ESPN Suspends Dan Lebatard For Buying A Billboard Trolling LeBron James Because LeBron Officially Owns ESPN

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ESPN – Everywhere LeBron James goes, he leaves a trail of tears and frustration in his wake. Sometimes, his scorned fans burn jerseys. And sometimes, they take out advertisements that get people suspended. Dan Le Batard, a Miami-based columnist and ESPN sports talk-radio host, has been suspended two days for what ESPN termed a “stunt” involving a billboard seeking to get under the skin of James and his Ohio-based fans.First he aired the possibility of buying an advertisement in two Ohio papers: When that failed, Le Batard got physical … as in, a physical billboard in Akron: and boom, that was enough to get Le Batard a two-day suspension from the mothership. “Dan Le Batard will be off the air for two days, returning Monday,” ESPN told Yahoo Sports in a statement. “His recent stunt does not reflect ESPN’s standards and brand. Additionally, we were not made aware of his plans in advance.”


It is official – ESPN has publicly come out as LeBron James State-controlled television. If you work for ESPN and you don’t get down on your knees and accept the greatness of Bron-Bron then you will be reprimanded. Like, we all knew that ESPN’s agenda is to promote LeBron 24/7, but now it’s official, right? The message is loud and clear: if you don’t grovel at the feet of The King, you will be suspended.

I love how it took ESPN all of five second to do this too. This is the same network that took a week to suspend Stephen A. Smith for suggesting that Ray Rice’s wife had that beating coming her way because she provoked him. See, they needed time to find out if they public would glaze over that one. When they didn’t they all of a sudden realized that what he said was fucked up and suspended him for a week.


But a billboard playfully teasing LeBron? Instant suspension. You think ESPN is fucking around when it comes to Bron-Bron LeBatard? Better recognize!!! Sure LeBatard was talking about doing this on his show for weeks and ESPN easily could’ve told him not to. But what else would you expect from a bunch of morons that think Americans wanna watch soccer over the NHL?

I love how ESPN thinks they’re above these type of “stunts.” Hey idiots, this is the same guy who literally SOLD his Hall of Fame ballot to Deadspin. This is what LeBatard does. The guy gives zero fucks about anything, which is why he has a job. And then he does what he does best and ESPN suspends him for it. Yea, that makes a shit ton of sense.

Also, he might be the only legitimate Miami Heat fan on the planet. He actually loves that team unlike the rest of the dooshnozzles who inhabit South Beach. But fuck him thought right? Because now that Bron-Bron ain’t there the Heat will go back to being irrelevant to the World Wide LeBron Leader.

Despite hating the Heat and everything they stand for, I can’t help but respect LeBatard for trolling the shit out of the Celtics after winning the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals:

“You have duckboats. We have fuckboats.” I don’t care – that shit is funny.

Which was instantly matched by Tony Mazz’ epic rant:

“You gave us Wes Welker. We gave you Ochocinco. YOU LOSE!!!”

GIVE IT TO ME AGAIN LEBATARD!!! GIVE IT TO ME AGAIN!!! Never change. I look forward to many more LeBron trolling jobs to come from this guy. Hopefully he gets fired and goes to XM radio like everyone else with hot takes chooses to do.

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  • August 9, 2014 at 11:09 am

    I seriously don’t know how anyone older than 14 could watch this station. Tom Brady was right when he called ESPN “MTV without the highlights”

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