Mariah Moriarty

        Your dick size is the biggest joke in Worcester. Just Sayin.

        1. GFY

          Yay, I love when the trash comes out to play in the comments section, it always goes really well for them lol

    11. Paul LArson

      “To meet such threats as these, (Southern Democrat) racists needed a well-reasoned and effectively articulated defense of their position, but none was ever developed.”

      Just like right now on turtle Boy blog. My critics don’t defend the Democratic Party’s behavior. All they do is attack me. What a bunch of anti-intellectual anti-historians.

      Source: Page 145, Anti-Negro Thought in America, 1900 – 1930, by I.A. Newby, 1965.

      Paul Larson

    12. Paul Larson

      “Although no federal anti-lynching law passed during the 1930s (in part because (democrat) President Roosevelt’s refusal to alienate southern (Democratic) congressmen by supporting the legislation) … and the fact that the Department of Justice had only a limited mandate from (Democrat) Roosevelt (FDR) to investigate lynchings, demonstrate that the newfound federal concern about lynching had clear limits.”

      Source: Page 151, Lynching in the New South – Georgia and Virginia, 1880 – 1930, by W. Fitzhugh Brundage, 1993.

      Paul Larson

      1. Lars Paulson

        I did not post this.

        1. Paul Larson (T&G Rosewood Pen Winner - Dec 22, 2012)

          And I downvoted that.

          1. Son Larpaul

            I didn’t make those comments. They were too concise and didn’t include my name at the end. Which I need to add because clearly I’m too old and senile to know the difference between email and a comment section. Also, Kevin Lynch scrambled my brain with a 4 wood. I like brand toast. I need a nap. Everyone is a racist but me.


            Son Larpaul

            1. Paul Larson

              You don’t have the guts to sign your real name but I do have the guts to do so! Kevin Lynch didn’t do one thing to me. If he attacked me I would defend myself completely.

              Paul Larson

            2. Turd Burglestein

              You, Kevin, & BobnMic should all go on a golf date together.

            3. BobnMic

              Still ^^^^ owning your brain after all that turkey??? Hahahahahahaha

            4. BobnMic's Shit 4 Brains



            5. Son Larpaul

              I don’t understand satire. I’m as stupid as a bag of dildoes. I don’t understand demographic shifts so I blame the Democrats from slavery. My name is Son Larpaul and I’m actually more petty and childish than Bobnmic.

              Son Larpaul

      2. Stu Pidazzo

        At the risk of engaging in an off-topic debate, you do realize that all of those Southern Democrats went Republican in the 60’s? See: Strom Thurmond.

        1. wabbitt

          Shh… they don’t understand that there was a massive paradigm shift in the two major parties last century. Hence why Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican but championed a progressive platform. Strom Thurmond was a conservative Democrat.

        2. Paul Larson

          Strom Thurmond is one man, not “all those Republicans.”

          1. wabbitt

            Hence the “see.” He was using Thurmond as an example of a southern Democrat who went Republican.

    13. Scary

      That star tattoo the low-life has. Is a good symbol to society as a whole. Stay far away !

    14. Anonymous

      Why are these 2 people even allowed to reproduce?

      Oh wait… thanks to Darwinism they won’t!

    15. Paul Larson

      I did post these 2 anti-Democrat items.

      Paul Larson

      1. Laul Parson

        My teeth fell behind the bed and I can’t reach them.

        Laul Parson

        1. Paul Larson

          I train every day and I am pretty agile. I’ve got plenty Qi Gung and stretch and work out every day. I doubt
          that you do.

          Paul Larson

          1. BobnMic's Gaping Anus

            I’m pretty agile myself there Paul. I work out every day too. You should see me stretch my Qi Gung (That’s chinese for Gaping Anus). I’m telling you it takes on a life of its own.

            1. Paul Larson

              Qi Gung is total body health. Obviously you don’t know qi gung.
              And you don’t have the guts to post your real name.

              Paul Larson

            2. GFY

              O, he has the guts. You can see them in his profile pic

        2. BobnMic's Gaping Anus

          If you think my gaping anus is stretched, you should see Paul Larson’s stretched out bunghole.

          BobnMic’s Gaping Anus

          1. Paul Larson

            Sorry gaping anus but I dont’ have a “stretched out bunghole.” I am a Republican, NOT a Democrat.

            Paul Larson

            1. BobnPaul's Chat Shack

              Ohhhh, schnap! Pwned!

    16. Evdogg

      I would tag that all night long and then some

      1. Mariah Moriarty

        You wish limp dick.

