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Fat Cops Arrest Runner For Jaywalking And Not Producing ID

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AUSTIN, Texas — The arrest of a woman who police say jaywalked near the University of Texas campus Thursday drew criticism after a student posted video and photos of the incident online, drawing thousands of views and leading Austin’s police chief to defend the officers’ actions.

Police on Thursday arrested Amanda Jo Stephen, 24, and charged her with failure to identify after police said she refused to cooperate when an officer attempted to stop her after she was seen disregarding a traffic control device while jogging near the university.

Acevedo said he reviewed all reports and audio recordings of the arrest and concluded that officers acted appropriately in Stephen’s arrest. He said the woman had a direct line of sight to an officer in front of her trying to stop her. An officer ran beside her and grabbed her after yelling at her to stop several times, he said.

Stephen used profanity when speaking with officers, leading them to handcuff her, according to the chief. At that point, she sat down of her own accord, went limp and refused to provide officers with her name. Only after being placed in the back of a police car did she provide her name, Acevedo said.

“Quite frankly, she wasn’t charged with resisting and she’s lucky I wasn’t the arresting officer because I wouldn’t have been as generous,” he said.

Officers assigned to neighborhoods west and north of UT had fielded complaints about people not following pedestrian laws near the campus.Officers patrolled the area Thursday, issuing seven citations and 28 warnings. Acevedo said those assignments are designed to change behavior and “not necessarily” to issue citations or take people to jail.

He noted that 96 pedestrians have been killed and 1,757 injured in collisions with cars since 2009, not including a woman struck by a bus Friday on campus. The pedestrian is often at fault, Acevedo said.

UT junior Christopher Lee Quintero had been at a Starbucks across the street taking photos when he saw an officer grab Stephen and began videotaping her arrest. Quintero posted the video to a blog Thursday afternoon that drew thousands of page views. It shows Stephen sitting down handcuffed and eventually being led to a police car, where she began screaming.

“I was doing nothing wrong. I was crossing the street,” she says in the video.

Cops are actually committing sexual assaults on duty so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Tex.’ When Austin police chief Art Acevedo was asked about the arrest.


No ID to vote? Cool.

No ID to run? Arrested.

When I first heard about and saw this video, I assumed we would all reach the same conclusion: the police are wrong, the girl is right, and this should scare the shit out of every American who doesn’t want to be arrested for doing nothing wrong.

Then I remembered that I live in a country where California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas are all states filled with morons. And morons don’t really think straight.

Look, I am a 100% supporter of the police. People who call cops “pigs” are some of the lowest form of life our society has to offer. The police are there to protect and serve, and I appreciate the work that police do for us on a daily basis. When I saw Occupy Wall Street hippies getting arrested for things they obviously should’ve been arrested for, I thought it was excellent.

But these cops are a disgrace to a great profession. Last year in Austin, a city larger than any in New England, there were hundreds of murders, thousands of rapes, tens of thousands of robberies, assaults, assaults, burglaries, and hundreds of thousands of thefts.

But apparently jaywalking is NOT something Austin, Texas fucks around with.


So the girl was running with headphones on, committing no crimes and generally being the type of person you want to have in such a dangerous, crime-riddled city. She obviously couldn’t hear when the fat cop told her stop. The fat lardo then proceeded to grab her, against her will, and asked her to provide ID, which obviously no runner would have on them. Surprisingly she wasn’t cooperative after this.

That’s why I find comments like this hilarious:

“Poor little liberal college idiot.”

Is the girl a liberal? No clue. Who gives a shit? Does this mean conservative joggers are cool with being harassed and detained by an overzealous, and overweight police officer? I’m pretty conservative with a lot of stuff, but if being cool with the fact that the police can put you in cuffs for going on a run makes me a conservative, I guess you can call me a flaming liberal then.


