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Dr. Boone Now Having Her Taxpayer-funded “Spokesperson” Explain Why She Won’t Be Firing Lisa Dyer On A Day When 2 North Students Were Arrested For Fighting

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We are not going to let this issue rest until the unprofessional, INSANE email sent by North High principal Lisa Dyer, in which she inferred that teacher Janice Harvey is racially insensitive, ends in her termination or resignation. Because we all know that Melinda Boone is gonna spoon feed us a platter of bullshit. There is a 0.0% chance Lisa Dyer could EVER do anything that would lead to her termination because she’s Boone’s pawn and everyone knows that. She stands for everything Boone believes in. If she fires her then she admits that she herself is a failure.

Here’s what Boone had to say about Dyer today:

“Mrs. Dyer has demonstrated the ability and achieved results in addressing the safety issues along with the climate and culture shifts that are underway,”

Holy fucking buzzwords. “Climate and cultural shifts.” There has never been a more useless phrase uttered in the history of bullshit. Mrs. Dyer hasn’t done didley. The Worcester Police have. And the only reason the Worcester Police are in that building is because Turtleboy Sports and Councilor Mike Gaffney made a huge stink about it. Now she wants to take credit it for it with her “climate and cultural shift?” Give me a break with that jive.

And what about the professionalism of the email? How bout we talk about that Doc? Oh that’s right, she’s got “no comment” on that. Because there’s literally nothing that can be said to defend it. It’s blatant unprofessional behavior. Not even she can put enough buzzwords together to make it sound good.


The worst part is that Dr. Boone didn’t even speak directly to the media about the email. She spoke through her personal spokesperson – Junior Smokeshow Spokesperson Jennifer Roy.


Here’s a question – why the hell is the city of Worcester paying for Dr. Boone to have a spokesperson? Is there anything more gutless than a superintendent who can’t face the media? Is this money well spent? Do we really need Jen Roy to regurgitate her bullshit? Her position didn’t even exist at the beginning of the year. She was hired September 10, 2014. Gee, I wonder what happened right before September 10, 2014…..

cgyrq (3)

The good Doctor couldn’t face the music on that one either.

Here’s what she shared about her thoughts regarding Dr. Boone back in January in a Worcester Magazine interview:

I’m working for Melinda Boone, who is an absolutely inspiring person to work for and it’s not just because she’s my boss. She has already taught me so much and being able to work for a woman has been an incredible opportunity and I hope to be like her and model myself after her in terms of the kind of worker and person I want to be

Puke. “Being able to work for a women has been an incredible opportunity.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Anyone without a ding-a-ling will do? I’d really love to know what she does all day. Like, what do you for 40 hours a week when you’re a spokesperson? I’m honestly curious. I’d like to be a spokesperson. Sounds like fun. Certainly sounds a lot better than being a teacher and putting in 60-70 hour weeks teaching, prepping, and correcting, while trying to magically overcome ridiculous socioeconomic barriers presented to them.

I’m sure Jen Roy is a nice enough person. But at this point either you’re with Boone or you’re with the teachers and students. Pick a side.

The Educators Association of Worcester had a meeting tonight of North High teachers to discuss the situation. As reporters lurked outside the teachers asked not to be photographed for “fear of retribution.”

Remind me – what country am I in? Is this Goddamn North Korea? Professional, licensed, experienced educators with Master’s degrees have to hide their faces in shame for exercising their God-given American right to assemble and speak freely. This is Melinda Boone’s Worcester Public Schools. This is what we’ve come to. Teachers literally shitting their pants because they don’t wanna lose their jobs.

I guess one of the teachers on the way out said this:

“It’s a public school, but it’s a private matter,” before saying that the media has hurt the situation at North High. 

Ummmm….hello?? What the hell is wrong with this teacher? I swear, this is why teachers don’t get paid enough. They don’t understand what is in their own self-interest. Newsflash – the media is your best friend in this town right now. Without us exposing the fraudulence and corruption from your incompetent and bloated administration you’d be on your own. The public wouldn’t have any knowledge of it and no one would give a shit. I understand you’re mad, but calm down with that jive.

