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  • Fall River Christmas List Video Is 99% Of The People You Will Ever Meet From Fall River

    Fall River Christmas List Video Is 99% Of The People You Will Ever Meet From Fall River

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    Stumbled upon this video today of what Santa’s gonna bring to your average Fall River rat. It’s pretty hilarious, and produced by Nicky Niick from Rhode Island and Scott Medeiros from Fall River:

    “For Christmas, I want a girl that gets mad food stamps bro. Because like, I get mad food stamps. We put our food stamps together – pssh – we can probably get a rotisserie chicken from Shaw’s kid. Mad good.”

    I want a Tupac shirt that says, ‘I only fucks with real niggas, but like can you put stars on the igga cuz I’m white and shit.”

    “I want fucking forgiveness dude. I want forgiveness from my connect for doing all the product and not selling it.”

    “I want 11 cartons of Newports, but I will settle for Mavericks. Go to Florida, get em mad cheap kid.”

    “I want an iPhone 9, and people say they don’t – they exist. I still got a blackberry.”

    It’s just so accurate it’s not even funny. I’ve literally met dozens of people who speak just like this on a regular basis. Fall River, Taunton, Peabody, Worcester, Quincy, Weymouth, Revere – same shit, different Massholes.

    Scott’s YouTube channel is an absolute riot. Like his Fall River dating video:

    “I got good stamina, cuz I’m always high on perc 30’s. Still, my sex game is fire bro. Know what I mean? I don’t even use rubbas, cuz…I don’t like the way it feels. Know what I mean? Don’t trip out dude. If I c** inside you it’s not a big deal. Go to CVS in the morning. $51.99, get the morning after pill. I’ll go halfs wit ya.”

    Or his Fall River Job Interview:

    “All I do is spend my money on coffee and cigarettes, and whatever’s left over I buy Jordan’s, know what I’m sayin?”

    Or is Fall River baby sitter ad:

    “I can’t offer you any money but, ya know what I’m sayin, I just recently went to my grandmother’s house, I raided her cabinet, dude I got everything. I got fucking percs, I got vics, I got OC’s kid, I got tylenol PM, whatever you need bro.”

    So Fall River it hurts kid!! Know what I’m sayin? Mad good kid.

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    1. YeahMan

      This shit is hilarious.

    2. how did that work?

    3. SVU

      I love these two! Every video is on point. Lmao!!

    4. TortugaNino

      This dude is my spirt animal, I sweahtagahd kid!

    5. vicxh

      My Christmas wish is that his slinger never meets a baby cannon.

    6. Sheik Yerbouti

      Yet you Americans still wonder why ISIS and the Taliban want to destroy you.

      1. Cocksmoochington

        Because we can make dumb videos and put them on the internet and not get whipped and beaten and shit for it?

    7. DJ Trump

      …more Yankee niggers?
      Does anybody act white in Massachusetts?!?

    8. Bob


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