Family Feud Bloopers: Name Something You Hold That’s About 12 Inches

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The Family Feud is all of a sudden one of the funniest shows on TV thanks to Steve Harvey. He’s a real funny somamabitch. I swear the questions he’s been given are purposely designed to be more ridiculous than the material they gave Al Borlin and that fat guy who talks funny. And the families they’ve had on have reached new levels of dingleberry. Like check out this episode. Here’s the question…

Name something a person might be holding that’s about 12 inches?

First of all, are they kidding me that question? Could you possibly come up with a more hilarious question to ask? Obviously most people were thinking this…


But somehow these geniuses managed to come up with an even dumber answer…

First of all, you should have to go home after that answer. If they ask you to think of something 12 inches long, and the first thing you say is “yardstick,” an instrument which by definition is 36 inches long, then Steve Harvey should be required to bang the gong four times. The fact that they gave that one to them was bullshit, and most likely was prearranged. They knew the family on the left was gonna give nastier answers so they let them get away with saying a “yardstick” is something you can hold that’s about 12 inches. Just kind of a sad, sad commentary on the state of America right there. Then when they brought the question to the family, I realized why they gave them that one….


Come on Steve, what was he supposed to say? You were basically BEGGING him to say that. I couldn’t imagine a situation where someone wouldn’t make a reference to the magical one eyed cat peeping in a seafood store.

In all seriousness though, what else could you say someone is holding that is 12 inches long? First thing I thought of was dead squirrel. What would you say? Go.

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  • Dr. B
    May 28, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    $5 footlong.

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