Even Mrs. Turtleboy Laughs At P.K. Subban’s Dumb Comments About Bruins-Canadiens Game 7

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“It’s going to be great,” P.K. Subban told the media gathered at his locker after the Game 6 win. “I can’t wait for the crowd, the noise, the energy in the building [in Boston]. I can’t wait to take that all away from them.”

“That’s what playoffs is all about, man,” Subban told Pierre. “I hope their crowd is louder than in here [at the Bell Centre]. I hope it gets nasty, I hope it gets dirty, because at the end of the game when you’re shaking hands. Whoever wins, that’s what the feeling’s all about — it’s knowing that you battled, you went through a war and you know what? We’re going to be at the end there standing tall.”

“I remember losing,” Subban said of 2011. “I thought that we had an opportunity to win. I remember going into overtime and them getting a bounce. A shot that bounces through a guy’s leg, hits his leg and goes in — that can be the difference in Game 7. This is going to be the biggest game of the year for us. For some guys, the biggest games of their career so far. It’s fun. You’ve got to enjoy it. This is where legends are made.”



Just reading this gives me the chills. Sports at its finest here ladies and gentlemen. Game 7  of the best rivalry in sports after Game 6 ended with the Bruins taking the Habs lunch money on the way out. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

But seriously, is there a bigger fraud in all of sports than P.K. Subban? You want it to get dirty? Yea dude, you’re a friggin tough guy. That’s why you tattled to the refs when Sean Thornton splayed you with water.

So I was watching the preview before last night’s game and they showed Thornton baptizing  this grown ass man with a few drops of water. Mrs. Turtleboy just happened to be in the room. Now she doesn’t watch much hockey, but she does teach first grade, so she’s used to behavior like this. Her reaction to Subban’s reaction was priceless:

“Kids come up to me all day and complain that someone got them wet. So I tell them, ‘get over it.’And they do.”

Ya got that PK? You have the mental toughness of a first grader. Of course you want the Bruins to play dirty. This is what you people do up there. You try to get the big bad Bruins to play physical, hard-nosed hockey so you can fall on your ass, cry to the refs, and go back on the power play. Got it.

Meanwhile I can’t stop thinking about tomorrow. A win tomorrow pretty much guarantees the Bruins are going to play in the Stanley Cup Finals – again. There’s just no possible way the Penguins can hang with Boston in the next round. The Rangers? I’d actually be more scared of them. Sure we beat the bag out of them last year, but that was a John Tortorella coached team. This is the same guy who drove one of the most dynamic players in hockey out of town (Marion Gaborik), because he didn’t adhere to his game plan/philosophy of diving face-first in front of slapshots. Alain Vigneault has taken the Bruins to seven games before, but nevertheless, I just can’t imagine the Bruins losing momentum if they win tomorrow.

The bottom line is that tomorrow will either be a feeling of orgasmic ecstacy, or the proverbial kick in the nads. This is of course compounded by the fact that the Belle Centre is selling $10 tickets to watch the game live in that arena. You know what that means? Constant cuts to Montreal whenever they score a goal. Remember the last time a Canadian team gathered in a large area to watch a Game 7 in Boston?


Yea I need this in my life tomorrow. I’m just not emotionally ready for what could be a long summer of mediocre Red Sox baseball.

What’s the final score gonna be? Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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