On the website policeone.com, there are a whole bunch of police officers voicing their support for the Austin Police. This shit needs to end too. Good cops need to call out bad cops. They make all of you look bad. They disgrace the profession. You should want absolutely nothing to do with them. Instead I see comments like these:

“After the situation is resolved I love taking my camera and photographing the people taking pictures of me. Watching that look of “Why is the officer photographing me” on their face is priceless. Most of the time the people taking photos leave. And if they don’t I always tell them we should post our photos together on Youtube so that why people can see me and you at the same time. They usually give me that “your crazy look” and walk away.”

Boom. Roasted.

Officers calm, little girl screaming and yelling like a fool, and the wanna-be photo-journalist taking photos like he’s a big shot. Looks like someone wanted to make a story out of nothing.

Officers calm? Yea, that might be because they have the guns and they’re not in handcuffs for jogging? No, that can’t be it.

“A little excessive”?? Really? Looks to me the career-pot-smokin-scofflaw-college student needed a courtesy booking!!! He dumb broad, the laws are there for idiots such as yourself. Play nice with the police & maybe you get off with a warning, be a punk & get booked like one. Or, continue to play Frogger & be a statistic.”

Yea you pot smoking runners. We’re not gonna have you doing your wacky exercise drugs around here. Make sure you play nice with the police from now on. They are your masters, and you must do as they say. So if they ask you to take off all your clothes and make love to a horse, you best play nice, ya liberal pot smoking scofflaw.


The following aspects of this case should scare the shit out of all blue-blooded Americans:

1) She was going to be given a citation for jaywalking.

2) She was asked for ID despite not committing a crime.

3) She was touched by the police against her will, despite not committing a crime.

4) The police chief isn’t admitting that his police officers did ANYTHING wrong, or could’ve handled this ANY differently.

5) The police chief is cool with this happening, because OTHER police officers are committing sex crimes on duty.

Sounds like they have some really high standards for the Austin Police. Not raping anyone on duty? Here’s a commendation. Well done.

No one should ever get a citation for jaywalking. Ever. This just gives the police a reason to question you, then ask for ID, then make a bogus reason to put you in cuffs. The fact that our tax dollars go to services like this should make all of us sick to our stomachs.

Runners jaywalk all the time. That’s because we can cross the street a lot quicker than an elderly man walking. Most people can cross the street just fine without hitting that stupid “walk” button. Nothing makes me angrier than sitting at a light, waiting for it to turn green, and then seeing the stupid “walk” sign turn yellow. There is never a case where you need to do this. You can easily just cross when traffic running parallel to you is moving. But once again, fat people want the world around them to accommodate their fatness.

im-sorry-i-thought-this-was-americaI now understand why people are so afraid of laws requiring people to produce identification upon request from police. Here’s a girl, minding her own business, and she’s bothered by some idiot on a power trip to prove to them who she is. What’s scary is that this was Acevedo’s validation of it:

He noted that 96 pedestrians have been killed and 1,757 injured in collisions with cars since 2009, not including a woman struck by a bus Friday on campus. The pedestrian is often at fault, Acevedo said.

It’s the pedestrians fault that they were run over by a giant chunk of metal powered by gasoline and directed by a human being. Ya got that? In Texas people just wanna drive as fast as possible without having to hit the stupid brakes (thanks government regulation), and these human speed bumps are keeping them from getting to Arby’s.

Seriously though, I’ve been there before. You’re running along, and you are about to pass by a Wendy’s. While jogging in front of the entry way from the street, some idiot with five kids in the back seat nearly runs into you and gets mad that you’re in his way. After all, he’s trying to get fatter, and you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Obviously they should have priority over you and you should be ticketed and arrested if you don’t have ID.


The fact of the matter is this – this is a case of fat people gone mad. Fat people hate people that run. I see it all the time on Facebook. Comments like, “get over yourself,” “runners need to watch where they’re going,” and “you’re insane for running in this weather” are pretty much a daily occurrence. That’s because it’s much easier to blame runners for what they think is showing off, than blame themselves for their own fatness.

