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  • Fall River Sewer Maggot Films Himself Robbing Walmart On Facebook Because He “Got No Bread” And “Needs This Shit For The New Crib”

    Fall River Sewer Maggot Films Himself Robbing Walmart On Facebook Because He “Got No Bread” And “Needs This Shit For The New Crib”

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    People steal from Walmart. It’s a fact of life. However, in most places thieves try to stay as inconspicuous as possible. Not in Fall River though. In that God forsaken cesspool of humanity the ratchimals record their snatch and runs and upload them to the Facebook machine:

    Naturally this gutter maggot can’t be bothered to speak English. Speaking English is oppressive, racist, and xenophobic. Yay multiculturalism!!

    The poor loss prevention guy. What the hell’s he gonna do? These people have no real authority or power. If you wanna pull a move like this at Walmart, you’re gonna get away with it until the cops catch you. Which begs the question, why even have loss prevention?

    At first I figured there had to be more to this story. Maybe it’s some sort of prank meant to go viral. But then I realized that we were dealing wit a Fall River Rat extraordinaire:

    So it’s entirely likely that he actually stole all that shit.

    D’Angelo Zanotti is quite the catch. His hobbies include posing for hardo pictures

    Grundle grapping vaping

    “freein the bro”:

    By commemorating some of their most priceless bonding moments, which almost always contain a bottle of Henny:

    Vacationing at his summer home in……..

    Where else but Lawrence? Just jump right on the hoodrat express and you can be trading your food stamps for product in no time!

    Things he dislikes include local drug enforcement police officers:


    Sorry ladies!

    Wearing women’s clamdiggers:

    And having full eyebrows

    Naturally of course he’s wearing Jordan’s, yet he “Got no bread on me nd I need this shits for the new crib he was too slow to catch me lmao  had to boonk this nigga real quick.”

    He must’ve aced the MCAS at Durfee.

    Oh, and to top if all off, he has children:

    Awesome father figure right there. What better way to teach your daughter about the world than to broadcast yourself committing a crime on the world’s largest social media outlet. In Fall River they must call him “the smart one.”

    If the Fall River Police are reading this, then please, please, please, post his mugshot on your Facebook page once you arrest him. That would really make our day. In all seriousness though, it’s sickening that we have to live amongst these gutterslugs. Guaranteed this piece of shit has been on government assistance his entire life. He reproduces without a second thought, he has no respect for the police, he thinks so little of shoplifting that he records himself doing it, and worst of all he is in charge of raising an innocent girl who will more than likely end up in the same cycle of ratchetry that her sperm donor and the sperm sponge he fertilized brought her into. Best thing ever for this girl would be to never, ever let her see this shithead ever again.

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    1. Carl

      What form of hybrid alien language was he trying to mumble?

    2. Irishcurse

      A couple of those photos it looks like he is sporting the Lloyd Christmas haircut

      1. jackell

        forget about his hair cut, his Mami should have uncrossed his eyes before he lest the 2nd grade. Which by the looks of it was last year….

    3. Dinosaur

      Back forty years ago, he would be in the state hospital system for the duration. They did work too, farming, making stuff, etc.

    4. JoeMomma

      My daughter wants his pink iPhone…..wonder where he stole it from?

    5. whatevuh

      When these people are in the majority. they will realize they need white people, because they are too stupid and lacking in skills to ‘take over’

      1. Photographer at the Watts Riots

        NICE, whatevuh! Now you and Charlie Manson share an opinion! He’s smiling up at you, right… NOW.

    6. ElJefe72

      I’ve said it on TB before, and I’ll say it again: Facebook and Twitter are the devil’s work.

    7. Johnny5

      what an absolute faggot he is

    8. Maggie

      is he serious with those shorts? Damn

    9. TortugaNino

      Heads up turtleboy, #boonkgang is some idiot on youtube who got famous filming himself doing exactly this type of crap. Expect to see that word attached to all sorts of blatant thievery in the near future. Do your homework, urban dictionary is your friend…. you know what they say, “know thy enemy”.

    10. Make My Day

      HE is a great example of why normal law-abiding citizens should be armed and trained accordingly..
      Eventually, he will try to steal from some person in their home, or on the street.
      Then we can cull the herd of hoodrats.

    11. Noseface

      They really are an unlikable race.

    12. Jimmytwotimes

      conspicuously the flat brim bulls cap is absent

      1. JoeMomma

        It’s on his list of things to steal…..

    13. L'atrelle Hernandez De'cordoba Fuentes

      Da choos mang. He be waring sum gay azz choos.

    14. Dick Hertz from Holden

      Kill it with fire !

    15. DeportHim

      These are the type of people that should be deported immediately…no questions “axed”.

    16. Chip Striker

      He can’t die fast enough

    17. Speedy Gonzalez

      Sadly, there are thousands just like this overflowing Lawrence, Chelsea & East Boston. You can also view these dirtbags at the courthouse of child support at Haymarket. And of course online. Never going to change; The true cost of diversity.

    18. Sloppy

      Stake out the Fall River welfare office on December 1st just past noon when he rolls out of bed.
      Damn, I should be a detective. You can thank me later, FRPD.

    19. Victoria

      How is he not doing time?!

    20. Rich

      Build that wall.

    21. Angel

      Instead wasting ur time talking shi…. about what he did, invest more time being productive to our society, cuz i bet most of you don’t give a hand to the one that needs, I bet thah if he post a video doing something good nobody gives a shit… Think about that and have a great Thanksgiving day you all!!

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