The Telegram interviewed some lady named Cara Berg Powers, a member of the city’s Human Rights Commission – which to me sounds a lot like code for “give us government grants because we have a feel-good name.” Turns out that’s exactly what it is. More government. Of course since she’s a member of an unelected “community group” she had to chime in about what  a racist Janice Harvey is for suggesting that she’s “color blind”:

“Such a term reflects an “older, outdated perspective around cultural competency. These days it is more widely encouraged to celebrate differences than to minimize them.”

Oh look, another person who has never taught before telling teachers how to do their job. Shocking. And what the hell does that even mean? “Celebrate differences?” OK. “Hey you – you like you have darker skin than I do. Let’s party. I got some weed if you wanna do a quick packie run.”

Hey here’s an idea, how bout teachers just teach? How bout that? How bout when you go into math class at North or Doherty or South or Tech or Burncoat, you just sit down and the teacher shows you how to do a bunch of math that you’ll never use for the rest of your life? How bout we learn things instead of singing koom-ba-ya and talking about how awesome it is that we don’t all look like clones of one another?

Apparently President Obama didn’t get the latest memo about looking past race:

“There is no black America, there is no white America; there is only the United States OF America.”

Those aren’t my words. Those are the words of the first African-American President of the United States of America. Don’t focus on our differences, focus on what we can do when we work together. It’s also worth noting that Cara Berg Powers is white, so clearly she has the right to tell the President of the United States and teachers at North High School how they should do their jobs.


Then again, Cara Berg Powers and Jen Roy could easily be principal of North High School within five years. After all, you don’t have to have any actual classroom experience to be a principal.

The capper of it all is that there was a fight today at North involving two females – ages 17 and 19. Both were arrested. Here’s a question – why is a 19 year old still in high school? Because as we all know, it’s really, really hard to graduate from fucking HIGH SCHOOL in 4 years!! Luckily since the Worcester Police are inside that building now, the two girls were immediately pulled apart and arrested. As they should be. Because if you got in a fist fight at a City Council meeting, or a Worcester Sharks game, or any other public space, you’d be arrested. The laws don’t end because you walk into North High School.

This basically proves that every single person who was clamoring about an “armed occupation” (Tracy Novick) looks like a fucking moron now. Because Dr. Boone and Lisa Dyer’s “climate and cultural shift” clearly FAILED to prevent that fight today. It’s SHOCKING that two violent adults couldn’t be swayed to settle their differences because of feel good post it notes on their lockers.

Dr. Boone’s “plan” didn’t prevent the fight from happening, nor did it break up the fight. Cops did. That’s because the Worcester Police are trained professionals. This is what they do. Teachers are not trained in restraints. If those cops weren’t there a teacher would’ve had to break up the fight and more than likely would’ve gotten assaulted by one of these lovely young ladies.

And why don’t we know their names? These are adults who were arrested for criminal activity. Any other adult would have their name in the paper. But for whatever reason if you decide to stay in high school until you’re 25 you’re immune to public scorn. The 19 year old should NEVER be allowed back in North High. It’s bad enough she’s still in high school. The fact that you’re not doing everything you can to get out of that school and move on with your life tells me you have no reason to be enrolled there. Stop wasting everyone’s time and stop putting North High in the headlines. Because it’s a good school, filled with good kids and good teachers. It’s too bad it’s run by such an incompetent bozo.

Fire Lisa Dyer.

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17 Comment(s)
  • Jenny McGourty
    April 2, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    I agree with most of this. However, there are a lot of reasons a person is 19 and still in high school. Maybe they started Kindergarten at the age of 6 instead of 5, maybe they were left back in a lower elementary grade due to reading difficulties, maybe they moved around a lot and lost time at school, maybe they were ill as a kid and missed school. I know I was involved in a custody ballet when I was 8 years old, and ended up missing an entire year of school (my crazy mother kidnapped me and kept me out of school for a year to avoid the police) so when I started 3rd grade I was 9 instead of 8. I started 9th grade at the age of 15 and graduated 2 months shy of my 19th birthday.