Here’s another fat fact: Texas is the fattest state in the country. Just looking at this picture makes me sick. Here you have two fat bastards outside of a Big Bites, who feel emboldened by their guns and jaywalking citations, arresting a girl who was minding her own business and trying to keep from becoming as fat as them. Is this some sort of Texas conspiracy to make sure that everyone in Texas is fat?


Fat cops should be fired. Plain and simple. You have to be able to run if you’re a beat cop. You should be required to run a 5K in a certain amount of time based on your age, or else you get stuck behind a desk like Will Ferrell was in the “Other Guys.”

Being a police officer is a privilege and a position I respect immensely. As long as you’re not a fat lardo. I have no respect whatsoever for fat lardos. How are these idiots supposed to protect me? With their guns? I’m a radical liberal when it comes to gun control, but it seems as if a vigilante with a gun would make me feel a lot safer than these two nudniks.

Now I can already hear people complaining:

“It’s not my fault, I have low metabolism.” 

The ol’ “low metabolism” excuse is the classic defense of the fatso. Yes, there are people who struggle with weight because of biological issues. But the majority of people just don’t wanna exercise and find it easier to just make things up like this.

That’s what makes me so mad about this. This girl was staying in shape. She’s not going to need the same sort of health services that the fat police officers will when she’s older. Therefore she’s helping to drive down the cost of health care, while they’re driving it up with their fatness.

It seems like every time I go on Facebook someone else just lost 40 pounds by (gasp) exercising and eating right. One guy today just ran 22 miles today, despite the fact that he’s been a smoker for 20 years and had never run a mile in his life six months ago. If they can do it, these cops can do it.

I hope this girl sues their face off. Most likely though she’ll just get a fat judge and a bunch of fat jurors and she’ll lose. My advice to her: move far, far away from Texas to a more enlightened part of the country.

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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6 Comment(s)
  • Dick Asshole
    July 28, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    I love how the author attacks fat people. Like thin people aren’t assholes either, smh.

  • Sarah
    April 22, 2014 at 10:35 pm

    Not sure if everyone is aware of this, but its actually state law in Texas to carry ID on you at all times. I also know that the police wouldnt be able to simply issue a citation/warning (warnings can be placed in the system) if they cant identify her. Lastly, police have to be suspicious when someone wont identify themselves because they could have a warrent.

  • MixedEmotions!
    February 23, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    Some cops are good guys, some are bullies. That’s life. Jaywalking is a crime and she probably should have just cooperated instead of trying to blow past the cop. I hate in Boston when I have to drive and people just waltz across the street without looking when they do NOT have the right of way whatsoever and look at you as if you’re the asshole for obeying the laws of the road (I could have run you the fuck over!). I don’t know exactly what happened here, but I think the girl was an idiot to resist and the cop was probably a bully. But yeah, arresting her for jogging on a barely empty seat is ridiculous. She didn’t help her case by screaming and acting crazy though. Mixed emotions on this one!

  • matt
    February 23, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    This blog is very confusing. More than one time the writer states she was stopped for jay walking and then states she committed no crime. Jay walking is a crime for which you are required by law to ID yourself for.
    This blog also states she was arrested for running and jaywalking which was not the case. She was arrested for failure to ID herself. She did not have to provide a physical ID but could have simply given her name, DOB, SS.
    Speaking from experience, you will be arrested 100 out of 100 times if you fail to ID yourself when required.

    • February 23, 2014 at 6:26 pm

      Austin is one of the most dangerous cities in the country, and police resources are being used to stop jaywalkers. The fact that they’re cracking down on jaywalking is a joke.

      The girl didn’t hear the officer say stop. Then an officer touched her, so she resisted. Pretty natural reaction. The bottom line is that she was minding her own business, not hurting anyone, and she was asked to provide ID. Citizens shouldn’t have to tell police officers who they are while they’re taking a jog through the city. America was founded by people who wanted to tar and feather cops like this.

  • Jackson Steve
    February 23, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    fat people suck

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