    17. BobnMic

      I just fucking love how these pussy hippie wimpy little assholes can come on here and jump all over a United States Marine Corp Vietnam Veteran’s shit just because he voices his opinion on matters. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Seriously what the fuck is wrong? Do you fuckers really hate the military that much? I know Obama fucked things up big time but let’s not lose our focus thall we?

      Have you no respect at all? I mean I know you do not respect yourselves, your parents, your teachers, Cops but really now – it is now your mission to go after Vietnam veterans that were already tortured back in the 60s and 70s. And you little weiners want to continue this upon those brave American heroes huh?


      1. Napoleon Black

        I embrace your anger small peckered one. Thank you for protecting New Aricas shores from the threat of ……wait a minute, I’m still not sure why or how the Vietnamese are a threat to New Africa……Tiger Woods is half black but the asian half has made his a loser.

      2. GFY

        lol, boohoo Bob, fucking American hero lol

        “how dare you!!!! Have you no respect?” Lol sounding like a real lefty cuck.

        Honestly, this is probably the most disgusting comment you’ve ever posted. Hiding behind real heroes because your own actions led to thousands of people who read this blog rightfully identifying you as an asshole. Go fuck yourself Bob, and you cannot die soon enough.

        1. BobnMic

          Fiesty – you are a fucking disgrace of a “so-called” human being you know that? Your parents must be really proud of you.

          1. GFY

            I love when he thinks I’m Fiesty

    18. Napoleon Black

      Paul Larson it is time to kneel before your black Masters. In 10 years America shall be renamed New Africa. Does our culture not already begin to control your minds. Bow down to President Obama, Queen Latifa, King Lebron, the all powerful Oprah! We blacks own you whites in NEW AFRICA and you are to stupid to realize it. Please all stupid whitey, fight among each other in our name.

    19. Napoleon Black

      BobnMic you poor white outcast embrace your black masters and join the BLM movement, we shall embrace you.

    20. Napoleon Black

      Bostonians it is time…..Worship Big Papi…………give him all of your money…………..

    21. Napoleon Black

      Embrace your day time talk show hosts, black women are the judges, opinions and important people of today. White women belong in the kitchen on cooking shows preparing meals for their black women……..

    22. Napoleon Black

      Remember this time of year it is you and your donations that keep PBS and NPR stations broadcasting even if you don’t know 1 fucking person who has ever sent them a dollar……

    23. Napoleon Black

      Remember the three kings bearing gifts to the baby Jesus, Martin Luther…..Don…….and Rodney……..

    24. Napoleon Black

      Embrace your work my white earners……….the more you make the more we profit………..

      1. Sorry but

        None of these were remotely entertaining.

        Fist yourself

        1. Napoleon Black

          Please buy my new cd on Itunes Sorry but. Track 3 is ‘Sorry but is my bitch’…..it could be a top 10 on the charts come Christmas.

          1. BobnMic

            Really Napoleon Black. Which ever rock you just crawled out from under please go back under it. Dumb ass comments one after another Jeeze…

            1. Napoleon Black

              No hurt Bob. Truth is 30 years ago you were all like back of the bus to us, now we OWN the bus from the driver back and you are just along for the ride if we let you. I figure you must be white cuz no self respecting black man would allow himself to be shit on like you do Bob. You may as well get used to it.

            2. BobnMic

              No – Napoleon Black. It is called discipline and the ability to take a punch as well as issue one. This is how life works. The inability to grasp this concept is defined as “butthurt.” That is when you think in your hippie chick mindset that you can criticize but are unfortunately unable to receive an ounce of response.

              There are those that dumb down this premise as, “Waa waa waa.”

            3. BobnMic's Gaping Anus

              As you can see, I am disciplined enough to take a good donkey punch and still bounce right back. That’s just how I roll.

    25. Mariah Moriarty

      Fuck all you assholes. We WERE NOT squatting in a hotel room that WE PAID FOR. Haven’t any of you ever been late checking out of a room before? And as far as this claim that I ripped Eric’s balls off, thatcouldn’t be farther from the truth. He wouldnt give me my phone back so I grabbed him by his balls and scratched him with my fingernail. I am not this violent person you are making me out to be and I suggest you take this article down immedietly or I will be forwarding this entire matter overto my lawyer and well sue you accordingly for slander.

      What a trashy website you run here tarded boy.

      1. Napoleon Black

        Although you are dumb there isn’t a brother who will pump a seed into you. You just ain’t got new car credit so poor stupid white boys who wanna be black is all you get. You will still raise your kids to pretend they are black so we win again.