    • Finnish Goalie
      April 2, 2015 at 2:31 pm

      Perfect example.

    • April 2, 2015 at 6:11 pm

      True, but I also went to school with a lot of “Jeff Spicoli / Beavis & Butthead” 19-year old juniors. Would live to know the details on the combatants in question.

  • Running to Win
    April 2, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    For some reason, I’m not seeing any comments I posted. It may be on my end. Oh, well!

  • Dan
    April 2, 2015 at 11:27 am

    Infer: deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.

    Imply: strongly suggest the truth or existence of

  • E B
    April 2, 2015 at 10:20 am

    What if Janice Harvey had written an email to all staff at North High critical of principal Dyer do you think sister Boone would over look that?

  • Woodiculous
    April 2, 2015 at 9:05 am

    I’d MUCH rather see and hear from Jen Roy than either of Dr Boone or Ms. Dwyer.

    More Roy, less haughty bueaurocrats!

  • mary
    April 2, 2015 at 8:42 am

    Hmm seems strange that everything is blamed on Dyer. I remember a time where parents were to blame for the actions of their children . Parents would be embarrassed if their children got in a fight now we are making our kids a victim of the HIGH SCHOOL principle? It seems to me if your child is acting like an animal at this point in their life someone else failed them along the way, not the high school principle. I understand that there was an unprofessional email sent by Lisa Dyer . I get it , it was wrong , it was a horrible thing for a leader to do BUT does that make her “useless” ? Does that make her a “piece of shit” ? I don’t think its doing children any good to see all these adults commenting with nasty remarks about their principle and basically making her a Victim of cyber bulling. Imagine how her family feels reading these comments ? How are children learning to respect elders /authority or cyber bulling laws at this point. I’m not saying she is a good principle or that she should keep her job , I’m just thinking back to when we taught or were taught that two wrongs don’t make a right .

    • Mike
      April 2, 2015 at 3:41 pm

      The email was the very definition of cyber-bullying as much as I can’t stand using the term. She created the email when she was angry and sent it because she was angry. That is not something a good leader or a good manager does. It was more than unprofessional it was in poor taste and this not someone I want running the school my child attends. It was more than two wrongs don’t make a right it is also a Superintendent looking more like a Stupid-intendent by backing the action. If Dr. Boone wants to not look like an outsider maybe she should stop acting like one.

  • Marianna Islam
    April 2, 2015 at 8:10 am

    I’m such a lame race baiting bitch!

  • Finnish Goalie
    April 2, 2015 at 7:58 am

    Why is a 19-year-old still in high school?

    Well, what year is she, a senior?

    Is it a question of staying back a year at some point and turning 18 early in the calendar year? Did she just start school a year late for whatever reason?

    I turned 18 early in my Senior Year, so if I’d ever stayed back, I’d have been 19 when walking for my diploma.

    Regardless though, fighting is suspension or expulsion if this is repetitive. That’s because of the crime, not her age.

  • Devils Mouthpiece
    April 2, 2015 at 7:41 am

    You hit the nail square on the head with this one: “Why address the facts when one can just claim ‘racism,’ boom problem solved. “

  • Clive's not racist, just ask him.
    April 2, 2015 at 6:18 am

    Why address the facts when one can just claim ‘racism,’ boom problem solved. It reminds me of the Chappelle standup where the officers “sprinkle a lil crack on ’em, Johnson” case closed.

    • RSoxGuy
      April 2, 2015 at 7:29 am

      Spread open your cheeks and lift your sack, Ohhh Mr Chappellee! Right this way!!!!

  • KAOS
    April 2, 2015 at 5:38 am

    Why would such a highly educated Dr. Need someone else to speak on their behalf, plausible deniability perhaps?
    Keep wasting my tax money and asking for more, that would never create animosity .

  • April 2, 2015 at 3:45 am

    Is this working?

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