Dutch Idiot Crashes Crane Into Neighbor’s House During Hilarious Botched Marriage Proposal

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TimeLet this be a cautionary tale to all you lovers with Hollywood-fueled ideas about marriage proposals. A little glitz is fine but don’t go too big—or too heavy, as the case may be.

A man in the Dutch town of IJsselstein was hoping to surprise his girlfriend with an elaborate marriage proposal Saturday morning, the BBC reports, when surprise her he did—by smashing the roof of a neighbor’s house with the unanchored crane he had secured for the occasion.

The man, whose name has not been released, intended to descend in front of her bedroom window and sing her a song before proposing. Instead the crane crashed through a nearby ceiling and caused the evacuation of other nearby homes.

No one was hurt in the incident, not even the budding couple—Dutch media reports the woman said yes to the proposal, and the lovers are now vacationing in Paris.

Crane crashes into house netherlands


This story doesn’t even really need commentary. It’s pretty much the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. I would’ve paid good money to watch this schmuck try to reenact the latest Nicholas Sparks novel he just devoured, only to make it sound like Luftwaffe was coming back for round two. All I know is this – if you’re the type of guy who likes to magically appear at your girlfriend’s window and serenade her with song like you’re Peter freaking Pan, then you probably shouldn’t be handling gigantic machinery like that. Ya don’t see the rejects from American Idol becoming foreman of a construction sites do ya?

And don’t they have any rules or anything in the Netherlands? I thought this was a civilized country. I mean, I expect that in Serbia or Uzbekistan that it’s common to see your neighbors attempting to use machinery that could literally destroy your house and kill your whole family, regardless of whether or not they’ve had any training in it. But apparently you can just go down to the local Rent-a-Center in Rotterdam and rent yourself a crane like this genius did. The Dutch should know better than that. I mean, if this had happened in 1941 Anne Frank would’ve had her afternoon dump interrupted. If you’re living in a country where your afternoon dumps get interrupted by cranes, then you’re living in a bootleg country. Be better than that Holland.


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