        1. Mariah Moriarty

          You only wish you had a chance at a dish as tasty as this. Truth is I have been with a couple of brothers who were real men. Not some little narrow ass punk ass faggot like you wearing clothes from salvation army sporting a fake gold grill because you can’t hustle enough to even afford a respectable grill. And what kind of name is Napoleon anyway? That sounds hella gay. I certainly hope you have a street name that doesn’t sound all faggy and shit. Don’t tell me you go by Lil Nappy or something fruity like that. LOLOLOL

      2. GFY

        Internet lawsuits!!!! Yayyyyy! But how is it slander to call a trash bag a trash bag? And wouldn’t it be libel? Either way, it sounds like a case for Attorney Richard N. Vulva Esq.

        1. Napoleon Black

          Yo GFY hop on the nigga express. You wanna meet Wendy Williams? We got about 50 of em for you.

          1. GFY

            I don’t speak Ebonics

            1. Napoleon Black

              Not a problem Fagnut you can still be a part of the revolution. Have you got $30 to drop on a Chicago Bulls Baseball cap?

            2. GFY

              I don’t know my father and I indiscriminately fuck trashy white broads raw. Is that close enough?

              Ps. I never vote or tip more than 3% at restaurants. Im basically black already

      3. I'm a great dad looking for a babysitter

        Really? You wrote this, and you weren’t even high? Or are you back on the stuff, ‘cuz it’s easier to find than the sub? Realy?

        “He wouldnt’ give me my phone back so I grabbed him by his balls and scratched him with my fingernail. I am not this violent person you are making me out to be”

        Shit no, that’s not a violent person typing there.

        Do you babysit? I’ve got a couple of kids and could use a responsible person to swaddle them with affection.

        1. Napoleon Black

          Join ‘New America’ son. It’s called RESPECT. A woman won’t dare to pull a knife on you, much less on your manhood. Even fags like you are invited as long as you throw a big traffic blocking spectacle and protest police in our honor ‘great dad’.

      4. WHATEVUH

        Another internet lawsuit !!! how are you gonna pay for that lawyer? Free blowjobs?

      5. MrSmiley

        Hahaha well we knew it was a matter of time before the lawyers got involved. I’m sure you have soliiid attorney on retainer… Go back to the hardcore Webster streets they calliiiin you! I think your comment is TB gold for the day.

    26. Napoleon Black

      New Africa won this election either way it turned out. A weak woman who will send us all of Americas secret and money or a tough nosed business man who will put Americans to work creating more free $$ for us. Trump will have you up 24 hrs. a day dangling the carrot in front of the work horses while we take a free ride in the wagon.

    27. Dave

      Bobbin on Dick. You have it all wrong. I am guessing that 99 percent of all the turtle riders love and respect veterans. The suck thing ( for you) is that we cannot stand you as a person, who tries his hardest to hide behind the fact that you are a veteran. Please, allow me to thank you very much for serving our country and protecting us. BUT that doesn’t take away the fact that you are still a total douche. Now please go away!

      1. Napoleon Black

        Yo Dave! Like Dave Chappelle Saturday Night Live’s host of the year and my nigga. Join the movement or become a victim.

      2. BobnMic

        You are welcome so called “Dave” and I’d do it all over again. But I respectfully disagree with you about that 99% supporting our troops in here. This comment section is chock-full of radical left wing liberals those of whom hate our military and have zero respect for those that have served unlike the likes of people just like you. You know – the ones that said let someone else go and serve just not me because I’m a big giant pussy.

        Well let me tell you something buddy – I was that someone else so you get to sit there and criticize the shit out of me for having an opinion that is pro-American by and large. So I have earned the right to say whatever the fuck it is that I want to say and you little tulip get to say nothing in retort.

        I’ll say it again. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!!!

        Listen – the reason why people hate me in here is because I speak up loud and proud. I will not just cower in defeatism while these trolls have their way and say and yet not get challenged. And when they do get challenged boy oh boy do they ever get all caught up in a hissy fit.

        My advise to you Dave is don’t become one of them. Be your own man. Make up your own mind. Just because a pill popping fake lawyer, a heroin junkie and some retard that is infatuated with his own feces jumps all over my every word does not mean that all should follow. Be your own man. Just sayin.’

        1. Napoleon Black

          Good for you Bob! Now you can prove your bravery by being a human shield for BLM. That will earn you RESPECT!

          1. BobnMic

            Sorry. That is one battle I choose to not participate in. BLM can go fuck themselves period. They all need a collective kick in the fucking ass the thieving riotous anti anything normal fucking criminals…

            1. BobnMic

              Not to mention Cop killers. BLM = Cop killers you fucking pieces of shit all of you…

        2. BobnPaul's Chat Shack

          This reads like aforementioned “hissy fit”.

