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  • Drug Dealing Worcester Gravy Dumpster Whose Kids Were Taken Out Of Vermin Infested Fupaden Is Advertising Her Babysitting Services On Facebook Now

    Drug Dealing Worcester Gravy Dumpster Whose Kids Were Taken Out Of Vermin Infested Fupaden Is Advertising Her Babysitting Services On Facebook Now

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    Two years ago we published this blog about a Worcester scissoring duo, Sheyla Montalvo and Natasha Riley-Murphy, who were arrested with 99 oxycodone pills, along with cocaine, Mary Jane, and baggies.


    Oh, and this:

    “But this story comes with a twist. Not only were their six and three year old kids living with them, along with their five year old nephew who was over for playtime when the cops showed up, the place was infested with mice. Mice were seen in the kids’ bedroom and heard in the drop ceilings, and there was a bunch of mouse poop all over the place. The best part is that when the cops were there a cat emerged from under the sink with a live mouse in it’s mouth.”

    Nevertheless the free my boi patrol was out and about at the court date:

    Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.50.14 AM

    Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.50.22 AM

    Natasha Riley seemed to be the dominant female of the group, and she offered delicious takes like this on the Facebook machine:

    Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.11.18 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.08.40 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.09.22 PM

    So obviously she’s fit to parent. As a matter of fact she’s so fit to parent that she’s apparently posting ads on Facebook to babysit your children. Watch:

    LOL. Awesome.

    Apparently Natasha did not think it was very funny though, and according to her she still has custody of her kids:

    Yea, you don’t know half the story yo!! It wasn’t even her crib!! She was just living in a vermin infested apartment with her ex beyoch, minding her own business, selling drugs with a bunch of kids around. Who hasn’t done that before?

    And by the looks of her ratchtacular Facebook page, it looks like she does in fact have at least a dozen small children living in her cockroach infested fupaden. Oh, and they appear to have a grocery cart full of trash sitting in the living room:

    But then again, who doesn’t? Amirite?

    Now that the charges have been dropped she’s free to be hired for babysitting. Thirty bucks a kid. Who wouldn’t trust their loved one with this Salter School valedictorian?

    She’s changed a lot for the better in the last two years. For instance, she’s been perfecting her dog filter selfies:

    And she’s no longer dating the 29 year old crackhead drug dealer she was shacking up with previously. Now she’s moved onto…..this

    And the bathroom scissoring is getting hot and heavy!

    Also, there may or may not be another one on the way to throw on the pile and keep the food stamp checks coming….

    Her heterosexual male friends apparently approve:

    Spun Hatter clearly has high standards!!

    Just don’t ask her for no poontang, because she’s “fucked up rn” and wouldn’t do a good job:

    And by the looks of her living situation, which includes four pajama clad cheeshogs in an empty apartment with some mattresses on the floor while one of them whines about being homeless on the Obamaphone in the background, this is the ideal place to drop your kids off while you’re out getting your swerve on:

    Hey Natasha, can you watch Turtleboy Jr. tonight? Mrs. Turtleboy and I wanted to go to Sweaty Betty’s for taco night. DM Turtleboy Refugees if interested.

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    1. FCOY

      This article needs a trigger warning.

    2. Anonymous`


    3. Eljefe72

      Is it me, or are the butt cheeks oozing over the top of the shorts of the “pregnant lesbian” in the second photo?

      1. TortugaNino

        I couldn’t get past the photo of the two kids with the white powder on the coffee table in the foreground… smh

        1. Don Dewey

          I think that’s ashes from the blunt…

    4. Gross

      That fat slob should hook up with Didi whateverthefuckhernameis so they can share insulin and test kits. Maybe they will get lucky and have their opposing feet lopped off so they can buy just one pair of shoes for the both of them. Win – win right there.

    5. victor rola

      I love in the MS New booty pict, the nice flab extrusions eminating from the holey shirt backing. That is classic. What is wrong with an abundance of mice around the house? If you get enough of them, cooked right, it’s almost like partridge, good eats as long as you marinate them a good orange or terriyaki souce. The kids wont know the difference either, just say it is “sweet meat.” Nastashia is a looker, wonder why she strayed from the meat puppet?

    6. whatevuh

      I can see why she’s a lesbian, no self respecting man would tap that. There ain’t enough booze at the bar to get me that drunk . . . .

      1. Court ♡

        Well, my kids father cheated on me… with HER. My self esteem hit an all time low after that blow.

        1. Money M

          They are dirty buckets

    7. TJB

      Who doesn’t have a shopping cart full of trash and white powder all over the coffee table, while hunkering down under blankets ’cause da landlord wants his money? Sheeeeit.

    8. Sheik Yerbouti

      Why do you Yankee dogs not spay your pets?

    9. Hweight

      Shopping cart in the apartment! Too funny. At least they aren’t accumulating outside! There are about 40 carts outside one of the apt complexes in Northampton. Right next to the Goodwill as you head up Bridge St.

    10. Shocked

      I don’t think u should be taking pictures of kids off her page even if you cover they faces that’s not RIGHT at all by any means

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