          It’s a lost cause. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. I am curious how Turd established himself as not Feisty. Before a few days ago, we were all Feisty.

      3. Paul Larson

        I have never known a veteran of a foreign war that didn’t have PTSD. That is the price that Bobnmic and every other veteran who risked his or her life to defend your right to freedom of speech. So pleases show SOME appreciation for the price that these veterans paid to defend your CONSTITUTIONAL rights.

        1. Tarbash

          You assume BobnMic served in a foreign war. Which one was that, Bobby?

          1. BobnMic

            Grenada plus four – Want more of my fucking military resume’ toward the protection of your freedoms? How about my civilian life? Want more on what I did which outweighs my military experience and my experience with the local and federal government?

            Ya I bet you would so you could bash the ever living shit out of it. I. cannot stand. hippies. You will never never match me…

    28. Napoleon Black

      Do the math niggas. Black and Gay male ‘Mayors’ and ‘Governors’ with Black Gay female ‘Mayors’ and ‘Governors’………not to mention all the Black and Gay Senators and Congressmen/women. New Africa is not a how but when. Shit in 5 years 6 brothas with a Humvie and machetes could rule this country and if they have a new hit song the white people will love them even more.

    29. Napoleon Black

      Am I the only one who cried when Prez Obama gave Ellen a medal this week? Oh lordie. It must hurt for all you white folks who’s families done fought and worked for generations just to watch gays and blacks just go and take the country from you without a fight.

    30. Napoleon Black

      Look at sad BobnMic…..proud veteran bending over and giving half his money to that bull dyke Liz Warren who in turn gives it to my people lol.

    31. Napoleon Black

      We Brothas have conquered this country so easily it’s embarrassing. If I take a ride on the T in Boston all you white people are scared of me just because I’m black. Later you all out of fear make donations and support black causes out of FEAR not love lol. Either way I’ll take your money out of embarrassment for you. In the end it will only be China and Russia that won’t crack to New Africa’.

      1. Napoleon Black's Saggy Pants



    32. Napoleon Black

      Hey where have all of you funny commentors gone to? How about a “Napoleon Black’s tiny dick” or ‘
      “Napoleon Blacks smelly anus”?…………………….. pssstt.

      1. Napoleon Black's Nappy Afro

        You’re deserving of a more creative alter-ego than to give you something recycled in the spirit of BobnMic. How does Napoleon Black’s Nappy Afro sound?

        Or maybe Napoleon Black’s Purple Drank?

        Or what about Napoleon Black’s Sagging Pants?

        Let me know if you like these or have any suggstions. We aim to please here at TurtleBoi Sports.

    33. Napoleon Black

      Now if Y’all excuse me I’ve been notified that it’s time to buzz the clubs for some wealthy liberal white girls who are willing to charge up daddy’s American Express towards our freedom of oppression. Peace!

      1. BobnMic

        Ya ok there Napolean Dynamite. Pull your bullshit in the clubs tonight like you do in here and the college football players working as bouncers will wrap you up and spit you right the fuck out of the front door. Then guess what. GF will not be impressed. No boom boom for you dude. Just Rosey and her five sisters and GF will leave with a guy like me. Whahahahahahahaha…

      2. BobnMic's Blow Up Wife

        Hey Napoleon, my ebt card just got reloaded and if BobnMic hasn’t spent his whole paycheck on meth yet, I might get a partial child support payment. You should come over and knock me up so I can tell BobnMic he’s the daddy and get some more child support from him. If he asks why the baby’s a littlebon the dark side, I can just say we must have conceived while doing anal.

      3. Napoleon Black's Purple Drank

        I be getting all the white hoes with my sizzurp. They love my ashy pole.

    34. Beinformed

      Mariah moriarty is the same girl that tripped Worcester cop when her all star boyfriend ran from the police turtle boy wrote an article awhile back on it

    35. Anon

      Someone needs to explain why the word PLEADED is continually used. The past tense is PLED. This article starts with using the word pleaded and properly uses the word bled. Why isnt is bleeded? Or breeded? Or readed? All of those are incorrect, and so should pleaded.
      Mary decided to plea guilty
      Mary pled guilty
      Mary did not pleaded guilty nor did mary readed the plea deal correct.

    36. […] Turtleboy characters of all time. Who would’ve thought that hanging out with a chick who tried to literally cut her boyfriend’s nuts off in a Sturbridge motel room would lead to bad […]

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